DuplicateFileFinder application was developed to be a small tool that will allow users to quickly find duplicate files on their computer. It does this by first iterating all files in the search paths. Any files that have unique filesizes are removed right away as they could have no duplicate.
Then the partial MD5 hash is calculated for each file (a partial hash greatly speeds up the program for larger files and does not really increase the number of false matches). Then all files having the same hash are compared byte-wise to see if they are actually identical. Written in C.
Command line arguments are the paths to search, if none are given this defaults to the Documents, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders for the current user. Saves all matches into a text file and displays progress in standard output.


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This is a small utility that quickly
finds duplicate files on your computer.
Here is how to use it:
Run the program and accept all defaults.
That’s it. The program will search all the paths you have listed and it will report any files that have duplicate files.
When you run the program you’ll see that it will search all the paths you have specified. At the end it will create a report that will have one entry per file. The file will report the number of files it has compared and the percentage of the comparison it has completed so far.
This progress is very smooth; however it is really easy to pause the process by simply pressing the ESCAPE key. The pause is not only a convenient way to inspect the results of the search, but it also let’s you interrupt the search or cancel it for whatever reason.
Enables verbose mode.
Enables progress reporting.
Path to search. If not given, search all the current working directories for the given patterns.
Pattern to search for.
If given a directory, this program will search all the files in that directory for the given pattern.
If given a regular expression (regex), it will search the files for that pattern.
Hash function to use to compare files. MD5, SHA1, CRC32 and SHA256 are currently supported.
Byte-wise comparison.
Sort output.
Monochrome mode.
Show all files that do not have duplicates.
Simulate deleting one file.
Update path to check for new files.
Show the current timer.
Show the current milliseconds.
Show the current number of compared files.
Show the list of files that were examined so far.
Use a single CPU.
-h or -?
Prints help.
Note that you can use the -pattern option for a regex to define a string pattern for the search. This option has one parameter, the left side of the regex. The right side of the regex will not be checked for duplicates. The right side cannot be empty. If the right side is a parenthesis then it will

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DuplicateFileFinder is a small utility application to find duplicates of files on your computer.
Why a duplicate finder tool is needed:
Duplicate files are a headache on any digital storage system.

Every computer has a hard drive that can hold only a limited number of files.

Other applications will save your files to different locations and you may not realize you have more than one copy of a file.

There are many times when you need to change a file, but it already exists somewhere else on the computer.

There are about 26 MB of space on your computer, but you have over 20GB of files

Duplicate files make your life more miserable.

I want a duplicate finder that will:

Find all duplicate files in the exact location and the same file type

Be reliable

Be fast

Be as simple as possible

Looking for a simple solution in Python:

Install Python

Looking for a mature solution in C++:

Install CMake

Looking for a easy to use solution in Linux:

Install Zshell

In each case you will need admin priveleges to install the appropriate software.


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What’s New In?

1. Copies any missing duplicate files to the result directory.
2. Skips all files that have a unique filesize.
3. Extracts the first three lines of each file (only the common filesize).
4. Calculates a partial MD5 hash for each file.
5. Compares the hashes of files that share the same hash to see if they are identical.
6. Creates output file for the results.
Version 1.0.3
– Fixed minor memory leak.
Version 1.0.2
– Fixed minor memory leak in file compare routine.
– Minor bug fix when running from a network shared drive.
– Shows progress in the command line.
Version 1.0.1
– Fixed file compare routine.
– Show progress to user.
– New Result Directory.
– Extract first four lines from each file.
– Find missing duplicate files.
– Rename duplicates to have a unique filename.
Version 1.0
– Initial Version
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