MugShots is a directory utility designed to contain and maintain contact information about people within an organization.
It can create directories in printed form or PDF format, with or without pictures. People can be organized into subgroups as well.









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Main features:
+Directory Grouping
-Print Directory
+Local or Network Directory (i.e. Your user directory)
+Contact Grouping
-Mug Shots
-Social Network Grouping
+Manage Directory
+Printed Directory.
+Search Details
+Delete/Edit Contact
+Recover Lost Directory
+User, Group, or Contact Menu
*The user/group/contact menu is only available if you have the MugShots Administration tools installed. MugShots Administration Tools can be obtained from
+Find Unmatched Contacts
+Export Directories
+Search for People in a Directory
+Export Individual Mug Shots
+Add or Remove Mug Shots
+Deletion of People
+Content is by no means full. It is a rudimentary starting point.
The program is written in Visual Basic.
MugShots is using the DHTML, ActiveX, WebBrowser and OpenOffice Framework.
MugShots is an Open Source program.
Known Bugs and Issues:
*Directory Grouping Order
*Group/User View Keypad: The keypad on the group and user menus is not functional.
*In PDFs, only the first group of each user is visible
*Manage Directory feature not supported in PDFs
*Menu not displayed in PDFs
*Searching for an individual item is not always successful. I have trouble even seeing it.
*After loading a directory, and attempting to print it, the program crashes and I have to force it to close.
*There is no way to create multiple directories within one directory. I.E. You cannot make directories within directories, and so on.
*Updating groups and/or users can take awhile. I have not timed it.
*The display of deleted items can take awhile, and a “DELETED” message can persist.
My apologies to those with older versions of the program. I have no intention of providing support for these releases.
I am currently adding features and fixing issues.
Some of you may need to reset your directory. You may do this by manually deleting the directory and placing it back in the directory browser.
To open

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– MugShots is an open source project and is available for download.
– Read and modify the source files.
– But, you don’t have to.
– MugShots comes with a built in web server (no CGI).
– If you like it and want to help make it better, please use the Contribution section of the project page.
– MugShots is written in Bash, Python, and PERL.
– MugShots is released under the GPL license, with no restrictions.
– MugShots was coded by Olaf Alden and Paul Rozenshain.
– MugShots is not affiliated with, nor sponsored by, any business entity, trademark, or government.
– MugShots is registered to Paul Rozenshain, 21 E. South St., New London, CT 06320 USA.
– MugShots is a directory utility designed to contain and maintain contact information about people within an organization.
– People can be organized into subgroups as well.
– MugShots can create directories in printed form or PDF format, with or without pictures.
– You can use it for private or public directories, with or without pictures.
– It can also be used to maintain websites and other content such as data.
– MugShots can be compiled to a standalone executable.
– MugShots supports multiple formats, including HTML.
– MugShots includes a built in web server (no CGI).
– MugShots comes with built in web server, web server configuration, and CGI modules.
– If you want to use MugShots as a web server, all you have to do is to connect your web browser to your computer and it should serve pages from your MugShots directory.
– MugShots comes with a standard library that you can modify to extend the functionality of the program.
– MugShots is very fast and extremely reliable.
– You can use the MugShots shell (the Bash shell) to run programs, browse folders, view files, delete files, read messages, and so much more.
– MugShots includes over 30 commands and 22 shell functions.
– If you read the source code for MugShots, you will see that it is very well written.
– MugShots can be compiled to a standalone executable.
– The program uses its own memory so you don’t have to worry about running out of memory.

What’s New in the MugShots?

With this new release, we have made several changes to the software.

We have added a new “Calendar” facility which is described in more detail in the release notes.

In order to support the new Calendar functionality, we have provided the following enhancements to the software:

1. Added a new “Calendar View” facility. This allows you to navigate the calendar from a calendar of the future, to a calendar from the past, and other interesting navigation strategies.
2. The “Calendar” facility provides an “Event” view to allow the user to find specific events.
3. The “Calendar” facility provides a way to “mute” individuals or remove them from the directory.
4. The “Calendar” facility provides a “Search” facility.
5. Other changes have been made to the software, so we have included a list of changes in the release notes.

MugShots Information:

What is MugShots?
MugShots is a photo directory utility.
MugShots allows organizations to make contact and photos of people from a point and time in the past.
The MugShots software works in place of a printed directory or hard-copy calendar, saving organizations money, time, and paper.
MugShots also allows organizations to easily generate high-quality printed copies for special occasions such as Christmas or other holidays.
What does MugShots do?
MugShots is a feature-rich photo and contact directory utility.
As a photo directory, MugShots provides easy access to people within an organization or community.
MugShots also provides search capabilities, so that people can be found or filtered by specific words.
MugShots is designed to help individuals, small businesses, clubs, communities, or churches keep track of who they know.
But MugShots is also a powerful tool for large organizations, clubs, communities, or churches.
MugShots helps organizations collect contact information, find people, and keep track of what they are doing.
Plus, MugShots helps organizations create custom photo calendars for the year, week, or day.
How much does MugShots cost?
MugShots is offered at a single site license fee per organization. MugShots helps organizations keep track of who they know, what they’re doing, and how to find them again.
Clubs or organizations who want to use MugSh

System Requirements:

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Specifications: USB 2.0 interface allows for high speed data transfer
Operating system required to install application
Operating system required to install application Support for M2T/T2H sensor
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