RustDesk has a perfectly optimized system for allowing any user, regardless of their tech knowledge, to easily establish remote connections, change user permission levels when establishing a new connection, and transfer files.
A Rust program that integrates well with your system and allows for easy connections
RustDesk is a small in size file that does not need to be installed or configured in advance. All you must do is download the file and start it by double-clicking the executable. The tool is semi-portable, meaning it does not require installation, but leaves certain files in your system (in AppData, some configuration TOML files and logs about previously established remote connections). As such, logs and detailed information about previous sessions can easily be found in your system if needed.
After opening the tool, you will notice a left-sided panel that displays your device's credentials for remote accessing — the ID and the password. The ID is unique, but the password can be changed by clicking the random generator that automatically creates a new identification code. To establish a new remote connection, you must have RustDesk on another PC and insert there the unique ID and password of the machine you wish to access.
Also, it is important to add that all sessions are registered and, as a virtual machine's panel that shows you all the sessions of boxes you created, RustDesk will create different instances for all the computers you accessed, referencing them by their operating system and unique identification code.
Creating your server for faster connection and seamless transfers
Currently, RustDesk works on a single dev-hosted server. If you wish, the service's functionality can be extended. The developer offers you the needed technical assistance, via guided steps, on how to set up a server. Via client-side configuration, with payment in advance, you can configure your own cloud, using your unique server-side ID. For more details, check this guide.
To summarize, this app is super powerful, it has a lot of nice features and allows for a parallel view of your system files for easy data transfers (from the host's system and the receiver's machine).
Furthermore, you can interact with a lightweight application that is intuitive and simple. Also, while remotely connected to another device, you can easily adjust the image quality, change permission levels, chat with the person who's accessing your PC.







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A server/client interface for file transfers.
Allows multiple file transfers at once.
Additional client-side configuration.
Clone – Copy – Paste – Download – Delete – Select files or folders
Free user-friendly interface (unlike similar products).
No installation, dependencies or client-side configuration.
Secure and private.
Detailed log about all logins.
Supports a client-server concept.
Allows simultaneous file transfers for each client.
Sending files that are up to several GB can be done with zero online resources.
Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android.

How to use RustDesk Free Download

Just download RustDesk and click to install and open it, your system will be updated automatically.
Then, you must open it and set the activation code (one you bought after following the required steps).
The program will be up and running with all its features, but, if you want to set up a server, follow the steps in the next section.
After you log in to this server, you must add the files and folders you want to copy/share.
To find files and folders, click on the – Select Files or – Select Folders on the left-hand panel.
To transfer a file you need to:
– Start – Right click on it – Select Copy and paste on the target folder.
Of course, you can also share the file or folder you copied. To do this, click on the – Share tab in the left-hand panel.
If you wish to create a copy of the file in the destination, to do this, click on the – Clone tab.
To delete a file/folder, select it and click on the – Delete tab.
To see the log of all the previous remote connections, click on the – Client Details tab in the left-hand panel.
You can also reset the administrator password (for cloning or sharing).
If the server is down, the app will show a warning.
To change the color theme, click on the – Change Settings tab.
To change the color of the buttons, click on the – Change Color tab.
To see what files and folders are stored in the server, click on the – Fetch details tab.
To access your account in RustDesk’s client-side, click on the – Account tab.
To configure your server, click on the – Settings tab.
To disable a session, click

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If you want to set up a parallel view of your host’s files – no matter their location – without having to install a third-party software, check RustDesk Product Key. This is a lightweight program, that is intuitive and allows for a parallel view of your system files for easy data transfers. The user interface of RustDesk Free Download is simply intuitive and the tool comes completely packaged.
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To install RustDesk on Windows 32/64 bit, please follow the link below, download, double-click the executable and follow the instructions on-screen.
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Copy of all digital info at once – no matter their location
Transfers files, folders and all digital content from the device host to another PC, using a lightweight easy-to-understand application
This is a simple and intuitive application that allows you to remotely access your system files, copy folders and other digital content. Also, you can easily establish remote connections, change permission levels when establishing a new connection and transfer files with ease.
The user interface of Transfers is simple and the tool comes packaged.
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RustDesk is a powerful and intuitive solution for creating and sharing remote connections. The application works on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so you can access another machine using your own computer.
The following are the key features of RustDesk:
You can access any computer for remote connection or control as if you were sitting next to it.
You can view any user’s files and the overview of their current session.
The app’s interface is intuitive, as it displays your information on a left-sided panel.
The tool allows you to quickly create sessions and connect to other devices on your local network.
You have the possibility to send files to another computer using the FTP protocol.
You can quickly change your password and access level by requesting you to enter your new credentials.
You can chat with the remote user, using either the native chat program or the Facebook Messenger.
Also, you can automatically apply new files to the remote computer’s directory.
You can insert the unique ID and password of your host to easily establish an established connection.
As a minor set-up, RustDesk will automatically create different sessions for each of the computers you access.
Introduction of the plugin
Our plugin will allow RustDesk to interact with your PC, as if it were sitting right beside your screen.
This means that you can navigate the remote PC, start a file transfer and view details about the file transfer in real time.
The following are a few of RustDesk’s features:
You can search for files and then open them on the host computer.
You can access and view each file’s type, creation date, author and other important information in a left-sided panel.
You can access the host’s installed applications.
When a remote PC logs out, you will be able to automatically update the panel to view information about the current session.
Also, when a remote user is connected to your PC, the application will allow you to instantly chat with that person, using the Messenger or directly within a web browser.
Furthermore, if you have previously connected to the same computer through a browser, it will not open a web browser to connect the same computer again.
RustDesk Features:
You can access any PC on your local network using any of your devices.
You can see the file information, the operating system and the user that’s currently sitting beside your computer.
You can use any local browser and, in addition, receive chat messages from the remote machine.
Also, from

What’s New In?

rust_desk allows you to easily access all your devices on a remote computer.
What can RustDesk do?
At RustDesk, you can do anything!
Enter your computer’s IP and password on the main window and get your computer’s data (files, disk, apps and others) on another computer: you can even install an app or copy the whole disk in less than 10 seconds.
Migrate other kinds of data: configure app, image quality, file size, chat with a remote user or remotely share the Internet connection.
If the connection isn’t good, RustDesk allows you to share your Internet connection on other computers and transfer data via Wi-Fi.
To find and share files on a remote computer, you can use the folders, documents and data file selection menu, as well as the remote sharing network feature. It works with your computer, a public or a private server.
More than a file sharing tool, RustDesk is a unique tool that allows you to control all the features of your computer from another computer. This is why it is used for IT support and remote administration.
How does it work?
If you have a file sharing software on your computer, access to all your data is done via a file browser on the remote machine. RustDesk grabs all the data and transfers it to the receiver’s computer.
There are two ways to interact with the remote computer:
– By using the mouse: the cursor is inserted in the data file.
– By using a keyboard: the keyboard sends the keys to the receiver’s computer.
If the user only has a browser, the receiver gets the link to download the file in a small browser window or a small GIF image.
What if you want to organize your data?
Using the folders you can place all the data in a group. If you press on the folder, a small window will appear with all the data of that folder’s file browser.
With the “Net” menu, you can view the network shares, send files directly to a network share or upload files through a Wi-Fi connection or the Internet.
You can also transfer your Internet connection (with speed) to a remote computer by the “Net” menu. The protocol used is SSH (Secure Shell) to keep both computers secure (data transfer and connection).
Does RustDesk work with proxies?
RustDesk has a proxy feature that allows you to share data from your computer via a proxy server (e.g., for browsing

System Requirements For RustDesk:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad 2.5 GHz
Memory: 4GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 500 MB of available space
Additional Notes:
ASUS Multimedia Download Center is used to download game update and driver.
Please make sure you have installed Multimedia Download Center before the installation.
We cannot guarantee the correctness of the downloaded files.