If you're into creating coding tutorials or any sort of video tutorial that requires various complex key combos, you might have looked into apps that display the keystrokes.
Using such apps goes a long way for the viewers, as they can see in real-time what keys are being pressed by the screencaster, making the whole tutorial a lot more encompassing.
Show Keys is one of many tools of this sort, however, it comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension. This means that it only works on webpages displayed by your browser.
Simple, efficient, but not without limitations
Besides this obvious limitation (that it only works on Chrome), the extension has one more massive limitation: it doesn't work on various websites that restrict this functionality (such as Google subdomains, for instance).
The extension is also fairly "rigid" when it comes to how it displays the keystrokes. For example, it doesn't provide you with any sort of options in terms of customization.
You can't change the location where the keystrokes are displayed (always underneath the extension icon in the upper right corner), you can't change the font, colors, or anything of the sort.
So, what are you left with?
In short, Show Keys is a basic example of the WYSIWYG philosophy. It's a simple Chrome extension that just displays the keystrokes and not much more.
It displays A-Z keystrokes (however, sadly, not in true- case), extended keys, and various other adjacent keyboard controls (such as Space, CTRL, ALT, Enter, Backspace, and so forth).
While far from being a complete tool for the job, it's arguably the easiest way to improve your screencasts, coding tutorials, or live streams if all you do is use Google Chrome.


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Download ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Show Keys is a new Chrome extension that displays the keystrokes and key presses that happen on a Google Chrome tab during a given session.
For example, during a session, you can press V to bring up the VIM editing mode; G to bring up Google Chrome’s Go to Options; Ctrl+Delete to delete a key; and so forth.
It’s a new Chrome extension that brings true keystrokes and key presses to your session.
Extension Features:
Keyboard shortcuts:
Shift+Alt+1: Open Find in URL
Shift+Alt+2: Open Find in Page
Shift+Alt+3: Open Find in Form
Alt+Enter: Exit current tab
Tab: Switch focus to next tab
Ctrl+D: Clear search
Ctrl+U: Paste clipboard contents
Ctrl+T: Toggle advanced mode
Ctrl+Shift+B: Open the bookmark manager
Ctrl+Shift+S: Open the settings page
Ctrl+Shift+L: Open the keyboard options
Ctrl+Shift+K: Open the keyboard shortcuts page
Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts:
Shift+Left: Switch to the previous item
Shift+Right: Switch to the next item
Alt+Up/Down: Switch between the object on the current line and the one on the previous/next line
Shift+Up/Down: Scroll the text on the current line
Alt+Enter: Go to the line containing the selection
Shift+Alt+Space: Select all text
Ctrl+A: Select all text
Ctrl+Shift+A: Select all text to the end of the current line
Ctrl+Shift+Down: Select all text down
Ctrl+Shift+Up: Select all text up
Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up: Select all text up/down to the end/start of the current line
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Select next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Shift+Tab: Select previous tab
Ctrl+Tab: Switch focus between tab and the URL address bar
Shift+Ctrl+T: Popup the contextual menu on the URL of the current tab
Ctrl+Shift+H: Popup the dropdown menu on the bookmark of the current tab
Alt+Tab: Switch focus to the previous tab
Shift+Alt+F: Hide/show the page
Ctrl+F: Select the currently highlighted text
Ctrl+H: Show the page’s history
Alt+D: Copy the URL of the current tab
Alt+L: Open

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Show Keys is a plugin for Google Chrome that displays what keys are currently being pressed. It works by intercepting the keystrokes coming from your keyboard, and displaying them on the screen as they are.
How to use it
To use the plugin, go to Google Chrome, press the menu icon (), and click Options.
Then, click the “Privacy” tab, and look for the “Content settings for these sites…” section.
Now, scroll down until you see the “Show this extension’s content and settings…” section, and make sure that the “Enable content and settings over the web…” option is checked.
Now, press the “File” icon (), and then add the site that you wish to run the extension on.
Show Keys is an extension for Google Chrome that works in a similar fashion to a toggle switch, only in this case, it only works for the sites that you add.
It might not be the most advanced tool in its class, but it’s arguably the simplest to use. So, just as a general rule of thumb, you might be better off using such a simple tool than waiting for something more comprehensive.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Unix commands to backup a Linux system. Before we proceed, make sure that you have an understanding of Linux shell basics.

If you are interested in learning about the backup process from scratch, you might want to check out [the Backup from Scratch tutorial ](

Also, before you get started, make sure that you have a working backup of the system. Backup considerations are explained later in this tutorial.

What You Will Need

Compile the information and make the change using these instructions as a guide. If you have trouble, you can find more information on how to change the kernel image and compile the kernel on your particular configuration in the article [Troubleshooting](

What You Will Learn

Compile the currently running kernel image
Compile the initrd
Create a pre-update script

1. Compile the Currently Running Kernel Image

You will need to know the location of the kernel image before you can compile it. To find this out, open up a terminal and type in the following:

root@Lin02:~# cat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_K

Show Keys 2152 For PC

Show Keys is a cool Google Chrome extension that displays the keystrokes of the selected web page. If you need to use various keyboard commands to achieve the screencast or coding tutorial you’re making, then you can’t go wrong with this nifty extension.
Some of the major reasons that make this extension so great are:
– It works with all websites.
– It displays keystrokes and not only character (with the exception of A-Z).
– It doesn’t take away from the user experience by requiring or applying a special theme or another interface.
– It doesn’t break the flow of the screencast or tutorial.
– It does not interrupt the content, so the user experience is not affected.
– It displays keystrokes that you can rewind and replay.
Show Keys Disadvantages:
– It displays keystrokes (which you can’t change) and not only character, so it doesn’t make a great example for tutorials or coding presentations.
– It displays keystrokes of only a certain website domain, so you can’t use it with Google subdomains, for instance.
– It displays only a small portion of the keyboard (from A to Z).
– There’s no customization or any other options for changing settings.
– As of now, there’s no way to show the keystrokes in a separate tab.
The Review
Show Keys is a Chrome extension that displays the keystrokes of the selected web page (which I highly recommend).
It works well, provides various options for customization, and doesn’t interfere with the user experience (i.e., it doesn’t require you to install other apps or themes).
The only downside of this extension is that it displays the keystrokes, thus, it doesn’t make a great example for tutorials and coding presentations.
Show Keys Pros:
– Works well with all websites.
– Displays keystrokes and not just character (except for the exception of A to Z).
– Doesn’t require you to install anything else (i.e., no theme or special interface).
– Doesn’t break the flow of the screencast or tutorial.
– Doesn’t interrupt the content.
– Doesn’t interrupt the user experience.
– Displays the keystrokes in the right section (i.e., below the extension icon).
– Shows a zoom slider (if needed).
– Shows keystrokes that you can rewind.
– Shows the standard

What’s New In Show Keys?

Show Keys is a simple Google Chrome extension that can be used on websites without ‘direct’ access to an API for keystroke monitoring.
While not intended for any kind of serious or continuous use, it can be used in situations where you want to display the keystrokes of visitors to a website without being able to use JavaScript on that website.
In order to do this, the extension simply displays an image next to the elements being keyed. So, if you want to see the keystrokes being entered into a comment section, for example, the extension will show a row of characters next to the comment section.
It can be useful to be able to add yourself to various websites as a way of sharing an image of the keystrokes to a website.
So, in summary, Show Keys can be a simple, but effective tool that you can use to improve the viewing experience of your video tutorials.
Apart from simple keystrokes, the extension can also display the extension tab (not to be confused with the extensions tab), close button, and search box.
Some other features include:
● The extension is reversible, so you can toggle it on and off using a keyboard combination
● The extension displays the keystrokes at the top of the page
● You can toggle the display of the keystrokes on and off using keyboard combinations
● You can copy the keystrokes to the clipboard
● You can change the font, foreground color, and background color of the keystrokes displayed
● Images and text can be added to the keystrokes displayed
● The extension can be disabled on websites without ‘direct’ access to an API for keystroke monitoring
This screenshot shows a breakdown of the toolbar in Show Keys.
Things to note:
● You need to have a recent version of Google Chrome, as the extension is a web-based tool
● You must have Show Keys installed
● The extension displays the keystrokes for each element on the page
● The extension can show the keystrokes in multiple colors
● You can add images to the keystrokes displayed
● You can display custom fonts
● You can resize the font size used to display the keystrokes
● You can change the foreground and background color of the keystrokes displayed
● You can copy the keystrokes to the clipboard
● You can disable the extension when you’re browsing with Show Keys installed
● You can even display keyboard combinations used to activate Show Keys


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
Windows 7 (64bit) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2.40 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 2.40 GHz RAM: 4 GB
4 GB Hard Disk Space: 75 MB
75 MB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: None
Windows 7 (64bit) CPU: Intel Core