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– Displays a web page on your desktop, allowing you to quickly launch a link on the web.- Ideal for easy access to web content on your desktop from a flash-drive.- Supports Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.- Desktop Web Link main features:
– Copy to clipboard – (default shortcut link).
– Copy to clipboard (shortcut link)- automatic button for the address to the top left.
– Use shortcut link – automatically opened web browser.
– Save to folder as a shortcut.htm file – one or more web pages as a shortcut file.
– Save to folder as a shortcut (.html)
– Add other shortcut link file- Supports safe and light mode.- If enabled, (click on checkbox).- Time interval (in seconds) for each update.
– Check interval (in seconds).
– Check interval (in seconds).
– Number of browsers (in the first field).- Number of browsers (in the second field).- Number of visits (in the first field).- Number of visits (in the second field).- URL in the second field.- Display shortcut link on:
– All applications.
– All applications in certain programs.
– Home screen.
– Available.
– Automatically arranged on the desktop.
– Available.
– Right click.- Shortcut file – automatically saved in the first selected folder.
– If you specify the folder, you must enter the file name in the first field and the extension in the second one.- Add shortcut link button without the first field can set the folder, where the file is saved, you need to enter the file name in the first field and the extension in the second one.- Clear shortcut button.- Remove shortcut button.- Number of browsers – specifies the number of links to open on each update.
– Number of clicks – specifies the number of link-clicks required to open each update.
– Login status / check login status – if you want to keep a browser tab active in the background when you receive a message or if you come back to the program.
– Specifies the URL to the browser window.- When you launch the program from folder and specify the specified file name, you will be asked to enter the URL.
– Settings folder – specifies the folder to access the folder for the shortcut file.
– Customized page – use this option to specify a customized page.
– Launch settings.Epidemiological evaluation of a modified Salmonella pullorum/Gallinar

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> Create shortcuts that create links to web pages into the desktop. Drag and drop files or choose files on the desktop. A handy web link is created to this file on any of the computers. The shortcut is made from any file you like, it looks like a shortcut, but it is a web link, so you can right click on it. It is just like if you visited the webpage directly.Q:

Dealing with Operating System Errors

If I had a C# application that had a monitorevent handler for an event which raised an InvalidOperationException, what would I do in the app to detect that the error has occurred?
I tried to wrap the MyEventHandler in a try catch but wasn’t able to catch the error.
private void MyEventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e)
throw new InvalidOperationException();


You may want to look at the System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadException event for when an Exception occurs outside of the UI thread.
After you filter through it, you can handle the details of the Exception.
See this link:


From MSDN:

When you create an exception, the.NET Framework creates a new exception object to pass to the managed throw method when the exception is thrown. A managed exception object is created using the exceptions that derive from the SystemException class.

A managed exception always gets passed to the top-level Exception handler at the stack trace root. You don’t have any control over where that happens, it’ll definitely be at whatever method was running when the exception occurred.
Managed exceptions are automatically handled by the.NET Framework because the.NET Framework is event-driven. This means you don’t have to do anything special to handle them; they’ll automatically be handled, just like if you were handling unhandled exceptions.
In other words, you don’t have to do anything with it.


Mysql Trigger Syntax Change Date format

I am having trouble changing the date format. Basically I need to change the format of the dates inserted into a table called rachs1. The format is yyyy-mm

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information in the product description, but what’s there is not very reassuring either.

Importing from other apps
Pressing the “Import” button activates the import dialog, where you can assign a shortcut to import from other apps. So far, so good. But if you try to import from the URL itself, you need to select a different type of source.

Importing from the location
Similarly, the “Import from location” option doesn’t assign a shortcut, but asks you to select a target folder (i.e., the target folder).Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Be Surprised If Your Children Are Sneaking Off Your Back Porch (VIDEO)

I’m always amazed at how quickly my children lose their fear of the dark when mommy isn’t around. That’s not to say that they go crazy at night or sleep through the night, but they just kind of forget that I live here and that I’m watching them. And, honestly, I don’t even mind it that much. I guess I just consider it a blessing that they can’t get lost in the dark. But there are definitely a few things that have taught me that you should be prepared for your kids to sneak out on you at any time.

Back Porch

Caleb snuck out of the house to meet Timmy down by the lake last week. He left a note in the kitchen to tell me where he was and that he was okay, but I have no idea what he was up to at the lake. I got to thinking about how I haven’t seen Caleb or Timmy outside since Halloween. What if that’s why they left? How much danger are they really in? It’s so easy for children to disappear when you think they are right next to you. But, most likely, they’re not. They’re probably having fun playing with their friends in the woods or getting a safe distance away from the tree lights.

We own our own home, but we don’t really have a secure backyard. We even just recently got a fence for the perimeter of the yard. It’s really an open field and not exactly a place where someone would want to run away from home. In fact, we’re not even going to touch on why someone

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Desktop Web Link gives you access to the websites you visit when you connect to the Internet. The software helps you to quickly save websites in the Windows desktop by creating shortcuts to the web pages. It enables you to use Web Links on your mobile phones, laptops, and netbooks without wasting time searching for the websites you want to save to your computer.
Desktop Web Link Summary:
Desktop Web Link enables you to save websites you visit and is a good alternative to more complex browser plugins. It automatically creates shortcuts to web pages when you connect to the Internet and create personal desktop shortcuts on your computers.
Desktop Web Link Characteristics:
• Creates web links on your desktop.
• Can be used with any browser or web browser.
• Converts Web Links into direct shortcuts to your desktop.
• Supports all operating systems and devices.
• Generates shortcut files.
• Supports copies and cut operations.
• Supports paste operations.
• Automatically adds links to favorites.
• Supports Windows 7/8/10.
• Supports Web Links that point to local pages.
• Supports all popular web browsers including IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and the Safari browser.
• The application can open links from websites that include images and PDF files.
• Handles the syntax of the Web Links even if the website is made for mobile.
• Handles rich content like video and audio.
• Handles long URLs.
• Handles the use of protocols like https and ftp.
• Handles the use of redirects.
• Downloads the pages asynchronously.
• Supports HTTPS URLs and SSL connections.
• Handles very large web pages.

Desktop Web Link Description:
Desktop Web Link is a free website to website linker utility. It lets you browse the Internet in your desktop browser. All the websites you visit are instantly added as web links. You can bookmark the links, search for specific sites, add them to your favorite sites and even perform other tasks such as opening local web pages.
Desktop Web Link Summary:
Desktop Web Link creates a shortcut to any web page you visit on your desktop. You can create shortcuts to any websites you visit. You can also search your favorite websites and add them to your bookmarks and favorites.
Desktop Web Link Characteristics:
• Create website to website shortcut.
• Open local web pages.
• Open web pages without redirects.
• Create bookmark, favorites and search shortcuts.

System Requirements For Desktop Web Link:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (64-bit)
Windows 2000, Windows NT
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.2 GHz or equivalent, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.4 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card
All client-side software and operating systems must be installed and updated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.