Today we have an astounding array of applications, especially when it comes to instant messaging. And it often happens to not always have all our contacts in the same place.
Some may use WhatsApp, some will be on Facebook Messenger, others on Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram and so on. Too many contacts spread out across way too many apps. What should we do in this case? Start discarding some of the apps or delete some of our contacts?
But what if we can have all the apps combined into a single program, that allows us to enjoy every service from one place? That is indeed possible with Ferdi, an application that is built on Franz, which is a messaging browser already used by many people.
Sleek interface, easy to add your favorite apps
After you install it on your computer, you are prompted to add your favorite communication apps from the available list of services. There, you will find almost all the existing applications for messaging. But in case there is one missing, you can add it as a custom service as well.
For each service you add to your account, you can customize various functions. You can enable notifications, add badges for unread messages, and even add a custom icon.
Simple to use, with no restrictions
You can add as many communication services as you want, and as many times you want, without being restricted. With Ferdi, if you don't trust third-parties to store your information, you are allowed to set up your own server, but for that, you need at least minimal hardware knowledge.
The usefulness of this application comes from the fact that it lets you sync your services between devices if you log in with a Ferdi account. You also have the option to use the app without an account so that your data cannot travel to external servers if you don't want that.
You can also set Ferdi to notify you about new messages without revealing their content, to protect your message information. Or you can simply use the Ferdi Lock feature, which will secure your messages by locking them with a password.
If messages are flooding you from tons of apps, this is a must
From quick-switch keyboard shortcuts to scheduled timeframes in which you can set the program to not allow any notifications, Ferdi could become something almost indispensable for those who use a lot of messaging services and want, or need, to keep using them all but from a single, and easily accessible, place.


Download ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD

Download ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD






Ferdi Crack+

The Ferdi Crack Mac application is a browser for IM, SMS, MMS, E-mail, and a lot of other services. It has a clean and sleek UI, and in addition to a desktop app, it also supports Windows, Mac and Linux. To add new services just visit the Ferdi website and click “Add Service”. There are no extra installations or installations which must be set up. Just visit your service and follow the instructions.

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Ferdi License Code & Keygen [March-2022]

Ferdi Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a messaging browser, which is built on Franz. You can easily add your favorite communication services to Ferdi, without installing it in your phone. Then, you can chat using your services at the same time!
Full version of Ferdi is available for free. You can use Ferdi without any restrictions or limitations, and you can even use your own server to store your messages if you don’t trust third-parties to handle your information.

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Ferdi Serial Key

Ferdi is a sophisticated messaging client that allows you to check all your communication services in one.You will always have a quick access to your favourite messaging services like:Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and many more.Additionally, the built-in sync tool lets you enjoy the same messages on your mobile device.

Ferdi Main Features:

– The most user-friendly way to manage multiple messaging services.
– Notifications for new messages, without revealing their content.
– Sync your favourite services between devices.
– Ability to lock messages for private viewing.
– Customizable locking options.
– Quick-access keyboard shortcuts.
– Set timeframes in which you can avoid notifications.
– Scheduled timeframes.
– Undo system (rollback data).
– Android / iOS apps.
– And many more..

Ferdi is not a replacement of your current communication apps.Ferdi will let you work with one set of tools for all the communication services.Ferdi will let you use all your services from one application.Ferdi is not an alternative to your communication apps.

Ferdi will work with your existing communication apps using an built-in sync tool.

Ferdi Download!

Ferdi Download for your mobile!

Ferdi is an application for the mobile which is compatible with all android and iOS devices.

Ferdi Setup!

Ferdi allow you to do the setup manually, but in case the process gets complicated, Ferdi allows you to skip it and use its wizard.

Ferdi is compatible with all android devices, but if you are facing any problem in the setup process,Ferdi allows you to skip it and go directly to the wizard.

Ferdi iOS Setup!

Ferdi is compatible with all iOS devices.

Ferdi Customization!

Ferdi permits customization of apps, like the add of users, the setting of the messages number, and many more.

Ferdi Advantages

Ferdi brings a lot of benefits to you in the case of multiple messaging apps usage.

For example:

– You can keep all your contacts in one place.

– You will never miss messages from any of your contacts.

– You will always have a single, easily accessible communication.

– You can handle all the notifications in one place.

– You can have the same login account for all your

What’s New in the?

Ferdi is the Swiss Army Knife of Instant Messaging. Ferdi supports Gajim, AIM, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram and a huge selection of others.
Ferdi allows you to view messages, messages of friends, agenda notifications, message quick look notifications, status/msg badges, time stamps, and chats as well as topic notifications. You can search for messages, see the history of the messages you have sent and received, search for contacts in various ways, create groups, make hashtags and create topics for a conversation.
Ferdi is a very versatile application. You can use it without registration to view messages on any service supported by Ferdi. You can also easily import external contacts, and choose to view messages on any of your supported services. Once you register with Ferdi, you can sync your supported services between you and your friends, and view messages in your supported services on all your devices.
You can also view messages on various supported services at any given time, be it at night, or even during the day. Ferdi also notifies you about new messages and channels, and other application specific events. For example, when someone new enters a channel, a different color is applied for notification. Ferdi can also organize messages, and quickly add custom tags to a conversation.
You can set options for each app to set the frequency for messages received and sent, and enable/disable various actions for notifications and chat messages.
Ferdi is also fully customizable. You can have a custom desktop logo, icon, shortcut and the ability to lock and un-lock Ferdi. You can change the desktop wallpaper. You can also choose to hide the floating toolbar as you use Ferdi.
Ferdi is a free application that may be downloaded from the link below:

Ferdi Screenshot:
Below is an example of some of the features of Ferdi.

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