KPL Converter

KPL Converter is a Kazaa playlist editor. Basically, KPL Converter is a converter between Kazaa playlist and Winamp playlist. It is the first and the easiest solution to convert your Kazaa playlist files (KPL) to Winamp format. With KPL Converter, you can: convert KPL playlist files into Winamp format, transfer playlist files from Kazaa to PC, copy playlist files, etc.
To setup your music with KPL Converter, it is very easy and just 3 steps! First, add the KPL playlist files to KPL Converter and click the “Play” button. Second, click the “Convert” button to convert playlist files. Third, all the converted files will be listed as “Output playlist” and you can copy all those converted files to your hard disk and keep them. After this, you can use any media player for playing, transferring, etc. your KPL playlist files.
1. Easy to use.
2. Support all Windows version, including Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP, Windows CE
3. Easily create and edit playlists
4. Copies your original KPL playlist files, and convert them to more than 7 popular file types, including M3U/MPL/XM, MP3/MPEG-4, WAV, and AVI.
5. Automatically batch convert large numbers of KPL playlist files
6. Convert KPL playlist files to MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, OGG, AC3, MP2, OGG, APE, XM, WAV and AVI.
7. Support 18 kinds of encoded formats, including WMA and AAC.
8. Support URLs, MusicDNS, MediaFire, MyMusic and other online resources.
9. Support all KPL playlist versions from 1.0 to 3.0.
10. Set the order and name of the output files in the output dialog box.
11. Powerful design and speed.
12. Large database of audio, video and multimedia files

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KPL Converter is a fast, user friendly, and easily customizable program that converts Kazaa playlist (.kpl) files into the Microsoft.M3U format. KPL Converter can convert any number of kpl files at once and it’s 100% safe to use.
You can easily convert.kpl to.m3u:
– Using different settings or special options as the default
– Process multiple.kpl files at once
– Append your settings/options to a single file (can be set before each conversion)
– Keeping all formatting of the original kpl file.
.m3u Music Library File.M3U files are used in Winamp media player to play playlists and organize music.
.M3U files are compatible with Windows media player and foobar2000, as well as other software, and are easy to edit.

myMusicPro 2 is designed for the User who wants to stay organized his musical selection and also wants easy management. In addition, myMusicPro is an ideal solution for the User who is looking for the perfect Music Management Software Solution, for example, those who had the “music utility of the old days” (remember windows media player classic?).
myMusicPro includes:
* A MyMusicLibrary with 10 GB of storage space for music, an overview of all available Music files.
* A menu bar for the Music Library
* A music file search
* Added album art for a specific file
* A “Library Artist” overview
* Adding a specific file format to the Music Library
* Special Settings for customizing the Music Library for example to show a radio collection
* “My Music Menu – A customized start menu”

If you use iTunes or any other program that supports the m3u8 playlist format, this media player is for you. Browse your iPod library just as easy as you browse your phone’s memory card, with no need for a customized iPod organizer.
This media player plays m3u8 files from up to 4 sources on the go. It includes customizable tabs to browse playlists quickly, as well as a built-in library for easy navigation. It also handles videos! You can start playing videos directly from the playlist you want, or browse the library for other videos.
As a player, it has the complete features of its bigger brother, including shuffle mode, repeating, random playback and a clock. And its minimum requirements aren’t that high – 1GB of memory

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KPL Converter is a very useful (and free) utility for converting your KPLs to M3U playlists. This is just a small list of features but KPL Converter can do a lot more than that.
KPL Converter works by extracting information from your kpl files and generate M3U playlists from that information. If you have a huge number of playlists, you can also create “manual” M3U playlist files.
The generated playlists are composed by section headers that makes organizing and finding files very easy. The following is a list of KPL Converter’s main features:
– Automatically generates M3U playlist files from KPL files
– Support most of the major features of the KPL format
– Can generate playlists based on the actual album art
– Compatible with most of the popular audio players
– Create playlists from 2, 3 or 4 artists
– Create playlists from an entire KPL
– Create playlists with the number of songs, duration, etc.
– Generates a clean playlist database (no redundant data inside)
– Support for pathnames and only supports maxpathlen of 256 (default), 512, 768, 1024, and 1280
– Good support for media types and only supports plain text for the names (no wildcards)
– “Make one-way” option with support for special folders (Add to favorites only)
– Support for tags and artists
– Support for desc
– Support for artist (and titles for.xml)
– Support for the following keywords: artist, title, album, year, genre, tracknumber, tracknumber2, tracknumber3, etc.
– Clean output with header and footer for easy viewing of the generated playlist
– Automatic generation of the playlist location in the application’s “Playlist” database
– Automatic generation of a playlist icon
– Able to “detect” the playlists and add an icon when it detects it
– Convert to M3U8
– Support for version 1.1 and 2.0
– Support for IPv6
– Support for any character set
– Support for any special character
– Support for characters with special meaning in rar archives (jar, zip)
– Support for UTF-8 files
– Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
– Support for Unicode and UTF-8
– Support for multiple playlists within a folder

What’s New In?

KPL Converter is a software program for converting Kazaa playlist into Winamp playlist formats. It converts the KPL playlist files into the M3U, FLAC and WMA formats, and also to the Apple iPods.

KPL Converter Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Installing KPL Converter:
KPL Converter is free to use and available in all the versions of Windows operating system.

KPL Converter is available in the following editions:

KPL Converter Installer – Standard Edition – Here you will get the free MSDN subscription if you have one.

KPL Converter Standalone – Free Edition.

Before You Buy:
Before buying it, it is advised to try it in the Free trial version and if you like, purchase it for all your KPL playlists.

How to Convert KPL to Winamp/Winamp RIO/Winamp 2/Winamp 3/Winamp RIO/Winamp 3 RIO:
1- Unzip the KPL converter package using WinZip or WinRar.
2- In the unpacked folder, launch the “KPL_Converter.exe” program.
3- A message box will appear to let you know if the program can’t determine the KPL playlist format. If that’s the case, then close this message box and proceed to step 4.
4- If the program is able to determine the format, a warning message will appear, telling you the program doesn’t convert FLAC files. If this is the case, then close this warning message box and proceed to the next step.
5- If the program is able to convert both FLAC and WMA songs, then the program will start converting the KPL playlist into the new Winamp 3 playlist format, the Winamp RIO playlist format, the Winamp 2 playlist format, the Winamp 3 RIO playlist format or the Winamp 3 RIO format. You can set the output location for the playlist file in this menu. If you decide to convert the file to Winamp/Winamp RIO playlist, the filename will be like this “KPLPlaylist_Converted_to_Winamp_3_Playlist.txt”.
6- The process will take a few minutes and the progress bar will show you how much KPL has been converted into Winamp 3. It could take a few minutes to

System Requirements:

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– Windows 10 (64-bit)
– English
– 5.26GB
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