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Lenscare is an Adobe After Effects plugin that allows you to automatically process images in any manner you wish by adding camera-like distortions or blurs, transitions, lens flares, reflections or depth of field (D.o.F.) effects.
Using only simple or complex custom-drawn geometrical elements, you can create sophisticated effects as well as quick and easy filters that are perfect for any occasion.
Lenscare is an ideal choice for effects that need to be created quickly or that demand considerable rendering time and you want them to be as polished as possible. It can be used to add a ‘post-like’ filter or effect to any image in any software, especially After Effects, which is why it is a perfect choice for preparing your projects to be played back on TV or film.


I’m not sure if you get the reference you are looking for… but there is also a plug-in called “BlurIt” it has a very simple interface which you can access by highlighting the text “BlurIt” in the interface of the application “Adobe After Effects” and pressing enter.
BlurIt allows to apply a variety of different lens and camera blurs to your image and many more… also you can use the menu in the lower right area to add your own blur.


Looked into it, there are quite a few options available in After Effects and also in Photoshop.
Here’s a typical “fake” camera lens add-on for AE

Here’s a “real” lens add-on

Here’s a Kino style blur add-on

There are a number of free After Effects plugins like this

Basically you just draw a nice looking lens, add the blur effect to the clip and then you can render in AE at any speed you like. It’s not quite the effect you are after but it gets the job done very quickly.

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Lenscare Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) (April-2022)

Lenscare is a new and unique plugin for Adobe After Effects which allows you to blur your images and videos so seamlessly, that you might not even notice it has been done at all.
We have created Lenscare to solve problems that exist in older software, which are made evident on mass. You probably noticed that we have added a blur to the default lens flares. Lenscare uses this as it’s base image. You can however, change the base image easily.
The Lenscare lens is default available at 100%. The value that you enter ranges from 0%-100% of the circle. The higher you enter, the bigger the circle will be. But this has the disadvantage of increasing the render time drastically.
It’s possible to blur 2D textures and also 3D meshes (including doors and boxes). Lenscare can be used on windows, doors, and all kinds of other objects.
You can also use two different blur curves to change the blur effect. The first one is a flat blur curve. This one can be used when there are only a few (or no) lens flares in the image and you want to add the effect for a little more realism.
The second curve is a curved blur curve. This one is most suitable when there are many lens flares in the image, as the effect will not be as noticeable.
At the moment, Lenscare is still in alpha but we do have a lot of plugins planned for future releases. Some of these plugins are: Depth of Field (Project: Google), Ambience (Stefan), Lens Flare, Reflections (Mihai), Lens Flare 2, Snow, Lens Flare 3, Bloom, etc.
To learn more about how to work with our plugins, read our documentation which is available at
– 2 blur curves
– Many lenses, including custom drawn
– Save with the very latest version of AE.
– Infinite projects with frameset mode
– No overlays or masking needed (use with:
– Variable radius, from 0.5 to 120 pixels.
– 2D textures and 3D meshes

Wide-Angle Lens Flare and Out of Focus is an Adobe After Effects plugin that allows you to simulate the effects of a wide-angle lens by blurring the edges of your video footage.

The plugin also allows you to simulate the effects

Lenscare Crack +

Lenscare is an Adobe After Effects plugin that can help you create professional looking camera blurs. Lenscare‘s ‘Out of Focus’ effect is a speedy 2d blur and can compete with any existing solution. ‘Depth of Field’ is very fast for what it does. In a lot of situations you can save hours of render time for just a couple of seconds per frame in post processing.
Included Plugins:
Depth of Field
Depth of field effects (dof) happen in all real optical devices to a certain extent. It is heavily used in photography and film as a style element. In computer graphics dof is usually generated using ray tracing techniques which increase rendering times considerably. The depth of field plugin generates those fast as a post process. It needs a depth buffer for its calculations.Out of Focus
‘Out of Focus’ is a fast version that works without depth information. It creates a blur with constant radius over the complete image and is a good complement to ‘Depth of Field’. It offers some extra functionality as well. It’s possible to use a custom drawn lens in addition to the generateable ones. ‘Out of Focus’ also offers background distortion for semi transparent areas.


You need something like:

The blur in photoshop/gimp is actually done using the blur filter but it takes a lot of processing power/time and as far as I know, nothing comparable has been written yet.

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What’s New in the?

Lenscare will be your perfect go-to-blur. Using Photoshop you can turn any 2D rendered image into a proper blur using your camera as a lens, no post-processing required.
Why settle for regular software-based blurs, when you can use real camera lenses to blur in your render, all in real time? No more complicated camera settings, just replace your camera lens with Lenscare.
Extend any of the available lens models by using a custom lens (object), or just draw your own. You can use Lenscare in any After Effects project, whether you are still working on the edits or have finished.
Tired of slow 2D blurs? Then you are going to love Lenscare.
With Lenscare you can blur anything you render from Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects or almost any compositing software. Lenscare will make any image look just like an old lens produces its blur, with a speed unheard of!
Is it possible to use images without the depth buffer?
You can use Lenscare in all types of projects, such as After Effects (AE), After Effects (AE), Flash (SWF, FLA), Photoshop (PSD), Photoshop (PSD), Premiere Pro (XML), or any 3D compositing software.

Full stereographic support.
Easy to use and adjustable settings.
Automatic detection of objects in the render.
Use any lens model from the generated models.
Custom calibration with custom rendered lenses.
Optional Depth of Field applied to the blur.
Auto detection of focal plane and general lens parameters.
Optional Manual calibration.
Unique camera module with 5 levels of zooming.
Custom drawing lens in Photoshop.
Real-time preview with focus point.
Intelligent auto-exposure.
Can be used with any brightness level in any render.
Works in AE CS5, CS6, CC 2013, CC 2014.
Does it blur your image?
If you do not see blur in your After Effects project, maybe Lenscare is not configured properly.
How to use Lenscare with After Effects:
Download the free Photoshop plugin to get started.
Download the After Effects plugin for free here:
Load your AE project in Photoshop and use the plugin.

Lenscare is intended to look exactly like a real camera lens.

There is no post-processing, real lenses have always look


System Requirements:

Requires DirectX11, Windows 7 or later
Minimum of 1 GB system RAM
5 GB free disk space
Xbox 360 hardware and Xbox LIVE membership (sold separately)
Note: To play online with the other players, you must have an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and an internet connection.
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