Movie Searcher is a handy and reliable application designed to search inside one or multiple directories based on user-defined keywords.
First off, add to the directory list the folders you wish to include in the search, then enter the text to be used as criteria and wait for the results.


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The software lets you search for movies in one or many directories; it automatically sorts the results by title, year, rating and popularity and offers a summary of each movie as you click on it.
Its outstanding features include:
* a simple, user-friendly interface;
* the capability to search text and keywords, text and tags, text and categories or the text of a movie trailer;
* the ability to search for movies in one or many directories;
* the ability to export a text or HTML summary of the movies in any of the selected directories;
* the ability to export a text or HTML summary of a movie in one of the selected directories;
* the ability to filter the results by date and popularity;
* the ability to sort movies by title, year, rating and popularity;
* the ability to export a text or HTML list of the movies found by date and popularity.
Once you’ve set the criteria for searching, you may use the ‘Movie Searcher’ utility to search for a movie by choosing any of the folders listed and then typing your query into the box provided. A list of movies will be returned, each with a title, year and a short summary of the movie.
More tips are available on the License details page.
If you’re looking for more powerful features, try the MovieSearcher2 application.

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This is a handy and reliable application designed to search inside one or multiple directories based on user-defined keywords.
Once you add the folders containing your movies, enter the keywords you want to use as criteria. The application will search all the directories specified and then list the movies available inside them. You can also refine your search by selecting more than one keyword and setting a priority between them.
Choose the size from the drop-down menu for each movie. You can also select the quality from: Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor and Done.
All the movies listed will be sorted by availability, title or date.
Movie Searcher is an ideal application for users who want to set up a mail order movie library,
or for those who are looking to make their own copies of specific movies.

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Movie Searcher Free

Movie Searcher is a handy and reliable application designed to search inside one or multiple directories based on user-defined keywords. You can define a range of items to be searched, including file names, extensions and file size.
You can run searches in one or multiple directories, using a variety of criteria. Each criterion can be set to either case sensitive or case-insensitive. You can also specify whether you want to search files or directories. You can save searches to run later, and rerun any saved searches from the previous session. You can also assign folders and files to be skipped, so you do not end up with massive amounts of meaningless results.
You can even jump into directories using Movie Searcher, or browse the directory tree. Accessing the file tree also opens up the option of opening any of the files in the tree.
Movie Searcher has many features that ensure the highest quality of results. You can enter the text in different encodings, and you can use the various options available to you to take the guesswork out of the search. You can also use a range of parameters like sorting and page navigation.
Movies can be searched either by name, by file extension or by size (as an approximate value)
How to use Movie Searcher?
Creating a Profile in Movie Searcher
Profile for MD
If you have many files and folders with movie filenames stored in your computer, create a profile in Movie Searcher and add your folders.
After enabling the full, large or compact iconography, you have to create the profile you want to search with a standard name (a name without spaces or other characters that will not appear in the filenames of the files you want to search).
After having created this profile, you can open it by clicking on it. Movie Searcher will prompt you to set its characteristics. When you have specified the range of information you want, click OK.
Saving your profile in Movie Searcher
You can save your profile in Movie Searcher, which will be visible at the top of the windows and you can use it the next time you launch the program (in case you do not want to create a profile and use the default profile).
Saving is not compulsory as you can open the program in the future.
Movie Searcher can save your searches in a specific profile or you can save your searches in the default profile.
Saving your searches in Movie Searcher
Click on the profile icon to access the profiles menu

What’s New In?

With Movie Searcher, you can search for particular movie.
It is an easy and effective solution for organizing and playing data on your computer or mobile device.

You can easily search your favorite TV series or movies based on the information and description on the Internet, so you can know more about the movie or TV series you love. If you want to know what exactly is being talked about, you can view the synopsis of the corresponding movie/TV series and easily navigate to the page you want.

The most important thing when searching in a DVD or video file is to make sure the title is exactly the same as it appears on the Internet or on your movie collection. (Do not forget to use bold and underlined font to better identify the title in the search results.

The results of the movie search will be automatically saved in a database and allows you to search for it anytime at any time.

Use movie search to:

• Keep track of your favorite movies and TV shows.

• Find the information about any DVD or video file you own or download.

• Find a movie by title or description.

• Easily find your favorite TV series or movie.

• Search for a movie or TV show by title.

• Play the movie or TV show without moving your mouse.

• Find all the information for a movie or TV show and watch with high quality subtitles.

• Find the language for any movie or TV show.

• List and sort the movies you own.

• Keep a movie collection.

• Add movies or TV shows to a playlist.

Movie Searcher features:

• We use only a small amount of Internet bandwidth.

• The search results are converted to MP3 without loss of quality.

• The following database storage modes are provided:

1. Data Files – Perform a search of every item that is stored in the selected folder(s).

2. MP3 Files – Perform a search of every item that is stored in the selected folder(s) in MP3 format.

Note that data files will speed up the search because the search database file(s) does not need to be downloaded.

Depending on the database type selected in the following menu, one or more database files will be created in the user’s My Computer folder.

• Data Files – When the computer is searched, the search database is stored in the My Computer

System Requirements For Movie Searcher:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Video Card: Radeon 7500, GeForce 5200 or better
DirectX: 9.0c
Storage: 6 GB available space
OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7
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