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== Standalone Free Portable Software to Manage All your Personal & Business Files (Information) ==

Need an office, where you can easily add files, email, chat, message, meeting calendar, notes.
“Computer Organizer” you can enjoy a powerful portable software which can help you to organize all personal & business files, from one single place (Disk, Photos, Music, Videos etc.) on any computer system (USB drive, mini hard drive, CD/DVD).

I think you could do the exact same thing with Google Docs, and Word.
What are your thoughts?

“All in all, Portable Efficient Diary is an interesting app that can be quite useful. Inexperienced users should be able to quickly figure out how to work with this software, thanks to its intuitive layout.”

An important part is to define a different structure and to be focused on the files you want to organize.
For instance, if you wish to use Portable Efficient Diary to develop an activity diary you may not use the same structure as if you wish to have an appointment diary.
So you should consider a structure for each type of diary.

1. Add files to the right folders
2. All files have a folder structure for easy management (directories for a diary may vary, and structure of the diary may vary)
3. All files can be stored both on a flash drive and on your computer, so you can take your diary anywhere you go.
4. You can preview the files before you add them, so you can decide what you want to add or not.
5. You can categorize the files in more than 1 way, so you can keep your diary organized. You can choose from 5 different categories that may help you locate a file more easily, such as:
– Personal
– Business
– Education
– Download
– Others
6. You can arrange files of a certain category in more than one way (order number, date, time)
7. Advanced search and setting your own favourites (which also saves data on your computer, so it can be opened again on any computer)
8. Bookmarks for the documents you visit often
9. Different Views: Poster, List, Day, Day by day
10. Some templates for various types of files: documents, photo, audio and video
11. Full text search to find a word or a string within the files, even if the

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Portable Efficient Diary 5.50 [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

Portable Efficient Diary is a free Windows program that lets you keep and organize a diary. The program comes with a large database with hundreds of file formats and editors. In addition to diary entries, you can add events, pictures, sound, files and even calendars. This makes the app a great tool for keeping track of a variety of things. The software also lets you set up categories in order to organize your diary entries, date labels, bullet points, as well as pictures and files.
Portable Efficient Diary has a clean interface, that doesn’t require any expertise or experience when using it. In fact, this app is a lot of fun to work with. You can either upload data into the database or work with the records directly in the interface. However, if you need more help, there is a feature that allows you to work with a tutorial.
The program comes with a neat “Search” tool that enables you to filter through all the files stored in the database. Thus, you can look for a particular file, by its name or by its file type. A search filter allows you to select items that are categorized into different categories.
The app is completely portable. You can work with the database from any type of removable storage. However, if you want, you can also install the software on a computer.
Portable Efficient Diary Screenshots: on top of the License Restrictions in section 10.3, but the terms of the License Restrictions in section 10.3 apply to all Versions of this License and do not permit the limited use or redistribution of the Work or any Derivative Works thereof prohibited by this License.

10.2 The Software is Included with the Landlord’s authorization to make Derivative Works based on the Software and distribute those Derivative Works as part of the Landlord’s product. If the Software is upgraded or redistributed by the Landlord, the Landlord will provide a separate notice that provides the new software address at the time of such upgrade or redistribution, if any, to the Customer. The Landlord may charge an additional fee for such software upgrades and redistribution.

10.3 The Software is licensed to the Customer solely for the Customer’s personal use and the Landlord may not transfer title to the Software to the Customer. The Landlord may permit the Customer to use the Software to create and display other Tenant’s advertisements, such as flyers, but must include a separate notice at the time the Software is upgraded

What’s New in the Portable Efficient Diary?

Last time, people all over the world used to write down their most private thoughts in the pages of a diary. Nowadays, apps like Portable Efficient Diary have taken the place of this century-old tradition.

The program comes with a nice interface that lets you view all the entries created recently.
The diary entries can be created with the help of a text editor. This enables you to choose the font name, color and size, pick an emphasis option (bold, italic, underline) and set the text alignment. Bullet point and numbered lists, as well as tables can be included in the text. Pictures and attachments are easy to add to any diary entry.
Furthermore, you can choose one of the weather conditions available (cloudy, partly cloudy, sunny, rainy and snowy) and one of the available moods, such as happy, sad, doubt, sigh, idea and love.
The program comes with a “Search” tool that enables you to filter through all the diary entries. Thus, you can look for a certain word in the title, content brief, categories and diary entry content. Additionally, a time filter can be set up in order to increase the chances you locate the file.
All the files are safe from prying eyes, as the app lets you set up a password when you first launch the program. Without providing the correct string of keys, access is denied.
Since the app is completely portbale, it doesn’t need to be installed on the computer. However, it can be launched from all types of removable devices, such as flash drives.

All in all, Portable Efficient Diary is an interesting app that can be quite useful. Inexperienced users should be able to quickly figure out how to work with this software, thanks to its intuitive layout.

Excellent free diary and notes app. Has a nice intuitive interface. Can change the font, text size, color, etc. The software has a search function which is useful to look for entries within a time range.

Portable Efficient Diary is a simple diary app. It takes only few seconds to open. All I need is to write down my thoughts and turn them into a diary entry. It is very easy to use. I can add a picture of myself, I can edit my text and I can set a password to protect the content. I can then search for the diary entries and I can delete them. It is good that I can work directly on a flash drive


System Requirements For Portable Efficient Diary:

64-bit processor
64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
2 GB available disk space
Java® Runtime Environment (JRE) 7.0 Update 21 or higher
Microsoft Silverlight™ 10.0 or higher
GIMP® 2.8 or higher
How to Install:
In the installation directory, run the installer.
Once installed, you may optionally double-click on the application icon to open or from the Start menu search for “GIMP Art