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With this Qt Linguist you can define what you want to translate, and create an easy, flexible and efficient software translation system which you can use from any Qt software.
With the online translator you can translate your Qt applications with one click! Qt Linguist will help you to translate your application with one button click, you can translate anything with as few steps as possible. So your only job is to simply mark the words you want to translate with your mouse (or with the keyboard keys). Your Qt Linguist software will translate it automatically, and you are done.
Qt Linguist will use the online translator, so you do not need to install anything! The online translator is accessible any time from anywhere, and it will just translate your files whenever you need them to do so. And you can translate anything (see more details in the below translation category).
Qt Linguist Features:


Very well written article. I feel it’s important to tell you to use Google Translator for this purpose. The only reason is that this way you will get all the errors which you might get by using these apps. I think you know that you can get unmatching words, sentences, etc. but still you can use these apps. And I strongly feel they are not helping you to translate your software.

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Qt Linguist License Code & Keygen [2022]

Key Features

Add or translate text, using a mouse click and a mouse-scrolling cursor.

Built in foreign language support.

It will create logs for you to track what you do.

Batch translation.

Interactive Translation.

Built in support for searching and extracting data from files.

Report on the language usage.

Build Statistics.

Speak Statistics.

Easily navigate between different files and folders.

Built in help system and auto completion of most common phrases.

Navigate to previous or next, or a specific section.

Export and share the translation.

Customization and even more.

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Qt Linguist

Qt Linguist License:

Keywords Qt Linguist

OEM Source:

OEM Supported:

You can see if the OEM file is supported by this application by using the quick test feature. If it fails, contact the origin of the OEM application.
If the quick test fails, please use the original OEM source code. Or contact the product vendor if the OEM Source code is not available.

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It is free to use for non-commercial and personal use. Qt Linguist is free for use by non-commercial, private, personal developers for translation and documentation work. Commercial use is subject to license negotiations.

Copyright © 2018, Jürgen Bachem – Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Free Software Foundation (FSF) software may be used and distributed according to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License version 2. The non-free version can be obtained from

Self Reference relationship in Core Data

I have two entities in Core Data: Student, and Department. There is a 1-M relationship between them. The Student entity has a string attribute called “department”. My question is: How can I properly set this string to have the following self relationship? In other words, if a Student has a relationship to a Department, how can I set that relationship with a getter method?


1) Self relationship is “one to many” (EntityA has many AttributeA and each AttributeA is set to EntityA).
To get an AttributeA for a given EntityA, you use the to-many relationship of EntityA:
NSSet *attributeAs = entityA.attributeA;
AttributeA *attributeA = [attributeAs firstObject];

2) You can set the attribute for a given EntityA with the NSManagedObjectContext update function:
NSEntityDescription *entityAs = [NSEntityDescription entityForName:@”AttributeA” inManagedObjectContext:context];
NSManagedObject *attributeA = [context.managedObject context].existingObjectWithEntity:entityAs insertIntoManagedObjectContext

What’s New In Qt Linguist?

The Qt Linguist can translate files for multiple Qt-based applications, all while keeping information in multiple formats and displaying stats regarding its progress and results.

It is possible to choose from an array of locales, which is useful for those who are unsure of what the languages they are familiar with are called.
It is also possible to upload files in multiple formats, such as QPH, TS, PO and XLF.
Statistics regarding the source and target text, and the words and characters in the original document and in the translation is available.
You can also use the built-in filter to select a specific item, use a search function and translate multiple files in a single session.
You can go to the previous or next translation, mark a translation as done, add words to the phrase book, add a marker to a specific word or phrase, or enable the validation of the accelerator, ending punctuation, and phrase and marker matches, as well as select a specific locale.
You can also customize settings, such as the source and target language, the locale, input language, country/region and the project formatter.


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Qt Linguist Review

Qt Linguist 4.0.0 review by John Thetis on Wednesday, 14 September 2018 17:48:49.

Features, interface and design


Download the free trial version and run it.


I just started, but this is an absolutely fantastic translator and was able to convert an entire multi-language project into multiple native languages in a matter of minutes.




The features and description.


The user interface is clear and easy to understand.


The project formatter is easy to use and understand.


The interface and formatter have a clean and clear look, in addition to being very simple and intuitive.


I have no complaints whatsoever, and this is a great program for anyone who is looking to do their own translations.



I can’t say much about it, as I have had no issues with it.


The license fee is a bit pricey, but what else can you do?


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