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Tetris Attack

What’s new in this version:

Version 2.6.2: – Fast path detection for old hardware.
Version 2.6: – New options: reset the game on finish and choose whether to stop or pause the game when the mouse is not over the game.
Version 2.5: – Added buttons to lock the play field.
Version 2.4: – Added a setting to disable the AUTO HUD (info messages).
Version 2.3: – Fixed crash when quitting while paused.
Version 2.2: – Prevent game from going out of bounds (improved game experience).
Version 2.1: – Menu skin.
Version 2.0: – Added support for icon packs.
Version 1.1: – Added support for Windows 10.
Version 1.0: – Initial release.

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Community license is available for free for home use by one person. The software can be

SideTris Crack + [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Play a classic game of the 80’s, TETRIS® with your gadgets, Windows Vista sidebar, Windows 7 sidebar, and Windows Sidebar.
The game is in GADGET format, which means it acts like a widget. You can move the gadget anywhere on the desktop simply by dragging it.
The program has two display sizes: Small & Large. You can toggle between the small and large versions without losing any of the progress.
The frame includes a window that displays the next incoming block, the score, level and number of lines you’ve completed. Also, there are some controller buttons to help you move the blocks to the right and left, hasten the descent or turn the shape.
The keyboard arrows can also be used to play the game, while the space bar swaps between elements.
The game allows colored or black elements. In addition, you can customize the gadget appearance by choosing one of the available color schemes.
The bottom line is that SideTris Cracked Version is a gadget that can make you lose hours in front of your computer. The app is extremely easy to figure out, so inexperienced users shouldn’t have any problems with it.



published:21 Feb 2013

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SideTris Crack License Code & Keygen

Let’s start with the premise: SideTris is a simple gadget that allows you to play Tetris from the Windows Sidebar.
You can play with the gadget on your desktop from any open window. If you’re a Mac user, SideTris should work on your home screen as well.
Just choose the gadget to launch it, place it anywhere on the desktop, and SideTris is ready to play the game.
Unlike other Tetris apps, SideTris is quite simple to set up and use.
There are a few features to keep in mind:
Choose between the 10×10, 16×16, and 24×24 window sizes.
Optionally, you can choose from a number of background colors. You can even change the colors and borders of the gadget’s frame.
The frame can display scores, the level in progress, how many lines you have completed, and the next block that will be displayed.
Move the blocks to the right and left using arrow keys on the keyboard.
With the mouse, highlight the blocks to place them.
Shuffle the blocks.
To pause the game, press the space bar while the mouse isn’t over the gadget’s frame.
Save progress while playing.
Lock the gadget on your desktop.
Control the side pane’s width.
Automatic black blocks.
Choose your own colors.
Hide the side pane.
Display how many lines the game will start with.
Display hints as you play.
There are so many features and options you might want to set before playing. You can access them from the Settings menu.
Aside from that, SideTris is pretty straightforward.
When you run the program, the opening window appears on the sidebar.
You can freely move SideTris around the desktop.
Press the space bar to begin playing.
There’s no need to download and install the program.
The SideTris application is simply a gadget that launches the game without any fuss.
Setting up the gadget is as simple as drag-and-drop, so you don’t have to do much work when you’re ready to play.
For the most part, you simply launch the SideTris gadget and the Tetris game is ready to play.
Buttons in the frame let you toggle the display settings, save progress, pause the game, and lock SideTris on the desktop.

What’s New In SideTris?

* A tile-based puzzle video game.
* Place a row of three tiles in a line by rotating them vertically, placing them horizontally and swapping colors.
* Place a single tile of the same color, or three identical tiles in a line horizontally to remove them from the board.
* The object of the game is to clear the board with all the tiles.
* For extra points, try to clear lines as soon as they are made with three of the same kind of tile. The game will end if a line is made with four identical tiles.
* The game allows 7 colors to be used, plus a transparent background.
* Board can be resized and moved anywhere on the desktop.
* Many options to improve gameplay, including a timer, a score, easy, normal and hard game modes and more.

While you may find a lot of programs are just thin skins or “skinned” apps for something you can already find in the app store, SideTris is different. This Tetris-clone application for Windows actually has Tetris’ game engine in it. So, the game looks and feels like the popular tile puzzler, only it doesn’t require any installation.
How to Use SideTris
Part of the fun of Tetris is the way it plays. SideTris can play the game “on-the-fly.” The only thing you have to do is point the app’s window at the corner of your computer’s screen. That’s it. If you need to go to the kitchen or bathroom, the game continues on when you return.
SideTris Features:
· Game engine from Tetris
· 7 available game styles
· Resizable windows
· Preserve progress when game’s paused
· Optional background color
· Many customization options

Play a simple version of the classic game of Tetris, with all original features.
The object is to line-up 3 or more blocks, which must be the same color, before they fall off the screen.
– Choose Tetris in 7 different styles
– Simple controller to move the blocks
– Never lose a block
– Save/Load game
– Fast-Start to get started
– Features thanks to your comments:
– Improved action for blocks that don’t fall off the screen
– Physics updates
– Check the new developers’ website to see more updates

QGame is a Tetris-inspired game. Unlike Tetris, QGame offers

System Requirements For SideTris:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 560
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
Recommended for Multiple Monitors: