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* 25 Languages (OpenOffice.org Base included!)
* 28 Project types: Business, IT, Finance, Traffic, Healthcare, Law, Marketing, Education, Business, Technical, Other
* 260 Project items types: Assets, Checklists, Documents, Error Messages, Forms, Functions, Figures, Interviews, Lessons, Quizzes, Tasks, Web contents, Others
* 25 Item types: Asserts, Captions, Links, Lists, Pairs, Panels, Popups, Popups2, Pictures, Screenshots, Slide shows, Templates, Tools, Tips
* 70 Languages and projects themes available in the Premium version
* Project items can contain up to 9 Files in a folder
* 576 languages on which you can translate and adapt for your product
* Indexing and search are fast
* Drag & drop anywhere
* ActiveX control to show the popups anywhere
* Absolute license
* Freeware (No License)
WBTExpress is based on the following Open Source components:
* JQuery (Biber Productions)
* FileBrix
* xPDF
* Burd (WBTEngine Version 6.20)
* Mozilla Flash Player (Flash Player Plugin)
* Real3D (Real3D10 Player, Real3D10 Authoring Tool)
* SpeedyJS (SpeedyJS Standard Edition)
* VeryPDF
Please see the Readme or Help Files for further information on the above components.
WBTExpress is an Open Source product, the development is open and source code can be accessed at:

WBTExpress as a Professional product is covered by the GPLv3 license.
The free version is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3
All the components of WBTExpress are released as open source components.
The current components are:
1 – JQuery (Biber Productions)
2 – FileBrix
4 – xPDF
5 – Burd (WBTEngine Version 6.20)
6 – Mozilla Flash Player (Flash Player Plugin)
7 – Real

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Support for Windows, MS Office 2003, MS Office 2007, Adobe Flash, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, AS3, FreeTekWBTExpress™ is developed to create advanced elearning courses, tests, tutorials, etc. compatible for AICC- or SCORM-based (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM2004) LMS platforms. In its latest version, WBTExpress offers extensive possibilities for interaction:
– Multiple choice, single choice, drag & drop, text marking.
– Comments section: with notes, remarks, images.
– Screenshot and presentation support in HTML, Flash, Windows, PowerPoint.
– Build and export to SWF, HTML, AICC.
With WBTExpress™, you can generate interactive courses with an intuitive interface. Its expanded interaction mechanism lets you build interesting elearning questions, such as: multiple choice, single choice, drag & drop, text marking.
WBTExpress™ is a professional authoring tool for creating eLearning training courses. Due to its intuitive usability, it is dedicated for every kind of interactive training courses and for teachers of any category. Its project and course templates, which are enhanceable or expandable at any time, make WBTExpress™ an ideal tool for the online teaching.

School Projects2

# Testing using AIDA

School Projects1

AIDA eLearning-studio (3system) is a powerful and feature-rich program for creating eLearning courses, which is designed to provide a simple yet powerful way of creating eLearning.
AIDA eLearning (3system) is a program for creation of eLearning courses in AIDA Commerce.
AIDA eLearning interfaces with user data model of AIDA Course Builder and with course database of AIDA Commerce (AIDA 3system).
AIDA eLearning can create courses with course presentations of different types: AIDA Course presentations, AIDA Course documents, AIDA Course text, PDF document.
AIDA eLearning is fully integrated with AIDA Course Builder. When a course is completed, AIDA Course Builder automatically transfers the course details and files to AIDA eLearning.
Once a course is ready, AIDA eLearning produces a quality HTML-based course for display on any AIDA Commerce website. The course is fully editable by AIDA eLearning
By adding AIDA eLearning to your AIDA Commerce setup, you can create courses quickly and easily. AIDA e

What’s New In?

Easy to use
Professional Authoring tool
Multiple choix, singe choice, text marking, drag&drop and more
What’s New
Added automatic synchronization of e-learning courses and tests
Select all checkboxes for single choice
Fixed bugs
More languages
Fixed bugs


Multiple Choices, Single Choices, Text Marking, Drag & Drop
Project Templates: Extended or Standard
Project Templates for e-learning courses and tests
Templates for all categories of teachers, such as: primary school teachers, math teachers, history teachers, biology teachers, chemistry teachers, physics teachers, teachers from foreign countries, etc.

Every template is fully editable. You have the possibility of creating e-learning courses from scratch or extend existing course templates.
Easy Export to PDF
The application allows to export a whole e-learning course into a single PDF file (supports 4to6 pages) using drag & drop.
No time limits
Create training courses in minutes
To save your time, the WBTExpress software has no time limits. You can create e-learning courses for as many classes as you wish.

If you are a tutor, you can create training courses or tests, create multiple choice questions, create single choice questions, drag & drop operations to move all objects to new positions etc.
Easy for

English Language Tutors
Other categories of English Language Instructors: teachers from foreign countries, teachers from English speaking countries, teachers from anywhere in the world and etc.

IT Organizations
… and many other categories of teachers or English Language teachers

Generate Multiple Choice Questions
You can generate multiple choice questions or single choice questions according to a list of subjects, categories, countries, etc.

Generate Drag & Drop Questions
You can generate drag & drop questions according to a list of categories, countries, languages, etc.

Generate Two-Day Tests
You can generate two-day tests to validate students’ English language skills.

Generate Tests for Different Versions of English
You can generate tests for different versions of English or for the exam preparation and teaching of English as a Second Language.

Exclude Characters
The application is not difficult for you to exclude the letters, numbers, etc.

Example 1.

Example 2.

Supports all Common Languages:
Arabic (e-learning


System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Mac OSX 10.7 or newer
650MB hard disk space
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 / AMD Radeon™ R9 280 series / Intel® HD Graphics 630
Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 / Radeon HD 7790M / Intel HD Graphics 520
Not for Mac OSX 10.6 or less
* Device detection is currently limited to PC, Mac and Switch versions, however, additional platforms can be supported in the future