The context menu is tweakable but not many users are familiar with the steps for making the necessary modifications in order to improve overall productivity.
Context Menu Manager is a collection of utilities bent on providing the necessary means to customize the file association on the system as well as to enrich the context menu for files and folders with new entries.
Overwhelming interface
No installation is required to run the application; just extract the archive and double click the CMM executable file.
All elements in the interface are neatly organized, which makes finding the right sections an easy task. Nevertheless, all the details present may be overwhelming for the average user but should be no problem for the seasoned one.
Modules and functionality
The file association manager permits reassigning file formats with different programs and offers the possibility to change the shell context menu entries.
Another module permits adding new entries in the context menu for files and folders for quicker launching of programs.
Additional functionality is available through the possibility to add new entries to the context menu of My Computer for quick rebooting or shutting down of the computer or for launching various programs available in the operating system (Notepad, Calculator, Paint, Command Shell).
Alternatively, you can create a mixed menu that includes “copy”, “move” and “send to” commands.
Working with Context Menu Manager is not an easy task since there is no documentation available and the user has to be familiar with how the context menu functions. On the other hand, there are plenty of options that can improve productivity and make working with the computer a more comfortable experience.
The application provides a very flexible set of options for customizing the context menu by adding new entries or removing old ones. Its versatility should be appreciated mostly by more advanced users.







Context Menu Manager Free [Mac/Win]

Context Menu Manager Crack+

File association manager for Windows XP and Windows Vista (One-Click-Association, Quick-Cut-Association, Quick-Start-Association, Shell-Context Menu) featuring a customizable context menu for files and folders. Allows to group applications by types.
Moreover, you can quickly access several sets of shortcuts, or groups of files, by simply pressing a mouse button.
Context Menu Manager Crack Free Download can be used to customize the Start Menu, the folder icon, the quick access menu in Windows Explorer, the “My Computer”, “Send To”, and many others. Create a unique, personalized context menu that will be stored in the registry and can be loaded at any time from the file system. The contextual menu is also shown as an icon in the taskbar.

Context Menu Manager has been available since 2005. However, the new version 1.15 brought new improvements and the overall stability to the application.
Please report any new issues to the support forum.

Windows 7 or Windows Vista users have a built-in context menu for the file system. It does not offer advanced customization and provides a limited set of commands. As an alternative to the default context menu, you can use Context Menu Manager. The software provides a more extensive list of operations and you can create and customize your own context menu. The icon will be displayed in the system tray as well as in the desktop taskbar.

Context Menu Manager is an application that will add some features to the context menu by means of associating files or folders with executable programs. With the application, you can combine the file type with the program that opens it. To this end, you can assign a file association to a particular type of file and can also make the default program to open it. You can also obtain a start menu icon for a certain program by associating it with an executable program.

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Context Menu Manager Free [Latest] 2022

Context Menu Manager is a file association manager that offers a file association manager that offers a set of features intended for file and folder associations.

Context Menu Manager features:

Extensible file association manager

Customizable context menu

Configurable notifications

Multiple windows

File association manager

Command line options

Multilingual installer

Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Free file association manager tool

Free file association manager tool File association manager:It provides a customizable set of tools to manage the file association.
These tools are mainly useful when you don’t know which program is the default file association for a particular file type.
The file association manager offers the ability to change the file association with a new application.
Also, it offers the possibility to select the default desktop file association for a particular file type.
Additionally, the manager allows you to set a default application for opening a file that may be associated with various others.
The context menu customization:

The context menu customization is a useful feature when you have a multi-window environment and you find a certain application not so useful as a stand-alone application.
Context Menu Manager allows you to configure the context menu for any file.
If you want to customize the context menu for a particular file type, you should first open the file and then right-click on the file and select the option from the context menu.
Also, the context menu customization is useful for changing the desktop file association.
The desktop file association can be configured for any file. Right-clicking a particular file and selecting the option from the context menu will change the desktop file association to the currently selected application.
The context menu manager also provides the ability to adjust the notification panel.
The notification panel provides you with the necessary details about the progress of the actions performed in the file association manager.
The context menu customization includes the ability to add or remove actions and to alter the attributes of the different options.
Another module offered by Context Menu Manager is the ability to add new options in the context menu of My Computer.
Also, it offers the possibility to create a mixed menu of several file and folder context menu entries.
The context menu can be customized by adding, removing or updating the available items and even by adding custom scripts for those file types.


It is best to install the Context Menu Manager in the default Windows directory.
Also, it is recommended to

What’s New in the Context Menu Manager?

Context Menu Manager is a program that let you replace the default associations and context menus of Windows Operating System with its own set of customized menus.
It’s a well-built, easy to use, powerful software that can be used by anyone familiar with the concept of customizing and tweaking their computer, as it can be used to add, remove, edit or replace context menus (shortcuts) and file associations.
The Context Menu Manager has a smart, yet friendly interface that allows even newbie users to customize the system accordingly, and enrich the default context menu with additional entries.
All parameters can be managed through a user-friendly and intuitive layout, each with a set of easy to understand options, letting the user choose what they like and what they don’t like.
This program also provides a powerful manager for the file associations, letting you change the associations by simply changing the file format, and reverting to the default state by double-clicking on the.tgs file extension.
Using the Context Menu Manager is a breeze, as you can apply the options in the user interface from any Windows Explorer window, but also from a Command Prompt or even Powershell or Command Shell.
The application provides a wide range of customizable options that will make working with your computer more efficient, while it will not only enhance the user experience but also the look of the desktop.Esther Williams

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System Requirements For Context Menu Manager:

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