Gaming PC is a seemingly difficult-to-work-with application which provides users with powerful tweaks to boost the PC performance to favor video games, by defragging the game folder and terminating other processes which slow them down, for example. The tool is actually simple to use even by beginners, since it applies the settings you define without thorough configuration.
Speedy installer and simplistic GUI
The entire setup procedure takes little time to finish and requires minimal supervision. As far as the interface is concerned, Gaming PC opts for a regular window with a simple structure, which immediately loads the installed video games at startup.
Add games and specify the processes to end before launching them
New ones can be added by pointing out the game folders or executable files. It is possible to set a game name, select the processes or services to stop before launching the game (or add the default set with commonly used items instead), as well as save the configuration to file in order to import it at a later time or another computer running Gaming PC. Editing this list is possible as well.
Defrag game folders and customize performance tweaks
Defragmentation is immediately performed by the program by clicking a button. Furthermore, you can customize the tweaks and settings when it comes to speeding up disk access by disabling the NTFS last access update for 8.3 file names, terminating non-responding programs automatically, speeding up menu display and system shutdown, and increasing total connections used by Internet Explorer.
Additionally, the tool attempts to improve network performance during multimedia playback, prevent background apps from stealing focus, as well as change the Windows color depth to 16 bit and elevate the game priority to the highest possible level to boost performance.
Evaluation and conclusion
The tool froze during a game folder defragmentation job during our tests. Otherwise it worked well, without crashing or popping up error messages. It runs on low CPU and RAM. Although Gaming PC is not as powerful as other similar tools dedicated to boosting gaming performance, it contains some useful options under the hood.







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The program runs quietly and in simple manner. Therefore it is easy to use. You can add, delete or modify games and processes. Furthermore, the graphical interface is simple. During the defragmentation process, you can watch the progress. Moreover, you have the opportunity to customize performance tweaks, set the NTFS last access update for 8.3 file name and terminate non-responding programs automatically. Additionally, the program also improves the performance of multimedia during playback, prevents background apps from stealing focus, optimize the window display and change the Windows color depth to 16 bit.
You have the chance to save the configuration to file and import it to other PCs you may need.

Dismissed and Memorandum Opinion filed June 8, 2005

Dismissed and Memorandum Opinion filed June 8, 2005.
In The
Fourteenth Court of Appeals
NO. 14-05-00542-CV
SHACKLER, Appellant
FANNIE MAE, Appellee

On Appeal from the County Civil
Court at Law No. 4
Harris County, Texas
Trial Court Cause No. 826,003

M E M O R A N D U M  O
This is an appeal from a judgment signed March 21, 2005.  No clerk=s record has been filed.  The clerk responsible for preparing the
record in this appeal informed the court
that appellant did not make arrangements to pay for the record. 
On May 13, 2005, notification was transmitted to all parties of the court=s
intention to dismiss the appeal for want of prosecution unless, within fifteen
days, appellant paid or made arrangements to pay for the record and provided this
court with proof of payment.  See Tex. R. App. P.

Appellant filed no response.
Accordingly, the appeal is ordered dismissed.
Judgment rendered and Memorandum
Opinion filed June 8, 2005.
Panel consists of Justices Fowler,
Edelman, and

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* Improve the PC performance by defragmenting game folder and killing non-responsive processes;
* Boost the performance of multimedia player;
* Speed up disk access and NTFS Last Access;
* Disable NTFS last access;
* Disable NTFS index update;
* Free up RAM;
* Increase the performance of game from Launcher;
* Show process to end before launching them;
* Add games;
* Customize performance tweaks and settings;
* Prevent background apps from stealing focus;
* Prettify Windows display;
* Change the Windows color depth to 16 bit;
* Elevate the game priority to the highest;
* Free up Internet Explorer total connections;
* Disable NTFS index update;
* 5 color themes;
* Unlimited language.
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The world wide phenomenon of the emergence of the digital entertainment platforms has turned into a revolution not only for the gaming industry but also for the home appliances as well. The impact of these platforms cannot be ignored and they have become a part of our daily routines. As more and more people migrate towards these digital platforms, they have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. These platforms allow users to download entertainment content and listen to music or watch video contents by using their favorite devices to enjoy the digital entertainment experience.
Gaming PC is one of the types of the digital entertainment platform which makes a revolution in the digital entertainment sector.
Gaming PC is the software which is being developed to optimize the experience of the digital entertainment service by simply changing the settings of the device. This software provides the users with the facility to add games, play games, create and edit the game launcher. With the advent of technology, gaming PC allows the users to use their mobile devices to create and run their favorite games on them with just a tap. The software offers a lot of amazing and unique features which assist the user to enjoy the digital entertainment. These features are listed below in detail.
Add games:
As mentioned earlier, gaming PC allows the user to add games by simply pointing to the game folder. The software will detect the game and automatically launch it. The software has an amazing feature of automatic game update which is used by the users to update the game launcher automatically. The user can define the games list as well which should be automatic launched

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Assist and speed up games by managing the hard drive, defragmenting game folders and terminating processes! The program was meant to provide a powerful tool for playing games at the best possible speed but it didn’t hold up well to our rigorous tests.

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is a very easy and quick way to prioritize games in Windows, and manage them for high performance. Other functionalities are targeted to boost computer performance, so the program is able to terminate or pause processes responsible for disk access, defragment game folders or free up RAM when playing games.

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC allows you to add games and define their characteristics, including additional settings to speed up disk access, terminate non-responding processes and disable NTFS last access file for better performance. It can also speed up system shutdown and change Windows color depth and background image.

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is a small and simple software designed to optimize the computer performance for games, It offers various features to optimize the games start, including setting and defragmenting game folders, disable NTFS last access file for better performance and terminate non-responding processes.

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is the system utility tool to manage your computer and optimize it’s performance for gaming. It offers many features to provide good performance such as disable NTFS last access file for better performance, defragment folders and terminate non-responding processes, display game…

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is an easy-to-use tool for setting up the computer and optimizing it’s performance for gaming. It features a simple interface and a quick setup. Once you added a game folder, you can set it as default game by clicking a button. It also offers some extra…

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is a small but powerful software that allows you to set up the computer and optimize it’s performance for gaming. It allows you to add a game folder as default when you launch the program. It offers many features to boost game performance, for example, disable NTFS last…

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is a software designed to help you manage and speed up the computer and game performance. It offers many features to manage games including game installation and changing the game’s name, as well as defragmenting game folder and terminating processes, adding as default game and…

Gaming PC Description:
Gaming PC is a powerful system utility tool designed

What’s New in the Gaming PC?

Gaming PC is a powerful tool for quickly configuring and tweaking your Windows PC for gaming purposes. It may not be the most powerful of its kind, but it’s still a game changer.
What’s new in this version:
• Stability improvements

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System Requirements For Gaming PC:

2 GHz dual core processor
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, 640, 660, 670, 680, 690, 710, 725, 760,
AMD Radeon HD 5850, 5870, 5930, 6670, 6850, 6870, 6970, 7970,
AMD Radeon HD 7700, 7750, 7870, 7970, R9 280, R9 390, R9 Fury,