Head Blur and Masking is a useful application that is especially aimed at photographers who wish to cover up the faces of various people appearing in their pictures.
Nonetheless, it is so easy to work with it that pretty much any user should have no problems whatsoever in getting along quite well with Head Blur and Masking.
All one has to do is choose the modification type, image source and destination and, optionally, head object index size for reprocessing.







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Automatically repairs the heads of people in your photos, making them appear as the picture was taken.

Crop areas on which to apply the head retouch and masking modifications are selected from a full image view of the picture.

Head Masking for Different Face Sizes

Head Blur and Masking Torrent Download can be used on different types of pictures. However, if you wish to retouch the head of an “ordinary person” (that means, the head does not have unusual shape or size) you will have to alter the “Size of picture cropped” parameter.
To do so, select the picture from the “Pictures”. “Pictures” folder, and click “Load Pictures”. Then, select “Cropped Size of picture” from the “Size” drop-down list. Finally, specify what size will the image be in pixels.
If you alter the size and eventually crop the picture in order to get it the way you like, you can save the new version of the image.

Make the Phones Ring

Once you have loaded the picture on which you want to apply the modification, you can choose the image source, such as a camera, an iPhone or an iPad.

Then, select the destination, as well as the head object index (if you wish to process only one face for the picture).
Finally, choose the modification type and head object size for the picture. In the case of camera and iPhone, you will have the list of available parameters from the “Picture” folder.

By default, Head Blur and Masking Crack Keygen adjusts the head proportionately. However, you can specify what proportion to change the head in.
If the person’s head is cut off, select the “Overlap head” parameter. The new head will overlap at the edges and will cover the whole face, even if it is cut off.

Masking the Head and Face

The Head Blur and Masking is a rather straightforward application. However, if you wish to modify the head and masking to get to the effect you want to end up with, you will have to work a bit.
The modification is two-fold, but is completely easy to use. The head is cut off and the shape modified according to the dimensions of the head selected. The procedure is quite similar in case of face cutting.


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Head Blur and Masking Activation Code 4.1 is also available for Java.
Press the Play button to start the applications Head Blur and Masking 4.1 Preview.
Head Blur and Masking is one of the most versatile image processing applications for photoshop.
Many people have never realised the full potential of this application for face cover-up.
This program is both a useful and fun way to improve photographs.
Installation of Head Blur and Masking 4.1:
Be sure to download the latest version of Head Blur and Masking 4.1.
Both a portable and a stand-alone version are available.
Which is better, depends on the type of task that you are performing.
In general, the Stand-alone version of the program allows you to find and correct problems without the need to start the entire application.
Also, the Stand-alone version, will allow you to retest frequently, and to fix any errors right away without having to restart the entire application.
The free portable version, will allow you to apply the same correction to all the images found in a specified folder, even if the images were created in different times.
The portable version, will also allow you to correct the images right away, and will not require the restart of the entire application each time.
Most people, however, prefer to have the advantage of knowing exactly the amount of image data they are dealing with.
The stand-alone version, can store an unlimited number of image files for periodic replacement.
The portable version, can store only one image file for periodic replacement.
If you intend to use the stand-alone version and your images are regularly updated, it is recommended that you buy the upgrade pack for head blurs and masks 4.1 full version, which will allow you to store four image files.
To install the Head Blur and Masking 4.1, follow these steps:
1. Run the downloaded program onto your laptop in debug mode.
2. Click on the RUN button and, follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Press OK and the Head Blur and Masking 4.1 will install.
4. Launch the application by selecting it from the start menu.
5. Click on the RUN button to test the Head Blur and Masking 4.1.
How To Use Head Blur and Masking 4.1:
Before you go any further, use Head Blur and Masking 4.1

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After the selection of the modification type, there is an option to select the image source and destination. This is very handy if you have multiple images to process.
One also has the option to specify the object index size to be used in reprocessing the images.

Masking a face can be a very tiresome process, as we have mentioned before, but one can now simply apply Head Blur and Masking.
In the case of Masking, one needs to specify the destination and the type of masking to be applied.
The image source and destination need to be selected to apply the effect.
One can use the color classifier and the object index size to specify where and how much of the masking effect to apply.

If a value is entered for the object index size, then the size of the head to be masked is retained.
The size of the head, however, is not retained.
Instead, the foreground and background pixels, or the foreground and background percentage within the head, are retained.
The extent to which the individual pixels or the foreground and background percentage within a head are filled with a particular color has no effect on the masking process.
As mentioned before, if the object index size is specified, the size of the head to be masked is not retained.
Only the value of the head is retained.
Head Blur and Masking is one of the easier applications that you can find in Elements as an image stabilizer.
This being the case, we don’t believe that any user could have any difficulty in mastering Head Blur and Masking for retouching images.

The process of reprocessing a batch of images takes some time, but Head Blur and Masking can speed things up.
Head Blur and Masking allows you to specify how many objects in the image you wish to mask.
For this reason, the batch process is much quicker than the operation of manually masking.

The process is again quite quick, but this is an advanced technique, which may take some time to get used to.

Next, we have filtered the background of the image using Smart Blur.

Smart Blur and Background Removal is a very useful technique if you wish to sharpen images in order to improve the quality of the image.
To sharpen an image, we first use the Smart Blur tool.
We next use a masking tool to outline the features that we wish to shar

What’s New In?


Works with RAW, TIFF, JPG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PSD, BMP, PCD, TGA, DNG, IPTC, FlashPix, Exif, IPF, XMP, SXF, TIFF and JPEG-2000 files.

Head Blur is particularly designed to work with RAW files, but also has features allowing it to work with most other image formats.
To cover a subject like for example an arm, foot, ear, eye, hand, hair or hat, one has to individually mark the other parts of the image where one does not want to blur.

Once completed, the modified image is exported as a new standalone file. However, even if there is only one picture to work with, the program’s interface consists of a group of options that can easily be adjusted individually.

As you will see, Head Blur works very well with camera raw files. This method involves the use of Camera RAW To JPEG converter, and then using Head Blur and Masking to create a JPEG-like image. The advantage of this method is that the user can work with High Dynamic Range (HDR) in a much more efficient way.

You can use Head Blur and Masking to re-expose a photo from RAW to JPEG or JPEG to RAW, and vice-versa. In this manner, you can carry out High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.


It is essential that the user install Head Blur and Masking in a computer for it to properly work.

Head Blur and Masking works with Windows operating systems only.

As soon as the program is launched for the first time, it creates a directory in the Pictures folder of the user’s computer. This directory is named with a complex naming structure. It is highly recommended that you rename it to something else, and then back again because that is what is done automatically by the program.

Head Blur and Masking is a very useful application. It does not just blur faces, but is also handy for altering skin tone, hair and eyes for example.

Basically, one can use Head Blur and Masking for managing and editing such images:

Blur faces:

Blur eyes:

Blur hand:

Blur ear:

Reduce background noise:

Reverse colors:

Blur objects:


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
Processor: Intel Core i3 – 2.8 GHz / AMD Athlon II X2 – 2.7 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 / AMD HD 5000 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
OS: Windows 10 / 10.1
Processor: Intel