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ThingWizards is a custom solution to show hidden and system files on the desktop by the Microsoft engineers.
ThingWizards Description:

ThingWizards is a custom solution to show hidden and system files on the desktop by the Microsoft engineers. It is very easy to use, you just need to add one line of code and with that you can easily show all hidden files that are hidden from desktop by Windows and can be accessed by right click on desktop.

GlimPS is a fast, simple and free scrolling game similar to the Bubble Shooter series. It’s mostly known for its original sound effects, but has much more to offer than that! It is easy to use, fun to play and features the ability to be expanded by a ton of custom features. GlimPS can be downloaded in three languages (English, Spanish, French).
GlimPS Features:

Simple, beautiful, fluid: it’s what the word picture in english would be. The interface is also simple, and the text in English is easy to read. And last but not least, it has soft and consistent animations.
File Dialog: File dialog allows you to import and export images and any text file.
Alphabetical List: Sort alphabetically by every specific text file and you can also sort by any file extension.
Bigger fonts: Any font can be scaled to the size you want.
Image resizing: Place them any place on the desktop or change their size.
Many other tools, too!:
Draw any image onto it.
Import and export pictures.
Image Editor: Select, crop and save a part of the image.
Clock: Show the time or the date, by refreshing the clock.
ASCII: Change the text into ASCII format.
Cut & Paste: Cut, copy and paste any image, text, a part of the image or any other file into the clipboard.
File Zoom: Allows you to zoom in and out of a file.
File Help: Use the help system to see information about any feature.
Window manager: You can choose the windows manager style and color.
We can say that with GlimPS you get the chance to play with beautiful, fluid, free and easy to use software.
GlimPS – Main Window

Pictella (pronounced as picture-ella) is a small multimedia program that can improve your photography and more. With pictella, you can import images, videos,

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* Allows you to move a window from one side of your screen to the other with a keystroke.
* Clicks on the window corners to move the window and takes care of hiding and showing the window.
* Allows you to do this from windows which are maximized or from their minimized state.
* Works with any window manager, be it Metacity, Compiz or any other one.
* Uninstalls cleanly.
MajorDrag Product Key Requirements:
* Metacity (as window manager), Compiz or any other window manager which supports xdotool or xwininfo
* If you do not have a window-manager installed, or you cannot determine which one to use, this application may not work.
MajorDrag Info:
* MajorDrag is not a replacement for Window-Manger style window-moving shortcuts. It attempts to
grant you a more useful set of window-moving functions which do not clutter your keyboard or
command-line. You will still want to use these keystrokes, but MajorDrag is meant to complement
them, not replace them.
* See
* Installation:
– Double-click the.deb file
– Accept installation
– It will download a new meta-package and install it
– To uninstall the tool, double-click the app again and press uninstall
– If you do not want to use the command line to uninstall, right-click the meta-package and
select uninstall as root
* The current version of MajorDrag includes a font-warning function. Right-click the window title
in the task-bar or the app’s icon on the desktop. A dialog will pop-up. Drag the pointer to one of
the fonts marked with – and click your mouse away.
* This is necessary to fix a bug, but may be causing users to think that there is a bug in the
Software Downloads:
* MajorDrag homepage
MajorDrag Sourcecode:
MajorDrag Sourcecode Can Be Found On the:
* Off-Line
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By the way, majordrag is not named

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* Drag windows around using the mouse cursor
* Transparent window are supported too
* Resizable windows
* Click to show / hide the window bar
* Cross-platform

HTML5 Dragboard 1.0 DragBn.js is a simple library for drag&drop, which works in all browsers. DragBn.js implement native HTML5 Drag&Drop API (DnD) detection, so it is suitable for modern web browsers and also for browsers that don’t support the native DnD API.
One of the main features of DragBn.js is that it works without a Java Applet!
DragBn.js is completely crossbrowser and crossplatform (Javascript + Jquery) with the only exception is Internet Explorer 8. It will work in all modern web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc…) and in some old browser (Explorer 8, 7, 6, etc…)
DragBn.js supports several input elements (text, checkbox, file, color picker, some more), also it supports templates and images.

jQuery Drag Widgets 1.0.0 jquery-dragWidgets is a jquery plugin to handle drag and drop of elements on a page.
Upon dropping an element or element in a page, the plugin will create a divider. This divider is used to be able to drag an element from any side.
* Drag a divider like a bar, can be moved
* Drag an element around to it’s own container
* Dropped element stays at it’s starting position when the divider/container is moved, so it’s easy to drag a new element
* Works in all modern browsers and also IE9
* Can work with ajax
* Supported classes can be removed
* Full source codes included

iText for Eclipse 2.1 iText is an open-source library for creating PDF documents.
It is used by many commercial and open source projects for producing PDF documents. Among others, it can be used to create forms, manuals, technical documentation and electronic newspapers.
iText can be used to write documents, take and manipulate PDF images, include images from other sources and make books or newsletters from text and images. It can be used also in mobile devices to produce readable documents.

JozefKampf 1.1.0 JozefKampf is a utility that demonstrates the

What’s New In?

Easy and intuitive window placement.
Saves time.
Helpful when misbehave windows.
Window Placement
shortcuts, window placement

XsltThumbnails is a cross-platform graphical program used for previewing images created with XSLT Stylesheets.
The program can be used to create thumbnails, view them in slideshow mode, or preview a document.
XsltThumbnails Description:
XsltThumbnails Features:
Very easy to use.
Picture preview.
Extensive help and the source is available.
PDF Processing
Graphics, preview, thumbnail, xslt, xsltthumbnail

IF/THEN Calc is a typical calculator that accepts commands and returns values in a unified format.
As a calculator, IF/THEN Calc can be used for basic mathematical operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. IF/THEN Calc can also be used for boolean logic. If-Then Calc helps you make decisions.
IF/THEN Calc Description:
Calculator with decision-making.
Tip calculator.
System Tools
if, then, calculator, decision-making, calculate

User Agent has numerous utilities to ease your visual pain. It is a small, cross-platform, easy to use, quick and painless utilities collection.
Things that you want to do with User Agent:
Display or setup your visual device.
Fix display bugs.
Fix display issues.
Change font.
Invert black and white.
Crop images.
Toggle grayscale.
Edit text.
View OCR info.
Gather files.
Special keys.
Many others.
User Agent Description:
User Agent can help in visual device setup.
It includes a large collection of visual utilities.
User Agent Features:
Only fully supported platforms (Win32, Win64, MacOSX, Linux).
Large and Powerful, extensive collection of utilities.
Latest versions for each platform are available.
Built in QuickLook preview.
Fast and Easy, configuration wizard.
Fast and Easy, configuration wizard.
Cute toolbars with smart location of tools.
Cute toolbars with smart location of tools.

System Requirements:

1. OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
2. CPU : Pentium IV 3.0GHz or better, or equivalent Athlon processor.
3. RAM : Minimum 2GB, recommended 4GB
4. Graphics: Pentium 4 with Radeon 8500 or GeForce 8400
5. DirectX : DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.
6. Sound : 5.1 audio with the following configuration:
7. Free Space : 300MB for the DirectX game, 300MB for