New types of malware threats are created on a regular basis, and if you want to keep up with them and ensure your own computer does not become another one of their victims, you need to rely on specialized security products.
Remediate VBS Worm is a dedicated utility that comes in handy to all users who want to clean their computers and their networks of VBScript and VBE-based malware, along with autorun worms, Excedow, Jenxcus or Houdini/Dinihu – broadly put, this application can remove malicious components that affect the Windows Script Host (WSH).
You do not need to install Remediate VBS Worm onto your PC, as you can simply run it from any chosen location – however, you need to run it with administrative rights, so as to make sure it can efficiently clean all detected threats.
Once you launch Remediate VBS Worm, you need to specify the action you want to initiate, be it actually cleaning an infection (and regaining access to Task Manager that might have been disabled by malware), or removing the threats from your USB drive and restoring all files that might have been hidden by the infection.
It needs to be emphasized that if you choose to disinfect your USB drives, you simply need to input the drive letter, without any other text string (i.e. you should type ‘F’ rather than ‘F:\’).
Additionally, you can also download Panda USB Vaccine without leaving the application if you want to protect all your removable drives.
To wrap it up, Remediate VBS Worm can be of great use to all those who want to clean their PC of malware that tampers with the WSH – just make sure you do not use the computer while the cleaning takes place.







Remediate VBS Worm With Serial Key Free

Remediate VBS Worm is a system utility that has been designed to
help you clean infected computers. It is a very effective and helpful
utility that can even remove VBS malware that tampers with the Windows
Script Host (WSH). This tool can clean up a malicious computer in
minutes by detecting and removing all threats that affects the WSH.
This utility will delete all registry keys pertaining to a particular
virus infection in a few clicks. It will also disinfect a removable
drive by removing both System Files and VBS malware. You can even
use Remediate VBS Worm without having to install the program. Just
run the.exe from a drive, or download file from one of the
provided links.
Remediate VBS Worm can be of great help to all those who want to clean
their computers of malware that tampers with the Windows Script Host
(WSH). The program will even remove a malicious computer in just a
few minutes, by deleting all registry keys pertaining to a particular
virus infection.

Remediate VBS Worm Review:


Download Remediate VBS Worm:

System Requirements:

Visit the Settings screen, you will be led to download location.

Check the Download button.

Wait a few minutes while the application extracts.

Once the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.

The installation will start, please wait a few minutes while the.exe file is installed.

Once the installation is done, please close all your programs and open your Notepad to run the uninstallation.

Please follow the in-product instructions and cancel the Remediate VBS Worm setup.

Please double-click the.exe file and run it.

If you need assistance or have questions about the installation process, just post them in the comment box below. I will do my best to answer you.

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As for me, as I tried a lot of anti-malware, but nothing was working for me. So I downloaded VB Scanner of F-Secure. It’s working good, but takes some time.

Remediate VBS Worm [Latest] 2022

What is new in this release:

Added support for cleaning infections that are detected on removable drives. Now, you can clean all removable drives (previously, only infected drives were cleaned).

What is new in version 1.1:

When cleaning infections, unwanted registry entries are removed automatically, as Remediate VBS Worm 2022 Crack ensures you have full control over what is deleted from your computer.

Improved security: Fixes a vulnerability that could allow the process to run as an ordinary user.

Minor fixes: The application now supports the user interface in the Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) languages.

What is new in version 1.2:

The application now comes with hotfix for Windows 7.

Remediate VBS Worm Screenshots:

Remediate VBS Worm Publisher’s Description

User-friendly application for quick and effective removal of various malware threats that affect the Windows Script Host (WSH).

How to uninstall Remediate VBS Worm from your computer

Remediate VBS Worm is a Windows utility. Read more about how to uninstall it from your computer. It is possible that those who installed Remediate VBS Worm left some traces of its previous installations on your computer. Check for the Remediate VBS Worm installation directories and search for its entries in the windows registry or in the task manager. Here are some of the most common places where it is stored:

Windows registry on the computer. It is possible that you can find some components of Remediate VBS Worm in the registry.

In the Appwiz.cpl directory on the Windows system drive. It is possible that you can find some components of Remediate VBS Worm there if they were installed together with some other software.

In the Appwiz.cpl directory on the Windows system drive. It is possible that you can find some components of Remediate VBS Worm there if they were installed together with some other software.

Trash. It is possible that you can find some components of Remediate VBS Worm there if you deleted them manually.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Howto Clean Your PC

C:\Program Files\Howto Clean Your PC\Downloaded Programs\[%ProgramFiles%\Howto Clean Your PC\Uninstall.exe]

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Remediate VBS Worm overview

Remediate VBS Worm



Key features of Remediate VBS Worm:

Detects and removes malicious components that affect the Windows Script Host (WSH)

This malware can delete files, replace them with other files, change directory names, or replace existing settings in the registry, among the other malicious activities that affect the WSH.
The most dangerous of them is the ability to disable Windows Script Host and displace the shortcuts that use it.

Detects and removes autorun worms, including some of the most complex ones

Remediate VBS Worm has features that enable it to detect and remove autorun worms, including the more complex ones.
All the solutions you see on the screen might be quite different, however, as some of them do not provide a detailed description of the detected threats.

Allows you to remove all the infections that make access to Task Manager or the Registry impossible

This malware can disable Task Manager, making it impossible for you to check whether you have received any new threats.

The malware changes your settings, like the name of your hidden files, registry keys, or any directory or drive letter.

It also replaces files in different directories, or replaces existing settings in the registry.

Also, Remediate VBS Worm might erase all files on your USB drives to prevent you from accessing the content of those drives.

Allows you to keep your files even if Windows thinks they have been removed

If a malicious script or component is currently running, Remediate VBS Worm might delete those files so that you have less space to remove the other ones that have been replaced by the malicious one.
However, you do not need to feel worried, because Remediate VBS Worm not only lets you keep your files, but also restores them later, after it has cleaned your USB drives.

Removes dangerous autorun components

Remediate VBS Worm is able to detect and remove autorun components, including some of the most complex ones.
For example, some of the most important ones are: AIPAW, AutorunView, ALLICON, WinRS, or AINok.

This software will scan the entire computer, and if it detects any infections, it will offer you the option to remove them.
Remediate VBS Worm lists every infection it discovers,

What’s New in the Remediate VBS Worm?

Remediate VBS Worm is a handy antivirus-scanner program designed to clean infected computers of malicious scripts, autorun worms and other types of malicious components.

It comes pre-set to clean: the WSH, Windows Scripting Host (VBS and VBScript), Microsoft Office macros (the latter from Excel and Word), Autorun, Live-Excedow and iVimV. The tool is also able to disinfect and disinfect USB drives; restore files that had been hidden from view or disabled by malicious scripts; and is able to do automatic scans of: the computer, C:, D:, E: and M: drives, the desktop, in the Recycle Bin, and any external or portable drive attached to the computer.

Remediate VBS Worm features:

Search, get and delete various threats including: autorun worms, Excedow, Jenxcus, and others,

Choose between offline and online scans to protect against new threats,

Protect your USB drives without having to change the settings manually,

Make a selection between ‘online’ and ‘offline’ runs,

Activate the tool and then perform manual scans to protect against future threats.

The utility’s auto-scan feature may be temporarily disabled due to program limitations if it finds: functions designed to allow the malware to run code or install additional malware on the machine; the use of ‘unclean’ techniques in communication between the malware and the command and control (C2) server; the presence of autorun macros that load additional malware; or data that can indicate how the malware operates.

The offline scans are executed while you are logged off. This option is not enabled by default because malware can get a grasp of the system, preventing the offline scan from completing.

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Due to the licence restrictions, you cannot download or install the trial version.

You can use Remediate VBS Worm on up to 5 computers at the same time.

You can uninstall Remediate VBS Worm and remove its entries in Windows registries after cleaning.

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