The new fantasy action RPG, Tarnished, is currently available in Japan. Lead the Council of Elden of the Lands Between, and become the Elden Lord of the Dukhu Order!

The Lands Between are an ancient magical world divided by the Dukhu Order, where Elves and Humans live. The humans who have lost their memories of the past, and Elves who have become corrupted by dark magic and have lost their way in the world. It is unknown where the Mythos is.

The Legend of the Elden Ring Serial Key is a story of the people of these Lands Between and the power of the Elden Ring Product Key. You can become a Hero of the Elden Ring and develop your own character.

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*Game Content and Features*

■ A Large World, Dynamically Connected

The world of Tarnished is filled with a variety of environments.

As you walk around, you can encounter open fields with a variety of situations, such as town ruins, monster infested areas, and a huge dungeon in the center of the world.

You will start with adventure 1 and will be sent to a large dungeon, which will become your home. Although, the dungeon can be disordered depending on the player’s actions. Even if you enter the dungeon, you can still exit by choosing the “POPUP” option when you want to leave.

Each environment is separated and each room contains a variety of items, including a variety of items that can be used for combat. You will also be able to find a variety of buildings, including towns, castle, houses, and even buildings that are not easily accessible.

You will encounter a variety of monsters and NPCs along your journey.

■ A Variety of Different Modes

The Tarnished world is a world that goes beyond dungeons and towns, so there are also wild areas, beaches, plains, and sea. The world is rich with content.

Wild Areas, Seaside, and the great forest are open areas where you can explore.

Beaches are areas where you can enjoy the scenery or experience a unique battle, and you can also find a variety of magical items.

■ Rich Story and Multiple Characters

The Legend of the Elden Ring is a story of the people of the Lands Between and the power of the Elden Ring.

One day, the world was divided into two by the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique Characters
    Not only a character in a class, but a character with their own specialties.
  • Unconventional RPG Setting
    Variant attack targets, an exceptional story, and four classes, exceeding the conventional limits of RPG games as you go on with your own adventure.
  • Grand Strategic Campaign
    Revise your tactics as you win and lose battles.
  • Enhance Your Skill with a Variety of Skills
    A skill variety with long-term usefulness, as well as an upgrade that enhances the characteristics of your weapons.
  • Skills and Craftsmanship Will be More Valuable in the Future
    Creator wishes to express his gratitude to the players of Cookie Jam 2015 for their great response. To continue to enrich your experience, the remaining features will develop in a more realistic direction.
  • The Official Elden Ring License
    You are not permitted to create an Elden Ring in a data, trading, or updating format other than the official licenser and publisher. This site is created by the developer for players of Elden Ring who participate in the development process. This article is a document of the core features and elements that are currently in development.


    You can pre-register for the beta test from Monday, November 27th (EST) starting from 19:00 ~ 20:00, and even once the beta test completes, it will take a bit of time until the final version is released.


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    #LaGameChatoin’sJune, 2017

    You’re an Elden Lord, a grown-up among younglings.

    As a 21st century man living in the Lands Between, you wake up in a place of great destruction. You walk a path strewn with the remains of the past. Suddenly, a sudden tempest arises. Fortunately, you stumble upon a girl and, along with her, set out for a distant country to escape the chaos.

    Life is full of emotions. Someone’s emotions drip into your soul, which corrodes, and a creeping corruption spreads.

    As your flesh becomes brittle, how will you protect your daughter from the real world?

    Test your mettle in this action RPG.

    #RISEGAMECOIN is a fast-paced action RPG. A new form of RPG that crosses genres.

    ■ Welcome to the World of the Lands Between

    – The Lands Between is the setting of this RPG. In the Lands Between, after the fall of humankind, an elden girl is being chased by a ferocious beasts that were part of the human race. She’s rescued by an Elden Lord, a grown-up among younglings.

    – Explore a vast fantasy world via an open world. A world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    – Create your own character and freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    – An epic drama born from a myth. A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

    – Unique Online Play that loosely connects you to others. In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.

    ■ High-Quality Action and Adventure Gameplay

    In RISEGAMECOIN, action RPG players can enjoy in the


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    To create your own civilization by taking control of your own destiny, battle and fight.
    – Create your own civilization and evolve the world.
    – Continuously improve through training, exploring, and achieving new levels.
    – Your character’s growth and development.
    – Skill development in addition to the battle.
    – Unique asynchronous online play that allows you to have a presence with others.
    – Enjoy live events and receive prizes!
    Key Features
    – Create your own civilization and evolve the world.
    -Feel the emotions of the contemporary era.
    – The Fantasy Action RPG with unprecedented freedom and a vast world.
    – The ultimate gathering of various professions.
    – The new fantasy action RPG with an unprecedented freedom and a vast world.
    – The best action RPG for PC.
    – The ultimate gathering of various professions.
    – The new fantasy action RPG with a vast world.
    – Enjoy live events and receive prizes!


    Dec 5, 2018

    Version 7.3

    For players who purchase the complete version of the game, do not need to purchase each DLC manually.

    In this version, we have added the Saint Chat. You can receive various Saint Chat data by interacting with the custom Saint Chat tile after clearing the map in the DLC Village of the Gods.

    Compatible with: Windows (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1).

    Character Customization

    – Adventurers can choose many parts of their face and figure based on their player class: warrior, wizard, or cleric.

    – Create your own character with many different parts and weapons, and enjoy the world of Elden Ring.

    – Enjoy battles while enjoying the world of the fantasy action RPG.

    – A variety of unique jobs are available.

    – Have fun with the world while becoming a mighty and excellent adventurer.

    – Have fun with the world while becoming a mighty and excellent adventurer.

    – A variety of unique jobs are available.

    – Become the Hero of a Multilayered Story

    – Your character’s growth and development.

    – Enjoy the exciting story that begins in the beginning of the game, and continue the story in the following chapters.In the future, humans will live in hyperspace. They will live in cubes, not in cavernous spaces. They will be confined inside their own apartments, not confined in cages. They will stay in their homes


    What’s new:

    1. Create a Tarnished Character
    2. Call Upon Grace
    3. Travel Beyond the Border to the Lands Between

    In Tarnished, development is now 80% complete, and Itch Entertainment, the company that is developing the game, announces the release of the game on January 29, 2018.

    A brief introduction…

    Tarnished has gone from a fantasy action RPG to an online MMORPG. Rather than taking players to a fantasy world as a prequel to a previous OnLive title, Tarnished is a new title designed from the ground up to be played through a phone. We turned the RPG genre on its ear, and turned it upside down. Let’s get started with Tarnished.

    Elden Ring and the Lands Between are thrown off balance when a young girl begins a quest to find a new Hero who has turned his back on humanity.

    3D Fantasy Action RPG on the Edge of Reality

    A 3D fantasy action RPG where battles become a blur of motion as you control a hero wielding an iconic weapon and perform 3D sword attacks. With a single swipe of the sword, you can chop your opponent into pieces. The graphics are created based on a fundamentally new vision of direction-based movement. You’ll pull off impressive and detailed sword movements such as grabbing an enemy’s weapon and using it to destroy it, or spinning around a sword fight to keep your opponent in sight. Even positioning and timing fights and performing stylish sword attacks will be enhanced.

    Switch your weapon mid-battle to use the superb elements of the dynamic combat system, or use your power with “grace.” When you call upon your own grace, you will find a new dimension to support your actions. Call forth your inner power and instinct to battle with grace. Whereas before you fought by taking out your opponents with strength, you will now be able to add grace to your fight—changing what you’re capable of doing by turning strength into grace!

    A Whole New World

    The game’s world is an expansive open field. You won’t be teleported from a dungeon to a battleground as in other action RPGs


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Broadcast Version:
    Xbox Live Arcade: PEGI 17.
    PlayStation Network: PEGI 17.
    Steam: PEGI 17.
    You can experience DICE’s The Saboteur campaign as singleplayer, co-op, or online. The singleplayer and co-op mode can be played together in local splitscreen or on separate consoles.
    The online mode is for up to four players split into two teams. The player on the PS3 can see the action on the TV and the player on the


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