A fantasy action RPG set in the Lands Between, one of the worlds between the reality of Earth and fantasy worlds. This is a world as unknown as the myths of old. Even the borders of this world are shrouded in darkness. In this realm, the user will find himself surrounded by monsters, swarming with a variety of enemies, and surrounded by big bosses who are just waiting to be attacked. As the user, you will have to not only keep safe, but you will have to safeguard others as well. Is the user something good or evil, a hero or a villain? Which one will you choose?


Has been updating his newly released MMORPG, “Elden Ring” every week since its early access was released. One can also find him on Twitter and Facebook.




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Features Key:

  • Rich in Features thanks to INN Worlds (ex. First person view, Path System, and Provisions)

  • Create and Develop Your Own Character

  • Change Your Character’s Decorations at Any Time

  • Use In-Game Items to Customize Skills/Attributes

  • Travel Beyond Dimensions and Meet Others via the “Cross Dimension”

  • An Ascending Rank System Meets With The Summoning System and Predefined Items in Your Way

  • Immune to Dungeon Abuse – Dodge, Position yourself, and Block

  • Fight Together, Team Up with Friends All Over the World to Form Co-op Teams

  • Impersonate Your Enemy, and even Defeat Gods

  • Meet Other Elden Lords who Defend the Lands Between and Help Build Up Your Trade

  • A Haunting Atmosphere Created by the Designer’s Soul

    Overview of what each expansion pack adds.

    Fantasy Online 2: Developers announcements from the development team.

    Adventurers Pack (2015)

    RPG fans can enjoy the fantasy action RPG of Fantasy Online 2 thanks to the Adventurers Pack. With it you can visit distant worlds and battle your enemies as a leader of your own party. In addition, dungeons will be available in two dimensions rather than three, and you can enjoy nearly fully three-dimensional dungeons even more. Adventurers Pack also includes new elements to strengthen your party and explore the world of Fantasy Online 2.

    Elven Menace Pack (2015)

    The Elven Menace Pack increase your strength and gives you excellent effects. Thanks to this pack, skills like Gunnery, Submission and Fire will increase your damage. Finally, an Arch Knight’s Pack will give you new abilities and increase your movement rates. While this pack is available for other packs, the Arch Knight’s Pack will only be available for the Elven Menace Pack. Enjoy!

    Aegis Pack (2015)

    The Aegis Pack increases your ability and gives you new special attacks to energize your fighting skills! There are three new attack


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    RPG fans of late have been waiting for a really interesting action RPG. And nothing is more interesting than a fantasy action RPG in which your job is to take the lead of a group of companions. Because after all, they are the only ones you can rely on. Right? In addition, it’s a fact that RPGs are always tied to legends that bind the souls of the entire world with stories that everybody knows. And even if we try to start telling new stories, it is always assumed that the final stories will lead to the end. And not everyone can say to tell a story that ends at the beginning. If we start talking about the games of the last generation, we can talk about Guild Wars 2 and League of Legends, two exceptional games that definitely keep the same magic. At some point, the game is not enough to tell the fantastic. And if we want to tell about a game with a very different concept, we have some good examples.

    El Dorado, they called him (El Dorado, you will find interesting, I assure you.). One day, the people of the island were stuck in a terrible situation: a tremor shook the island, and a young man who appeared in the sky was able to save the island. But a strange magic befell the young man in his return. And when he returned to the mainland, the people were astonished. When they thought about it, the young man was a strange creature. He possessed extraordinary strength, but also strange magical powers. Nobody knew what he was capable of. Thus, the young man was respected as a hero, and he was chosen to lead the people against the invaders of his homeland. And after many years of war and conflict, the young man disappeared. His legend is bound with the myth of the Elden Ring. Because the Elden is a powerful ring that grants the strongest party members with extremely powerful strengths to be his or her companions. And if you find the Elden Ring, it will also offer you stronger magical abilities. It is part of the history of the island, and one day, the people of the island were willing to reveal the Elden Ring in a quest to go search for it. And here is where the adventure begins. This is a fact that Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG of Gameforge, because although the action genre is an RPG with a passionate story and unique gameplay, this is also the reason the game has a huge scope. For this purpose, the gameplay of the game is characterized by


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    • Character Development
    – Vast World, Open Fields, and Dungeons
    – Character Equipment: Weapons, Armor, and Magic
    – Leveling up and Skill Point Increase
    – Experience Points and Skill Level Increase

    Vast World:

    • Explorable Field and Dungeon
    – Explore Open Fields and Huge Dungeons

    Character Equipment:

    • Weapons, Armor, and Magic
    – Great Variety and Great Diversity

    Equipment System:

    • Describe the Role of each Equipment
    – Weapon: Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Resistance
    – Armor: Physical, Magic, and Resistance
    – Magic: Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and Special Magic

    Game Features

    1. The World of the Elden Ring

    In the Lands Between, the Elden Ring, the strongest and most powerful world in the Multiverse, is in a state of prolonged decline. The lives of over half of its inhabitants have been left to struggle along and for the time being, the world is governed by a prince named “Rise” who wields great power in his own hands. The few members of the Elden Ring that are still alive desire for this world to regain its former glory, and thus, they’ve been gathering their strength to save this world by combating against other worlds.

    Rise has received the help of a group of champions, and they are united in order to save the world. Rise will be your opponent in combat. Unlike other games that have you fight against the computer, your opponent will be other human players, allowing you to be able to understand each other’s dialogue and mind.

    You’ll be able to enjoy an exciting story and enjoy a wide variety of actions.

    2. Multiplayer and Online Games

    In addition to your single-player story, you can enjoy epic battles with other people in multiplayer.
    The online game allows you to enjoy a wide variety of actions, in which you and your friends can fight against other players in a variety of ways, such as Death Match and Team Match. The number of players can be freely set, and you can connect using a free
    matchmaking service or directly connect with your friends.

    If you are part of an existing guild, you can enjoy guild exploits together with your friends in a multi-player setting.

    Take part in a variety of content in the online system that will supplement the story in the world of the Elden Ring, as well as be a


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Try the official online dungeons!
    Try the official dungeons following after the initial launch, and take on the monsters of the labyrinth.
    "The iron spider"​, "The white guardian"​, "The black emperor"​, "The flying tentacle"​, "The magic beast"​, "The potent demon king"​, "The stone fong monster"​​

    Highlights of the Initial Launch

    "The iron spider" (5E-B)​

    • "The iron spider" (5E-B) is an official dungeon. If you defeat the dungeon’s boss, you can obtain a Boss Token (Elden Lord) as a reward.
    • "The iron spider" (5E-B) is an official world.

    "The white guardian" (5E-A)​

    • "The white guardian" (5E-A) is an official dungeon. If you defeat the dungeon’s boss, you can obtain a Boss Token (Elden Lord) as a reward.
    • "The white guardian" (5E-A) is an official world.

    "The black emperor" (5E-B)​

    • &quot


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    System Requirements:

    * OS:Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    * Processor: Intel 1.8 GHz or higher
    * Memory: 1 GB RAM
    * Graphics: Nvidia or AMD 4x AGP card
    * Hard Drive Space: 2 GB
    * Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card
    * Keyboard: USB compatible keyboard
    * Mouse: USB compatible mouse
    * DirectX: D3DX9 or D3DX9_1
    * Facebook Game Compatibility: Facebook Connect is required