A party without music is a party not worth throwing. What's more, sooner or later during one, you might want to sing, and what better way to do so than with karaoke applications. This is where Sing-Magic Karaoke Player comes in handy, giving you the opportunity to have the time of your life and unleash your inner rockstar.
Full-screen, colorful interface
The application wraps its features in a visually appealing interface that by default covers your whole screen. This comes in handy as it can stretch on large monitors and truly enhance the karaoke experience. You can also switch to a windowed mode, with sadly no option to toggle an external one to act as a display while the main window to be used as a control panel and playlist manager.
Quick and easy playlist setup
At its core, the application is pretty straightforward, with most effort on your behalf being to keep up with the song, on the technical side, a few clicks being enough to select the song and make it play. However, there are various customization options available to make the whole experience suit the party theme, as well as the song genre.
Large palette of customization options
In terms of functionality, you can quickly bring up the Windows microphone configuration screen by pressing a dedicated button, adjust song volume, speed, as well as pitch. On the other hand, the background and text can fully suffer from your wild ideas.
A large variety of video files can be loaded to loop play in the background for visual support, or choose from several included preset animations. The font is fully customizable as well, with the possibility to set size, color and type, and even the “bouncing ball”.
A few last words
All things considered, Sing-Magic Karaoke Player is one of the main ingredients you might want to add so that your party is a success. It's easy enough to use and the abundance of customization options make sure it perfectly blends in with any theme or genre. What better way to be sure of its powers than taking it out for a spin?







Sing-Magic Karaoke Player Incl Product Key Free Download [Mac/Win]

Karaoke, the popular party game for Windows, is now free for everyone to enjoy the fun on their TV screen. So grab your microphone and see if you have what it takes to play by the rules and win.

Manage your own personalized karaoke game!

Use your voice and play the game with your friends!

Featuring music search, duration control, and the ability to sing in your own voice, your karaoke game has never been easier!

No downloads or ads

Windows Media Player is NOT required for this game

What’s New

This version contains some minor improvements and new features


– Windows Media Player is required for playing


– fix for opening “aapt.exe”


– fix for corrupt files


– fix for corrupted files


– Worked on version 10.0

Version 1.0.2

– Fix for international characters


– Fix for dupe songs


– Fix for songs over 500 kb

Get Karaoke Music & Sing in Win.

You need a microphone to sing Karaoke! You can’t just shout into your TV when you watch TV.

The best way to enjoy Karaoke at home or on the go is with Sing-Magic Karaoke Player. The unique Karaoke game that lets you manage your own personal karaoke game.

Play the game and sing together with your friends.

You don’t need a computer, tablet or smart phone to sing along with this Windows 7 application. Bring your own microphone or use the built-in microphone in your TV set.

With Karaoke Music search, volume control, and the ability to sing in your own voice, this is the easiest way to become a karaoke star.

100% FREE!

There’s no download needed.
No Ads.
This is a fully-functional Karaoke game, playable from the web.

Enjoy the exclusive Windows Karaoke Music
There’s a great selection of music available for your sing.
From standard songs to jazz to karaoke music and more!

Experience instant karaoke!
Use the built-in microphone in your TV set or connect a microphone to any

Sing-Magic Karaoke Player Serial Key (2022)

Sing-Magic Karaoke Player is a karaoke player. It plays all multimedia files in wav format with the possibility to set the audio decoding settings for a separate voice track. It can also play all multimedia files in mp3 format with the possibility to set the audio decoding settings for a separate voice track.
It comes with the following features:
automatically launches with all multimedia files in wav and mp3 format
support to copy the audio settings of the main window to the active media player window
support to copy the main window audio settings to all other multimedia files in the wav and mp3 format
support to copy the multimedia file attributes to all other multimedia files in the wav and mp3 format
support to set the window position
list of Windows multimedia file formats supported by the application
list of audio settings supported by the application
support to copy the window height and width
support to copy the window position
list of custom sizes
control panel interface
volume control with a dedicated radio button and graphic slider
audio volume with a dedicated slider
enabled or disabled status of the main window with a dedicated checkbox
enabled or disabled status of the main window
enabled or disabled status of the audio track with a dedicated checkbox
enabled or disabled status of the audio track
Enabled or disabled status of the main window
enabled or disabled status of the audio track
enabled or disabled status of the main window
enabled or disabled status of the main window
All supported media formats
Windows-compatible wav and mp3 formats
Windows compatible wav and mp3 formats with built-in voice codec support (Speex, SVC, SpeexG2/E and SpeexG2Plus/E)
Windows compatible wav and mp3 formats with built-in voice codec support (Speex, SVC, SpeexG2/E and SpeexG2Plus/E) with A-Law, MuLaw, Alaw, DTS and XMA recorders
WAV + SpeexG2
Mp3 + SpeexG2
WAV + SpeexG2 + SpeexG2Plus/E
Mp3 + SpeexG2 + SpeexG2Plus/E
WAV + SpeexG2 + SpeexG2Plus/E + SpeexG2/E
Mp3 + SpeexG2 + SpeexG2Plus/E + SpeexG2

Sing-Magic Karaoke Player

Sing-Magic Karaoke Player brings you a unique way to karaoke with your friends, family and even the parties. Its interface is full of fine details, adjustable with various options, and brilliantly designed so as not to get in your way. Several themed events are available, and of course you can find your own party event too. Sing-Magic Karaoke Player has great quality of its own, as it was produced in Germany. Download Sing-Magic Karaoke Player Free and have yourself a karaoke party today!
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Sing-Magic Karaoke Player lets you sing and dance to karaoke music and MIDI files and it has a great variety of options for your personal music. You can even mix music from multiple MIDI files. Download and use the free trial version now!
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In this video we show how to set up a karaoke machine using external audio playback and hardware mixing boards, including our DragonFly v1.0.8 demo version.
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This video shows you

What’s New in the?

Quick and easy playlist setup;
Large palette of customization options;
Screen in full-screen mode, no matter the size of your screen;
Option to display an external video for background support;
Option to display an external video to display lyrics in full-screen mode.

Let’s Dance is the free, open-source software package that enables you to track your kids’ dancing skills with ease. Without needing to use any expensive, proprietary hardware, you can find out how far a child has come in terms of developing his/her individual style of movement, whether he/she is really enjoying it or not, and how they compare to other children their age. In addition, it can be used as a tool to help teach children the art of expression and creativity in dance.
The software and accompanying free app are available for download from
Known as Let’s Dance Freeware, the software may be of use to parents or dance teachers, and enables schools, camps, pre-schools and after-school clubs to share their skills and entertain each other. A vast amount of dance genres can be played out thanks to the application’s extensive variety of dance notation and jukebox. The intuitive interface enables the user to enjoy the latest dance rhythm, without requiring any technical knowledge or equipment.
Apart from the various tracks, audio clips and effects that are available, the software also supports a virtual real-time music player, that can be accessed from any dance floor. Apart from the various genre selections, Let’s Dance contains a Song Director, containing a memory of the different real-time possibilities, so that the user can select them again as and when the mood strikes. The Song Director can also be navigated to any pre-set moment in the song. To make this as simple as possible for new users, the application is also available as an app for portable devices.
Let’s Dance is available for the iPad/iPhone and Android devices, and is available as a free application as part of the Let’s Dance Music Player app.

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Pentagrams X Window System Utility provides a convenient graphical interface to configure Window preferences to make your computer more user


System Requirements For Sing-Magic Karaoke Player:

OS: Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz, 4GB RAM
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 or ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 512MB video RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 15GB available space on hard drive
DirectX: 9.0c
Additional Notes: Game will not run in 32-bit mode and requires a 64-bit operating system
OS: Windows 7 (64-