If you like spending time online, you are probably familiar with the term "web browser" and understand how important this tool is in helping you access your desired pages.
Although there is a huge collection of such tools available, some of them provide you with auxiliary functions that can help you have a more pleasant experience navigating on the Internet. One of these applications is UR Browser.
Comprehensive, customizable layout
This program comes with a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that can be customized in many ways, as it features built-in support for themes and offers you a wide collection.
Since this application is based on Chromium, its interface is quite similar. Therefore, users that have previously handled Chromium should have no difficulty understanding and operating this program's functions with minimum efforts.
Added functions
Aside from its standard web browsing capabilities, UR Browser also packs a handful of auxiliary features that can help you browse the Internet and enjoy online content in a more efficient manner.
For instance, it comes with a built-in downloader tool that identifies multimedia content on the page you are browsing and lets you download it to your computer so that you can enjoy it while offline, as well. Additionally, it provides you with a media center that enables you to organize the downloaded content by creating playlists and managing them according to your needs. Among the downloadable objects you can find images, videos, music files and other documents.
Furthermore, it also provides you with a collection of online games that are sorted by their category. Accessing them can be done by clicking the gamepad-shaped button on the top toolbar.
Various customizations
You can modify many of this application's components to adjust it better to your needs. Asides from visual customizations that you can perform by simply choosing another browser theme from the dedicated gallery, you can perform several other ones.
For instance, it is possible to choose your default search engine, set a custom wallpaper toggle music, video or image downloading and synchronize the target folder, enable or disable a virus scan and a booster and also toggle the visibility of the Media Gallery, Games and Customization components on the top toolbar.
Handy web browser that packs a set of auxiliary features
All things considered, UR Browser is a reliable web browser that comes with various extra features aside from its standard browsing capabilities. It features a comprehensive, customizable user interface and packs numerous intuitive functions, making it possible for many users to benefit from its capabilities without significant efforts.


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Download ===> DOWNLOAD






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* Features a wide collection of web browser themes
* Can be customized in several ways by adjusting its components
* Includes a built-in downloader tool that enables users to download multimedia content from the web
* Provides a media center that allows users to manage their downloaded multimedia files
* Features a collection of online games that can be selected from the dedicated collection menu
* Allows users to set a custom wallpaper toggle
* Provides a built-in virus scanner that enables users to scan the downloaded files for potential threats
* Features a booster
* Allows users to opt for any of the following search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, DDG, Yandex, Taobao or Steam
* Enables users to toggle the visibility of the Media Gallery, Games and Customization components
* Includes a web plugin manager that enables users to install web plugins from the built-in collection of this application
* Offers a comprehensive, user-friendly interface that can be customized in several ways
* Includes a built-in downloader tool
* Provides a built-in media organizer that enables users to manage their downloaded multimedia files
* Provides a collection of online games that can be selected from the dedicated collection menu
* Offers a built-in virus scanner
* Provides an optimized interface for the gamepad
* Enables users to toggle the visibility of the Media Gallery, Games and Customization components
* Includes a customizable toolbar
* Features a customizable folder chooser
* Provides a customization feature that enables users to rename application shortcuts
* Provides tabbed browsing
* Offers a set of realistic web browser themes
* Allows users to select the default search engine
* Offers a gaming component
* Comes with a built-in bookmarks manager
* Features a complete collection of web browser extensions
* Offers a bookmark manager
* Offers an archive component that enables users to search for specific files or folders


Reviewer: Elliot Keller

Review Date: March 31, 2012

Would Recommend

I’ve had many different firefox, chrome, and safari browsers over the years and they all have certain pros and cons. UR Browser is definitely a great browser. It’s light and fast and comes with some really useful features. One that I found very useful is that it allows you to create bookmarks. This was a huge time saver. Because UR Browser can be configured you can change the color scheme, the font size, the sort order, etc. I love that

UR Browser With Serial Key

UR Browser is an integrated web browser for Windows PC that provides you with tons of features, including built-in toolbars, extensions, RSS feeds and many more.
UR Browser Features:
As the name implies, this is a universal web browser that is meant to be used on any operating system on a computer. It comes with an intuitive user interface, a comprehensive feature set and a variety of customization options.
Here is the list of UR Browser review:
Ø Built-in windows 7 Theme: A built-in theme can enhance the visual appearance of UR Browser while browsing the Internet.
Ø Photo Viewer: Photo Viewer will allow you to display a photo in the screen, resize it and also add various effects to it.
Ø ARP File Viewer: ARP File Viewer will allow you to check and download ARP files. ARP files are used to transfer files between computers with Windows.
Ø Online Music Playlist: Online Music Playlist will allow you to create playlists that consist of music files.
Ø RSS Feed Reader: RSS Feed Reader will allow you to read RSS feeds.
Ø Online Games: Online Games will allow you to play online games with other people.
Ø Bookmarks Manager: Bookmarks Manager will allow you to organize and manage your bookmarks easily.
Ø Search Engine: Search Engine will allow you to type in queries and narrow the search results to a particular domain.
Ø History: History will allow you to store and display web pages visited and even the URLs.
Ø Customizable Toolbar: Customizable Toolbar will let you add or remove the page and search toolbars with ease.
Ø Network Tools: Network Tools will allow you to manage the open network connections and change their settings.
Ø Media Manager: Media Manager will allow you to play the downloaded movies, images and audios.
Ø Download Manager: Download Manager will allow you to synchronize the data between your computer and Internet servers.
Ø Anti-Virus Scanner: Anti-Virus Scanner will allow you to scan your computer for viruses and unwanted files.
Ø Accelerators: Accelerators will allow you to run various programs without opening each of them from scratch.
Ø Start Menu Shortcut: Start Menu Shortcut will allow you to add shortcut links to the desktop.
Ø Command Prompt: Command Prompt will allow you to gain more command line access and run applications and commands in

UR Browser Crack+ Free Download For PC

UR Browser enables you to navigate the Web and enjoy the online content with a smart, clean and well-organized interface. This feature-rich and light-weight tool is packed with a wide range of useful functions and packed with plenty of features that makes surfing the web easier and more enjoyable.
Moreover, it is compatible with Linux and Windows systems. This tool is one of the best lightweight web browsers for Android in 2019.
Make sure to check out this web browser too if you want to search for the best browser on your Android device.
Key features:
• Massive collection of third-party themes
• Download media files
• Compatible with Linux and Windows systems
UR Browser features a vast number of useful functions which makes it one of the best Android browsers. This feature-rich tool has evolved significantly in the past few years and has taken on the web browsing world.
A huge range of useful functions make it possible for people to browse without any issues. Use this tool and explore the Internet in no time. You will love it.
Key features:
1. Application size is 1.9 MB
2. Number of installed apps: 13
3. Contains 16 themes
4. 15 languages
5. There are no ads
6. User rating: 8.5
7. Direct download link to APK
8. Support community
Free to download
UR Browser is a handy browser which can be used to view web pages, access your favorite websites and download the media files. This tool is packed with a vast number of useful functions which makes it one of the best Android browsers.
This feature-rich tool has evolved significantly in the past few years and has taken on the web browsing world.
Key features:
1. Lightweight browser
2. Compatible with both Linux and Windows systems
3. Huge collection of third-party themes
4. Support YouTube and Gmail
5. Share the links to other apps
6. Loads of useful features
This lightweight web browser tool comes with a new and improved interface which makes it more user-friendly.
Play music by scrolling down the page and watch YouTube videos by swiping down from the top. You can easily share all of your favorite online content via social media. This tool is one of the best lightweight web browsers for Android in 2019.
Key features:
1. Application size is 1.9 MB
2. Number of installed apps: 13
3. Contains 16 themes
4. 15 languages

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The UR Browser (Universal Ripper Browser) allows you to enjoy web content from all over the web, and stream video or audio without problems. It is equipped with a very high level of security and privacy, and its official website, www.ub-web.org contains all your requirements.
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit versions only)
Processor: Intel Core i3-500 (min. 1.7 GHz / 2.5 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Hard Disk: 8 GB free space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Additional Notes:

While it is not required, we recommend you use a wired internet connection.
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