Elder Scrolls Legends is a free-to-play digital collectible card game that allows players to build a collection of cards featuring some of the most beloved fantasy characters and environments in Tamriel, the world of The Elder Scrolls.

The game features characters from the main The Elder Scrolls games – Skyrim, Morrowind, Daggerfall, and Oblivion – as well as characters from the ESO: Skyrim and ESO: Mournhold expansions.

Each set of characters is available to download individually at no additional cost, with more characters planned for release in the near future.

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ABOUT Elden Ring Free Download ONLINE:

Elder Scrolls Legends Online is a digital TCG, first made available for PC and mobile platforms in October 2016.

Players can use their mobile device or computer to play the free online card game with friends on a completely new platform, while earning permanent virtual currency called Gold as they play, and acquiring powerful cards through match wins and pack openings.


Founded in 2006, Overhill is a Japanese game developer based in Tokyo, Japan. We build strategic card games for Japanese and international markets. Our first product “Overhill Online” was a social card game for the PC developed by KOG and DreamCATCH.

Overhill Online was released in Japan on April 14, 2017 and the company launched the initial public offering (IPO) in July of the same year.

Overhill develops new product ideas through our partnerships with renowned game companies across the world including Disney, Square Enix, and Taito Corporation.

Overhill is always in search of new partnerships with these and other game publishers to expand our business.


Stunter is a developer and publisher of PC games. We developed and published Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a Historical RPG; Phantom Doctrine, a Tactical RPG; and The Surge, a AAA Shooter.

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Features Key:

  • A Story Rich with Depth (RPG)
  • An Epic Adventure and Strategic Action Game
  • Campaign Driven Online Action Game
  • System Requirements:


    Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


    256 MB or more


    1024 x 600 or higher


    Hardware rendering hardware


    Multi-core PC / notebook



    Software rendering:

    DirectX 9

    Hard disk:

    Single player < 20GB, Online multiplayer < 20GB



    Kitsu Namoto has a beautiful voice, and is a very kind woman. While singing, she often reminisces about her happy memories. It was the softly spoken voice of this young girl that first attracted me to her.

    Additionally, Takumi is an older, hardworking man. He is the leader of a traveling-performance troupe who have given up on their life of travel for some time now.

    We lived very freely with our hearts and minds, as young people. We traveled to every corner of this wide world, forming a single, amazing group.

    In the late summer of 2005, we learned that one of our own, Kitsu, was soon to be married. We were no longer going to the same places, separate by family and town. Although we still had our own, unique friendships, the journey to a new life would soon change our lives. I don’t know how our hearts felt. Perhaps we were simply prepared.

    In any case, we decided to carry on with our life as before. Working with a smile and working hard at our


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    “As usual, we’re pleasantly surprised at the responsive controls that let you move the characters quickly and easily, and the simplified combat set-up which offers a new experience without the burden of lengthy menu navigation. The game’s presentation is excellent and the fantastic artwork cannot be overlooked. ” [Brain Gaming]

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    “I received my boxed copy of Elden Ring last week and was immediately impressed with the minimalistic design, the compelling character development, and the vivid artwork. The simple, yet challenging, enemy encounters make things even more interesting, making this a game that not only stands out in comparison to the other fantasy action RPGs, but also one that should be enjoyed by all RPG fans.” [Official Humble Thread]

    “Elden Ring is a new title for us at Humble Bundle and unfortunately I did not see its direct predecessor here (E.R.U.R), which was very very very good and redone for the PC a few years ago. It is a sequel and a spiritual successor, but better than the old one it can take itself seriously, in this direction it has succeeded very well. ” [RPGWatch]

    “Elden Ring is a charming action RPG featuring an interesting exploration mechanic and a surprisingly good combat system (with an emphasis on melee encounters), all set in a fantastical world full of adventure and lore… The gameplay might be best described as D&D meets roguelike, only with fewer limits and more options.” [RPGOnRPG]

    “Admittedly I have not played much, but the game shows a lot of potential. Having just played a few hours in the demo build I was impressed by the game. The controls are intuitive and easy to use with only one button to switch between characters and one button to switch between abilities. Combat is simple enough to be familiar, but the game can be challenging. Elden Ring has a lot of content, even in the demo, and it looks like it’s well worth the effort to play through the full story.” [Official Facebook Page]

    “The combat system offers a simple but effective array of attacks and weapon choices. Its depth is limited, however, such that it feels very much like a glorified Wizardry or Ultima 5. But it’s an engaging, rewarding game, and we


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    SLOGANS (Race, Name, Title, Class, Skill, Special Ability)
    Core of Tactics (Race, Name, Title, Class, Skill, Special Ability)

    Race Class Skill name Age Speech Class (Race, Name, Title, Class) Edge of Glory (Race, Name, Title, Class, Skill) TAURA (Cherub, Lillian, Spirit) Rise ─ Tarnished ─ Courage ─ Tree-Lord (Holy Maiden, Elf, Sword, God Almighty) Age (years) Speech (man/woman, your name, your name, your name) (Male/Female, your name, your name, your name) Edge of Glory (race, name, title, class, skill, special ability) Maple Hell (Cherub, Lillian, Holy Maiden, Elf) Rise ─ Tarnished ─ Courage ─ Tree-Lord (Holy Maiden, Elf, Sword, God Almighty) Age (years) Speech (man/woman, your name, your name, your name) (Male/Female, your name, your name, your name) TAURA (Cherub, Lillian, Spirit) Rise ─ Tarnished ─ Courage ─ Tree-Lord (Holy Maiden, Elf, Sword, God Almighty) Age (years) Speech (man/woman, your name, your name, your name) (Male/Female, your name, your name, your name)

    ARMOR (Class, Class Item, Armor, Armor Item, Helmet, Shield, Cloak)
    Light (class, class item, armor, armor item, helmet, shield, cloak) Rise ─ Tarnished ─ Courage ─ Tree-Lord (Holy Maiden, Elf, Sword, God Almighty) Age (years) Speech (man/woman, your name, your name, your name) (Male/Female, your name, your name, your name) TAURA (Cherub, Lillian, Spirit) Rise ─ Tarnished ─ Courage ─ Tree-Lord (Holy Maiden, Elf, Sword, God Almighty) Age (years) Speech (man/woman, your name, your name, your name) (Male/Female, your name, your name, your name)

    MOVEMENT (walking, run, walk, dash, slide)
    TCA (Taara, Cherub, Lillian, Spirit)

    -movement(walking, run, walk,


    What’s new:

    English by Valentino
    RomanianPublication place 2015
    Circumscribe vision in limited space. The purpose of this post is to help and find out, too as I read some books and reviews. Books that were given me by relatives and friends.
    I called it “review reading.” I check each Review for current events and the latest information about the New Fantastical Action RPG: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    I also read the manual because it contains much useful information and tips to improve the game experience!
    What I like more than other games and its unique elements is the story and development of the characters. The images, captions and illustrations are also very good and attract the story with a thousand colors of vivid, high quality artwork.
    The book is well prepared and had in mind, to be a guide and a Useful, besides the review of important books and a good friend. Also, included game disks, character sheets, stickers.
    There’s a vast world full of adventure in the Lands Between. The world of the Elden Ring encompasses a large geographical area and features a world of fantasy and magic. The hero rises in this marvelous world with the Elden Grandor.
    The game provides the ability to customize the appearance of your character, combine weapons, and develop your own way of leveling. The purpose of leveling is for finding ways to satisfy the character and go to the limit!
    The main story is about the Corrupt Grandor, who was a powerful enemy in the past and created weapons with black magic. He is trying to take over the Heroite and fill the abyssal space between the worlds.
    When you become the Grandor, you are already facing challenges from the past and present that certainly make powerful enemies.
    You meet many characters in the world, including Calamity, the hero in a world short on people capable of becoming heroes. This hero has a very dark past and lacks the dexterity and brains; yet, he is above the rest since they choose a heavy and the safest way. A voice deep inside his head awakens within their troubled soul.
    It is an exceptional luck to meet a character so amazing and strange, totally new game.
    Because there is no way to find the heroite


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    Epic Fantasy Role Playing Game Online.
    A Multifunctional Mobile Game Created by Gametec Limited.
    A Two-part Role Playing Game that is complemented by Online Multiplayer.
    Which is Designed as a Fantasy Action RPG, Use it to Explore the Lands Between While Forming You’re Own Community.
    Become one of the Heroes of the Elden Ring and Fight Together to Overcome the Dragon Knight, Defeat the Dragon Lord, and Protect your Own Home.
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    • Popular Action RPG Gameplays
    Ever thought that you want to play an RPG game at last? We’ve finally done that.
    As the title, ELDEN RING is an action RPG game made by CODEX.
    In an action game where the player controls the hero using the touchscreen, you have an over-the-shoulder view.
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    You can perform a variety of evasive maneuvers and can quickly switch to defensive mode.
    You can attack while moving, which makes the gameplay speedier and brings a more realistic sensation.
    The world of the game is divided into a small and vast map, which you can freely navigate.
    A village, town and town are available, where you can interact with the people.
    You can find necessary items such as food, drinks, and tools at the village.
    You can even get cooperation with a few friends in the party.
    • Dynamic Action Gameplay
    The player has to defeat the enemies to progress in the game.
    You can attack while moving, which makes the gameplay speedier and brings a more realistic sensation.
    You can also attack the enemies while viewing the action from above. And you


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    Download + Features:

    Elden Ring PvpGame.ps1

    It is a gaming application. If you never played it please make sure to be 24h (5 a.m.) before attempting to play. MMM Disclaimer:

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    System Requirements:

    Rise of Empire is compatible with Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and Windows 10
    The minimum recommended system requirements are:
    * OS: Windows XP SP3
    * CPU: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    * RAM: 1 GB
    * Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    * HDD: 10 GB
    If you experience slowdowns while playing in compatibility mode, this may be due to low system resources.
    The Empire Engine includes support for Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7,


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