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Harrowed by mysterious forces, join the battle as you follow a direct line of descent from the royal family of Cenarius. A new age has dawned in the Lands Between, and new hope waits for you. The powers of the ancient demons have been released, corrupting the world. In order to resolve this crisis, a new hero is required. Rise and fight to become an Elden Lord.

– How to Play

Rise in a classical fantasy action RPG with a twist. You enter the game by entering a resting state, and begin a new life as a random party member. What you can do in this state is:

• Collect items and improve your stats
• Equip items and use them in battle
• Help other party members by sending them items
• Gather assistance from people who are connected to you

In battle, you must kill enemies to enhance your stats and gain experience. Also, you can use the skills of party members and the items you equip in battle to fight. When you use skills, other party members will play as allies and help you. When you make use of the items you have acquired, the enemies will also be weakened. In this way, you can overcome the challenges that you may meet during your journey.

Combatant AI is very sophisticated. We have implemented an action-based, passive-aggressive AI that calculates and predicts your next action, depending on the current situation. We have also implemented a passive action-based AI so that we can make sure that the story is moving ahead. In battle, the game will also automatically connect you to another player so that you can fight together.

– Key Features

“Cast your fate, a new age is upon us”

Rise and follow the direct line of descent from the royal family of Cenarius and find the ingredients for the new world, a land of hope and freedom. In order to find these ingredients, you have to survive in this new world, fight monsters, and seek out people who might help you.

A new era is dawning in the Lands Between. The old order has fallen, and a new story is about to begin. The elemental powers of the demons have been unleashed. An epic story unfolds in this great world.

■ How to Play

– Overview

You start a new life as a random party member in a classical fantasy action RPG with a twist. You’re caught up in an


Features Key:

  • A Story Rich in Multiple Dimensions
    Never before has the Elden Ring been reproduced in this way, bringing the reader an experience that is truly compelling and exciting.
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    Adventure through three different scenarios that are so spectacularly designed that you will find yourself completely immersed in the adventure, and the expedition, long after you’ve finished playing. Explore the various fascinating areas and monsters and overcome all the challenges that await you. By the end of this game, you will feel you have completely explored the world.
  • Create Your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic. Feel free to develop the adventurer who will aid you throughout this epic story!
  • A New Fantasy Action RPG

    Promo image: gameplay
    ~ An Adventure Created to Bring an Epic Drama That Loosely Connects You to the Reader! ~

    All around you is a vast world full of adventures. This world, which the story takes place in, is made up of vast plains dotted with vast dungeons. Suddenly, the growth of civilization has altered the landscape, and humans live in the midst of this. The savages, and the barbarians who stand in open rebellion alongside them, live amidst this world. By ‘savages’ and ‘barbarians,’ the author of this story is using a wide variety of concepts that are colloquially used to mean any people who don’t live in ‘civilized’ countries. The land, which is painted upon by the impending war, is a land on the verge of collapse and chaos. A fantasy action RPG born from a myth. Actually, the story of ‘the land on the verge of collapse’ is a myth of utmost magnificence, where untold fear and despair live with the races that once lived in the life of this land, continue to stand their ground now, and struggle for their own


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    “Beautiful and exciting game with a great plot” [XCESS.JP]

    “Notification sounds are also good, and the skill you can learn from the quests is a lot. ” [FantasyArc]

    “A pure RPG that won’t let you down. ” []

    “A lot of items to collect, and the quests are various. ” [RollingThunder]

    “A lot of action with an intriguing story. ” [BNE]

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    Elden Ring Activation Code is a fantasy action RPG by Klon has released in Japan.

    “Elden Ring” is developed by Hitmaker Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Square Enix, in collaboration with Klon.

    The game revolves around the story of Tarnished, a human who was exiled to the Netherworld. He arrives in the eerie, gothic world of the Lands Between.

    The protagonist uses Tarnished’s spear to end the apathy that has taken over the world since the rise of powerful monsters. As a result, he becomes an independent man.

    Over time, he rises from an ordinary man to Elden Lord, one of the powerful people of the Lands Between.

    Tarnished is joined by a number of other characters as he progresses in his quest.

    The world of Elden Ring is vast. It features an open field for exploring, an enormous dungeon full of new challenges, and other areas where events occur.

    The story is presented in a manner where Tarnished and the others are directly involved. In addition to the world, the game focuses on the story line and character development.

    You will be entrusted with a variety of tasks, such as dealing with monsters, making your own decisions, and developing your character.

    Tarnished’s journey

    Tarnished doesn’t just participate in various events. He is directly involved in the actions of the entire world.

    The main story revolves around events that occur in the Lands Between where he becomes an Elden Lord.

    This story is presented in different ways, such as in fragments where you see the thoughts of the characters unfold through large amounts of text.

    The game is set in an open world where you can freely move around


    Elden Ring Free

    Field Character



    • Stand up on two legs

    • Use a sword

    • Come into battle on horseback

    • Move around freely in the battle field

    • Activate the Action Skill, Awakening Strike


    Deep Strike


    The sudden strike of your sword. Enemies are knocked down and cannot move.


    – Movement speed increases by 30% for a certain period of time.

    – Cooldown decreases by 10%.


    – 55 Gold

    – 3 Magic Stones


    Seen Weapon


    – 2nd skill of Awakening Strike

    Battling Character



    • Stand up on two legs

    • Use a bow

    • Come into battle on horseback

    • Move around freely in the battle field

    • Activate the Action Skill, Vanishing Arrow


    Vanishing attack


    A powerful arrow aimed at an enemy.


    – Cooldown decreases by 4 for 1 turn.

    – Cooldown decreases by 10 for 2 turns.


    – 20 Gold

    – 2 Magic Stones


    Hollow Arrows


    – 1st skill of Vanishing Arrow





    A skill that slightly restores HP.


    – HP increases by 10 for 1 turn.


    – 60 Gold

    – 5 Magic Stones

    Restore Skill

    Seen Weapon


    – 2nd skill of Healing Service

    Hold Breath


    A skill that allows you to use an arrow while holding your breath.


    – All your arrows will not be released if you are hit while holding your breath. However, if you hold your breath for the last two turns of the skill, arrows are released.

    – Cannot be used during the battle.


    – 80 Gold

    – 8 Magic Stones

    Untouchable skill


    A skill that allows


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