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A major role-playing game for the 15- to 25-year-old

The Elden Ring is developed by Q Games, Inc., the developer of

the Dark Souls series and YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World. It is

expected to be released on PC worldwide on July 14, 2014, and on

PlayStation 4 worldwide on February 11, 2015.


The Elden Ring game has 6 functions, and is comprised of the


※A simple, intuitive battle system

※Climbing and magic-use functions

※Ride your partner in battle

※An exciting world full of surprises

※The game’s story is based on the novel by Kobo Abe

※A deeper RPG experience

*3rd-party Plug-ins available at

On the day when the game is released, those who preorder

through the PlayStation Store will receive a free title for the

PC (PS3 version) included with the game.

The magic function allows you to enhance the strength and

effects of magic, while the climbing function lets you travel

up and climb to a higher level. The game’s graphics, however, are

not significantly improved, and players who are seeking the

glory of the digital world of Elden Ring will appreciate this game.


Game Features

The Elden Ring is the fantasy action role-playing game

projected for an early 2015 release. The game, developed by Q

Games, Inc., the developer of the Dark Souls series and the

remake of the Yu-No series, is coming to PlayStation 4 worldwide

in February 2015, and to PC (PS3 version included) worldwide on

July 14, 2014.


The world on the verge of destruction, on which you, a

third-level warring saint, arrive. Upon your arrival,

Eden, which is under permanent attack, is in chaos. As you

enter the world, you soon realize that you must perform a



Features Key:

  • Open world: > A huge world full of active events and a variety of world maps. You need to be always vigilant to thwart the various plots that advance in the land!
  • Character Development: > You can customise your character character’s appearance, equipped weapons and armour, and accessorise your weapons. You can also freely combine with each other’s weapons and armour in the fabrication system.
  • Player Politics: > Thwart other players’ plots to become the most powerful lord in the land.
  • Desolation: > Ever-changing dungeons that are unique to each story. Some of them are run by hideous monsters, while others are rich with hidden items. No two dungeons are alike, and what awaits you in them all?
  • Co-op Play: > Meaningful cooperative play between other players. The online element is also leveraged as an AI partner for players while they explore.
  • System Responsiveness: > Fine changes in combat moves, response to the same situations multiple times, and the grade of your attacked target. It all can be controlled thanks to a high-detailed combat system. You can also use the help of AI intelligence.
  • Unique Ideas: > An incredible world created using the power of ARPG. The game incorporates artificial intelligence assistants, new story routes, and other ideas, and challenges players to experience new elements. Three battle systems: AI-based combat, VS. battle, and the role-based world map. Players can also set role-based missions at the front-end of the ARPG.
  • Special Skill Typing: > A highly-detailed and intuitive combat system. A limited number of jobs and weapons in each class are arranged in nine slots. One slot is for unique abilities.
  • Hunting: > Be a lone wanderer or a group leader, a solo player or a member of a group. Hunt monsters in the fields and dungeons, and witness a dynamic campaign that moves between different kingdoms. Dangerous high-level monsters and dungeons await you if you lose your soul. Players are challenged to obtain the brave Souls they need to save their lives, and those Souls will then allow


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    Elden Ring – a Ring of Power

    Players who take the role of an Elden Lord or a Lady of the Clan in the trial, will be able to freely live in a vast land between the frontiers of the kingdoms of Drevern and Skothar.

    Elden Lords and Ladies can freely move from place to place. They can build their castles, farms, and mines and place and quest on the map as they like. In addition, they can form alliances and trade with others.

    In addition, they can talk with the artificial intelligence (AI) of the humanoid robots that appear in the Lands Between.

    Signs of Eternal Life

    Elden Lords and Ladies will have unique skills and traits. In addition, powerful relics can be obtained during the Trials and through the collection of items. By casting the Arcane and Rune runes, the strength of the power of the Runes can be increased.

    In addition, a huge variety of weapons and armor are possible through the combination of the various runes. Each aspect of an ELDEN LORD or LADY’S character can be customized.

    The Destiny of the Clan and the Call of the Elden Ring

    Special Trials are held for ELDEN Lords and Ladies throughout the world. To pass the Trials, participate in the Trials on the Clan Quest Maps.

    In addition to defeating monsters and gathering items through the Trials, you can also challenge other leaders to battle in combat with a variety of weapons.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    However, since that release, a rumor surfaced on the internet one day that they were working on a sequel (also called Tarnished), leaving fans to wonder whether the company was reviving the project or not.
    Since then, no concrete news has emerged except for the following:

    • A developer once again retired and a portion of development work has been halted
    • A period of no activity where nothing has been announced besides the developer’s retirement

    Pictorial Preview

    We will now bring in some pictures that were released during the period when the game was halted (quite a while ago now), starting with a C&C-like character in Tyria.

    The upcoming sequel “Tarnished” is set in the world of Tephras, and features a number of characters who bear strong resemblances to Davos, the mascot character of players who enjoyed the game C&C: Generals. This means that it is quite possible that the game aims to center more on C&C and other similar games. The cast, setting, lore, and world are expected to be much closer to those of C&C than LLUS, so as a result of this, we can expect many features from C&C to be included.

    As you can see in the pictures below, an image of a character resembling the supposed titular character of this game was included in a news leak posted by the game’s developer ( The image had already been posted prior to when the game was announced, but according to a statement by the developer, it was not a C&C related game and has nothing to do with this new hypothetical project.

    During this period of time before the game’s announcement, there were a number of comments referencing the game’s possible title

    As such, it would be reasonable to post a poll as to what some fans think would be a good title for it.
    Incomplete list:
    – Days Gone
    – Wild West
    – Z-Project <


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    What's so great about this game?
    There is probably no better RPG to release in 2012 than this. You get an epic story with lots of deep choices. Above all it's A LOT of fun!
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, i7 (1.8 GHz or higher)
    RAM: 4 GB
    FREE SPACE: At least 7 GB
    2 GB USB port
    Hard drive: At least 7 GB
    GD-XA3 camera with remote controller
    (HDMI + VGA)


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