There are stories about a man who lives underground, a man who has broken away from the world of the living. A man who has destroyed everything around him and is renowned for his powers in the world of the dead. A hero that has been suffering from a curse for three hundred years. These are the stories of the land of the dead, the Elden Ring Crack.

Explore the vast and mysterious lands within the Elden Ring where the people and the dead roam, and where you can find out the true fate of the man who has been cursed.

We call this fantasy action RPG.

Developed by

Victory Games, Ltd.



Map Settings

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Features Key:

  • Command a 1v1 group of up to 8 players to battle it out against enemies.
  • Send out an Adventurer who will aid your group by providing a safeguard or assisting attacks.
  • Equip and enhance weapons and armor to increase your strength and ability.
  • Customize the appearance of your characters using the enormous variety of more than 120 character illustrations.
  • Employ a diverse number of skills and experience your character’s skills fully.
  • Complete quests to develop friendships with other adventurers, earn items, and gain new features.
  • Use a variety of the game’s equipment and mount to explore this vast world.
  • Hunt monsters, go on expeditions, and enjoy a wide variety of content.

    Elden Ring master list of features:

    • 1v1 Play along with up to 8 players.

    • Variety of Adventurers in terms of Equipment and Equipment Kit.

    • Easy and Simple Instructions for Beginners.

    • Wonderfull User Friendly Interface.

    • Customize Appearance by Having Up to 20 colors of underwear.

    • Customize Weapon appearance by Having Up to 10 colors of gloves and a knife.

    • Variety of Equipment and Mount.

    • Exploration Customization.

    • Crafting with equipment.

    • Crafting Middleware for Things like Weapons, Armor, Gauntlets, Glove, Spheres, Chopsticks, etc.

    • Returning items and enemies from dungeons.

    • Automated Drop and No Morale Checks.

    • Freezing monsters you kill.

    • Challenge Dungeons to enjoy the experience of challenging and maxing out your hardest characters (Worst ending rate is 60%).

    • Last Dungeon feature.

    • Create a Scenario to play on your own or in a party.

    • Customize maps and narrate their content.

    • Unique Eye-candy.

    • Rich and High Quality Sound.

    • Enjoy Quests for a High Clear rate and User Friendly Interface.

    • Expeditions where you can randomly find treasures and monsters.

    • Rent


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    • What is “The Legend of the Last Elf”?

    • What is “Elden Ring Crack For Windows”?

    • What does “Elden” Mean?


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    – Original music by

    – Characters designed by

    – Art designed by

    – Voice acting by

    – Sound designed by

    ※Pricing subject to change
    ※Minimum age of 18

    In order to battle and advance through

    the Lands Between, you must form an

    Elden Clan using 6 available members

    and fully awaken your Heritage.

    ■ Apply The Power of the Elden Ring

    Select an Elden Clan

    Select a Hero

    Select a Clan Hero

    Select a Sword

    Choose a Clan

    ■ Overview

    Unlock new characters, weapons, and Armor

    Prove your aptitude by completing dozens of achievements

    Choose a Clan

    Choose a Hero

    Choose a Sword

    Choose a Clan

    Choose a Clan Hero

    Choose a Sword

    ■ Strategic Operations

    Evolve to be a Mana Cloud

    Become a High Priestess

    Improve the Clan

    Set your Clan Hero’s Burden

    Gather Fame as a Clan

    Upgrade the Clan

    Explore dungeons in a Clan

    ■ Mission Operation

    Explore dungeons

    Find treasure in a dungeon

    Defeat monsters in a dungeon

    Find treasures in dungeons

    Discover a dungeon’s layout

    You can click the following button to summon

    the hotkey to close dialogue boxes on your


    Hotkey: ▶

    Unlock the new Elden Clan

    Unlock new Clan Heroes

    Unlock new Clan Swords

    Unlock new Clan Armor

    Unlock the new Clan Hero

    Unlock the new Clan Weapon

    Unlock the new Clan Armor

    Unlock the new Clan Weapon

    ■ Journey Through the Lands Between

    Travel the Lands Between and gather

    new weapons and armor

    Face enemies

    Search for a dungeon

    Defeat enemies

    Change the weather

    Battle monsters

    Visit your clan’s main base and

    Set the weather

    ■ Battle Battles

    Battle with your Clan

    Battle with your Clan’s allies

    Battle with monsters

    Battle with monsters

    Battle with a dragon

    Conquer the enemy’s village

    Conquer the enemy’s village

    Restore your hometown

    Increase your family’


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Online or offline:
    Just download Game, Use Winrar to extract to a temporary folder. Then Run exe file,It will do the rest.

    Brief how to play:

    • Walk around freely
    Talk to NPCs, and recruit them to your party.

    • Fight monsters
    Use a game menu to equip and change weapon and armor.

    • Level up
    Use equipment to increase stats, such as ATK, HP and DEF.

    • Battle in the Arena
    Fight monsters and expand your experience points.

    About us:

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    How To Crack:

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  • Enjoy!
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    Helix Studios

    Not really, one person can’t make a game. You need at least 3 peoples work.

    Elden Ring? Are you kidding?
    -CGTalk Master-

    Elden Ring have high loot, alot funny models and if you are a fan from Fallout 1 or 2 you will love the

    More loot filled world, aha…

    Obscure and broken, but it’s Fallout, they can’t do much

    I don’t really care for this game, no italian one for me.
    -CGTalk Master-


    Elden Ring is just another copy of Morrowind


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS
    DirectX 11
    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i5-2520M or better, AMD equivalent
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 or AMD equivalent
    Storage: 30 GB available space
    Input: Keyboard/mouse
    Processor: Intel i5-


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