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Download Setup + Crack ✪✪✪ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


• The Tarnished Kingdom – Den of Sorrows and Rebirth
The Tarnished Kingdom is a kingdom ruled over by the powerful Tarnished King. While the King seems to be a benevolent ruler, he has strong selfish thoughts that he holds above all else. He has enthroned his High Priestess, Yurei, to control all of the magicks of the empire.
• Your Loner Hero
In the Tarnished Kingdom, you happen to be the “loner hero”. With the help of your adventurer friend, Tecne, set forth on a journey through the Lands Between, and challenge the spell of the Tarnished King!



Creator / Director




Castle Exterior

Castle Interior

■Exterior and Interior Features

The castle is a vast fantasy world full of unique sights and myriad places to explore.
While traveling through the land, several NPCs will approach you and offer quests and play. As well as the various story-driven events of the game, you can do various other activities, including a fishing mini-game, and complete various quests.


In the castle you will encounter various foes including powerful creatures and magic-wielding generals.


The mini-games will offer a variety of different activities.


You can freely move around in the town, mountains, and castle, and the mini-games will also be available.
There are many towns and castles surrounding the world, and they offer various activities and services.


All spells are based on the “Elden Magic” and have been collected over the ages. All spells can be mastered through experience and even at this point in time, there are over 700 spells that you can use.

■Event and Quest

A large variety of events and quests can be done, including special quests.
You can choose to attend the events or quests that you want to, while also being able to enjoy the various mini-games and the world map as you please.


You can choose from various quests from within the game.


Including various pet monsters


Features Key:

  • Enter a fantasy world full of excitement and adventure
  • Manual weapon switching to choose the appropriate weapon for each situation
  • Classes that can change depending on the situation and level your character has
  • Diverse items and armor with various effects based on class and level
  • Concise and simple tutorial for beginners so that they can immediately understand the game
  • Initially very large map content without loading times with a guarantee of no loading time when switching maps
  • Play with up to three friends using the same account in a parallel online mode
  • Single player game play support:

    • By default, the game does not support single player games.
      In the neighborhood of a random online multiplayer game, try looking for a player who is compatible for single player.
    • A previous save data support, for those who lose their data due to force shutdown, bug, server reset, etc
    • Save data can be transfered between your computer and smartphone or save images can be stored

    About Sword Butler Development Company:

    Sword Butler is a Japanese video game company with a brand new fantasy.
    The location that we are based in Tokyo, Japan. Our first goal is creating unique and surprising Sword Fantasy on smartphones while paying attention to the experience and the realistic feeling of sword.
    We are currently developing RPG Sword The Legend Beyond my Soul.1. Field of the Invention
    The present invention relates to a method and system for detecting an object in an image by acquiring a plurality of images of the same object at a variety of different locations within the image. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and system for detecting a moving object from a plurality of image frames utilizing a constrained, recursive non-rigid, elastic deformation fit.
    2. Background Art
    The prior art today teaches a variety of different methods for detecting or detecting and tracking an object in a video image. One such method is taught in the Tsai and Mankowitz, U.S. Pat. No. 5,344,282. This ‘282 patent teaches a method for detecting a person or vehicle in an image utilizing a template matching method and background


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    90 – Game Informer

    “In this fantasy role-playing game, you are one of a small cast of main characters scattered across a world that’s a cross between The Legend of Zelda and Fallout 3. Set in a fictional, medieval world and filled with enemies, your goal is to enter dungeons and slay monsters in a quest to defeat Lord Dunstan. Combat is fast paced and straightforward, with two attack buttons and a dodge button. Using either attack button will bring up your target’s health meter, which can be depleted by attacking, equipping weapons with different stats, and doing special attacks. You start the game with a sword and shield, but you’ll also need to find armor that’s a little bit tougher than what you’re wearing in order to survive.”

    85 – GameSpot

    “It’s hard to create a new RPG that successfully combines the classic fantasy role-playing formula with a more modern approach. Instead, The Legend of Heroes VI: Revenant Wings seems to build on previous efforts with a diverse world, limitless dungeons, and the ability to form a party with three of your character’s four different job classes.”

    82 – GameTime

    “Many games in the RPG genre are able to get away with certain aspects of the genre because they are generally easier to enjoy, however when it comes to deeper, more involved role-playing games, the genre often times feels too cliched. With characters that are often two-dimensional and stories that are often too predictable, The Legend of Heroes VI: Revenant Wings tries its best to break that mold, however it fails to do so.”

    80 – Official Xbox Magazine UK

    “A return to the class-based world of the series’ previous outings might be expected and it has been well received elsewhere. Crafty gameplay and a top-notch translation make this one of the best titles of the year.”

    80 – PQ Magazine

    “If you’re into the genre, give it a look. It’s an RPG that doesn’t require you to learn the conventions of the genre in order to succeed. You’ll face bosses and battles at the end of each stage and it’s at these moments that you’ll be able to use items such as potions, health-restoring abilities, and power-ups. These items can be expanded as you discover more


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    Battle System

    – From the basic attack to various special attacks, each of these moves gives players more control over the flow of the battle.
    – Battle no longer involves setting up and waiting; the battle system is now based on a different concept. It is a highly developed system that determines a battle in real time.
    – This includes new abilities such as special attacks, and the new “unity” attack.
    – The “synergy” system now displays a cross-shaped indicator in the right-bottom corner to clearly display the attack effects.



    Online Multiplayer

    Offline (Single-player and Newcomer)

    Mode of Battle

    ULTIMATE FIGHTING – Direct Attack
    STEALTHY — Attack speed +20%, AGI +20%
    UNITY — With a special attack (MAX), apply the MAG+CAM display, AMR, AGI, and HP to the attack target on the right-bottom of the screen.
    HAND-TO-HAND — DMG 2×5, HP:DMG=50%, MAX HP:DMG:50%




    ULTIMATE FIGHTING – Direct Attack
    STEALTHY — Attack speed +20%
    EAGER KILL — DMG 4×6, HP:DMG=75%, MAX HP:DMG:75%



    ULTIMATE FIGHTING – Direct Attack
    STEALTHY — Attack speed +20%
    EAGER KILL — DMG 4×8, HP:DMG=80%, MAX HP:DMG:80%








    Pole Weapon


    Spear Weapon

    Weapon Weapon



    What’s new:



    Google Play


    Free Elden Ring [March-2022]

    First of all, you need to download the game to your PC.

    Extract the game with a winrar or with WinRAR.

    Run the game on your PC.

    You can use the game for free.You can buy it with Credit Card or Cryptocurrency.

    Download now ELDEN RING and enjoy the best action RPGs!

    How install ELDEN RING game:

    First of all, you need to download the game to your PC.

    Extract the game with a winrar or with WinRAR.

    Run the game on your PC.

    You can use the game for free.You can buy it with Credit Card or Cryptocurrency.

    Download now ELDEN RING and enjoy the best action RPGs!


    [In-App Purchases]:


    By clicking to block the in-app purchases, you agree to purchase the items.

    By unlocking any of the purchases you confirm you are compatible with unlock the rest of the in-app purchases.

    Credit Cards

    Credit Cards



    Credit cards or Cryptocurrency

    You can buy your game directly in App Store with the selected currency.

    How install ELDEN RING game:

    First of all, you need to download the game to your PC.

    Extract the game with a winrar or with WinRAR.

    Run the game on your PC.

    You can use the game for free.You can buy it with Credit Card or Cryptocurrency.

    Download now ELDEN RING and enjoy the best action RPGs!


    Contact us

    If you have questions, problems or feedback, please contact us.


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the cracked version. Save it on your desktop.
  • Open the exe file and run the installation.
  • Click on the crack button
  • Extract the folder located in the crack directory
  • Now double-click on MTC.exe and then click on the start button of the running program
  • Enjoy!

    For GM

    • The client.exe is a compulsory file
    • Step one : Install
    • Step two : Install the dedicated server
    • Step three : Start the dedicated server.
    • Step four : Start the client.
    • Step five : Start the sql server.
    • Install the other software and use the library you like


    (Major update in November 2019)


    Exclusively created for the SGSI players, it is necessary to update the clients to the new version and vice versa.

    Before you update/install the client, be sure to copy these three folders to your Mezzioslano folder:
    Local config: E:/Program Files/Mezzio/Local Config

    Library: E:/Program Files/Mezzio/Library

    Server: E:/Program Files/Mezzio/Server


    Elden Ring: FEATURES

    The legend of Elden Ring
    • A story in which you can be the hero of fantasy
    • A couple experiences that you may have had before
    • An endless adventure of battles, combats,


    System Requirements:

    To install the game you must first install Unity and the Editor,
    which you can get here:
    Unity 5.6.0
    and the editor here:
    Blender 2.73
    1. Download the latest version of the game’ file.


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