The new fantasy action RPG coming out of Sword Art Online, with a unique concept and fantastic visuals.
Live in the Underworld as the post-apocalyptic protagonist, who is imprisoned in the computer world during the second half of the day, and use your special power of the Elden Ring 2022 Crack – the Law – to explore the Dark District of the Underworld and battle monsters.

Chapters that may not have been included in the original, complete version of the game can be obtained by downloading and installing the patch, and will be highlighted in the following campaign.



Q. What is the Law of Demons?

The Law of Demons is the ability to summon a demon that eats the souls of monsters within a certain range. If the demon survives, it will revive the monsters that it ate.

The Law of Demons is the new role of the 15th-century, protagonist Aincrad.

Q. What is the meaning of the ‘a 400-year-old spirit has been sealed’ line?

Back in the first days of the world, a spirit called ‘God’ existed on the earth.

The ‘God’ asked the Earth’s spirits for the strength of the trees and all of the spirits responded in a cheerful manner. When the power of the spirits was complete, they stood still, creating the ‘Cosmo.’

In addition to the spirits that were obedient, there were many who wanted to freely enjoy their lives and left the Cosmo.

The Earth’s spirits spoke with their lips, and the animated Earth and living Earth, the Earth’s spirits, God, and the people whose souls were eaten by the sinners.

Due to the unchecked action of the evil spirits, the Earth was destroyed and the people were annihilated.

However, in the end, the Earth’s spirits were saved by the spirits who had come together to fight the evil spirits. The Earth was healed and the people were revived.

Therefore, the souls of humans are the souls of the Earth’s spirits.

They have been sealed in the Cosmo and are only made available to be released by eliminating the evil spirits.

Q. What should you do with the law of demons?

The Law of Demons has a function that will drop the number of monsters drastically.

In addition, collecting a demon


Features Key:

  • A vast and expansive fantasy world
  • Explore a vast world with many firsts and surprises.
  • A rich and expansive story, brimming with drama
  • Immerse yourself in a game world brimming with drama and action.
  • The combat system of “Fight, Adapt, or Die”
  • System that allows players to fight as well as the monsters.
  • The fight/adapt style of combat system: at random, various monsters appear. To choose how to fight and adapt becomes a matter of life or death. As you fight, you adapt and choose powerful weapons and magic.
  • An action-RPG combining high levels of freedom and mastery
  • A battlefield where you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic that match your play style.
  • Entire levels designed as three-dimensional environments
  • Levels brimming with excitement that are filled with monsters, surprises, battles, and even a little drama.
  • Game Features:

    • 3D environments
    • Battle System featuring “Fight, Adapt, or Die”
    • Customize and Combine weapon/armor/magic combinations
    • Free to Develop and Run On Own Own Server
    • Online function that allows you to create your own server and “Elden Ring” together
    • Multiplayer Server with Multiplayer mode as well as Online
    • Join up with your friends from the Lands Between to participate in combat as a team
    • Special Weapons and Equipment exclusive to the opponent’s room
    • Rank upgrades with Character leveling
    • Random Dungeons and Dungeon Gears with Episode System
    • World Map including Dungeon and Outdoors
    • Hero character and Berserker/Loki Sidekick character
    • Standard Maggy, Rank 2 to 5
    • Over 100 types of equipment including special weapons and add-ons
    • Soundtracks, voice communications on Voice Chats in out-of-combat mode
    • An addictive gameplay


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      Elden Ring [32|64bit]

      Elden Knights:

      Trial of Valor:

      A game for players with various skills.
      Elden Knights:

      Smooth controls and simple interface.

      Trial of Valor:

      A game that requires deep strategy.
      Elden Knights:

      Customize your character freely.

      Trial of Valor:

      A game that is dependent on the number of players.

      Here is the link to the Elden Ring :

      Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch system are both required to play.

      For more information, see

      To start enjoying free games at launch, please go to eShop on Nintendo Switch and enter the code “EldenKnight”.

      You can download games on the Nintendo Switch system from eShop by accessing the eShop from the system settings screen, scanning a QR code on this page using the device’s internet connection, or by clicking here.

      For more information about this game, visit

      Please note that this game is only available in Japanese.

      NIS America, Inc.

      Distributor of video games in North America.

      Andropinion Games Ltd.

      Distributor of video games in Europe.

      Toby Fox

      Distributor of video games in Latin America, Oceania and Asia.


      What’s new:

      Field of Evocations

      Now’s is the day to awaken the powers. Evocations offer a refreshingly new alternative to the fantasy adventure genre, starting with a thrilling gameplay style and creating an experience that is unlike anything currently on the market.

      • Aggressive Genre for the Age of Awakening
      An action game where you command your very own beast. Make the most of your horns, claws, and wings as you clear the stage in a big, vibrant world with an animation style that uniquely combines 2D and 3D.

      • A Precise Game Philosophy that Myths Are Born From
      The fantasy world is one of the richest in terms of Mythology, which gives rise to many battles and stories. The idea behind Evocations is one of development that connects with and retells the various myths of the world.

      Visit Evocations Online Game’s Website for more information on Evocations.

      A Square Enix E-Sports Game

      Developer(s) / Publisher:

      Square Enix, Sports M&E, Inc. and ZERO1 Academy (Domestic Sales), Atlus, Skillpeu (Domestic Sales)


      PS4 / PS VITA


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