Heading to an era of fantasy, from that day on, there has been known as the great doom of the Kingdom of Elden which was hurt in the darkness.

Now, the war has ended, however, the world of Elden is suddenly caught up in dark magic, creating threats never before seen.

Players are given “Magic” that allows them to communicate with others through the cloud and get more powerful.

Can you get stronger in a ferocious battle?
Head, the guild which will support you in your fight against the darkness.


Story Actions
① A Quest to Take a New Path
② A Fight to Reach the Highest Position
③ A Journey to Find the Ring of Dreams
④ A Battle to Defend the Flower Maiden
⑤ A Battle to Pursue the Lost Port
⑥ A Journey To Calm the Black Flicker
⑦ A Fight to Break the Demon’s Curse
⑧ A Battle to Defeat Demise
⑨ An Adventure to Find the Key of Destiny
⑩ A Quest to Defeat the Demon King
⑪ An Adventure to Find the Ring of Dreams
⑫ A Battle to Save the Flower Maiden
⑬ A Battle to Defeat the Demon King
⑭ A Battle to Destroy the Demon

① Map
You can adjust the size, resolution, and frame rate.
② Interface
Click on the title of the button, and you can adjust the size, resolution, and frame rate.

③ Controls
Use the right stick to move.
Use the left stick to move up and down, or turn left and right.
Use the A button for a manual, full attack.
Use the X button to use magic.
Use the Y button to use a melee attack.
Use the C button to use a staff or magic.
Use the B button to use a shield or magic.
Use the D button for a small map, or use a buff if you use the D button often.
Use the L and R buttons to bring up the options menu.
Use the Circle button to cycle through maps and scenes.
Use the Square button to open the Map in the Field.

④ UI
Use the right stick to move.
Use the A


Features Key:

  • Create and Customize Your Character
  • Take on the Blade Encounters
  • Explore a Crooked and Looming World
  • Perform Intermissions with Others
  • Party and Fight like a Boss
  • Advanced Information & Quests
  • Portable Battles
  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Fully Crafted Gameplay
  • Cross-Platform Play and Translated Localization
  • Great Cooperative Multiplayer Support
  • New Co-op Expansion Dungeon
  • Elden Ring: The Coming Hero, the Senpai 

    Elden Ring: The Coming Hero, the Senpai is a fantasy action RPG published by MAGES. It is the story of a fragile and powerless 14-year-old boy named Tarnished who lives in the Lands Between, filled with different races and monsters of all kinds. Since the day he was born, he has wandered aimlessly in the Lands Between, waiting for something to happen. With another boy from the Lands Between who was like him, he left the city of Dawn and started on a journey. Together, they make the decision to become the Brandish Swords.

    Tarnished believes that he is just a normal boy who was born to do nothing. A shy, pessimistic, and somber boy. However, he is also careless, silly, and a total kid. Just like other boys of his age. And Tarnished is not special at all. Although he thinks nothing will happen with him. A guy that lives in the Lands Between, sucks at magic, and basically, an ordinary child.

    One day, he got attacked by monsters in the Dawn and a mysterious priest appeared and asked them to become Brandish Swords. Together with a powerful magic system called the Blade Encounters, Tarnished braves the Monsters and acquires magic power, becoming able to summon massive weapons and fight powerful opponents. It is at this time that Tarnished begins to change.


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    • “This game has a rich fantasy style that keeps you hooked from the beginning,” 4.5 out of 5, CEO
    (5 out of 5)

    • “It’s a dungeon in the heart of a game, featuring compelling story,” 5 out of 5, ICHeart
    (5 out of 5)

    • “This game has a plot and good story, the graphics are amazing,” 4 out of 5, Valentien

    • “If you love fantasy, this game is for you,” 4 out of 5, MelonBall

    ● Rich Characters

    • “The dialogue is hilarious, the graphics are exceptional, the voice acting is spot on, and the songs
    are the best part of any game I’ve played this year,” 4 out of 5, ACE

    ● Player’s Menu

    • “Absolutely love how you can choose your weapon at level 1 and get to learn a new one at the end of
    the level,” 4 out of 5, Ace

    ● Multiplayer

    • “I found that online multiplayer was a lot of fun,” 4 out of 5, Ace

    ● Dynamic Dungeon Exploration

    • “The music and gameplay are great,” 4 out of 5, Ace

    ● Adorable Animation

    • “I love this game’s cuteness,” 4 out of 5, ACE

    ● I also want to draw you attention to the box art…how cute is that!” 4 out of 5, Ace

    ● Endless dungeon

    • “I could see myself spending lots of time wandering around,” 4 out of 5, ACE

    • Evolving playstyle

    • “The combat is both fresh and different, and the customization options are awesome,” 4 out of 5,

    ● First Person Game

    • “I love the game’s cute art style and setting, and the action game elements are very well balanced,” 4
    out of 5, ACE

    ● Stunning World

    • “Everything is beautiful, and the music is the cherry on top,” 4 out of 5, ACE

    ● “My relationship with


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    Leaders are members of The Elden Ring with an exceptional level of magic. Do you have the skills to become a Leader? Choose your class, name your character, and start adventuring in the world of Zebes.

    Classes and skills: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Scout, Champion

    Character customization: Character creation is split into two stages. In the first stage, after choosing a class and a name, you are ready to create your character. Now, you can choose your hair, skin, and face.

    Equipment: You will find and equip a variety of equipment, including weapons and armor, at the beginning of your adventure.

    World Exploration: Explore the world in a different way! In Zebes, you can travel freely through towns and dungeons at your leisure.

    Play Styles: With Zebes, you can choose to play single-player or multi-player. In multi-player, you can choose from among three play styles, including Battle, Arena, or Act.

    The feedback of the players: The community of Zebes is actually the feedback of the players! This feedback is collected in exchange for the experience points (EXP) that you gain when you complete quests.

    Play Zebes!

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    A Vast World Full of Excitement

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    Leaders are members of The Elden Ring with an exceptional level of magic. Do you have the skills to become a Leader? Choose your class, name your character, and start adventuring in the world of Zebes.



    A melee combatant who is a specialist in heavy weapons, from swords and axes to broadswords and maces. Their abilities include sword skills and shield skills, and their Physical and Magic attributes increase as their levels do.


    A magic-using melee combatant who is


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    • Game Time Trial
    Try your hand at playing RPG Maker and experience battle, skill advances, and character development. You can also change the difficulty at any time.

    ■ Contents and Modes of the Game Continue to be Expanded
    ‘Game Time Trial’, ‘Dictate Your Own Adventure’, ‘Party Play’, ‘Raising Difficulty’, ‘Adventure Maps,’ and ‘Terraforming’ are some of the contents that will continue to be added in addition to ‘Single Player’. ‘Every players’ memories are recorded’, ‘Add and remove equipment in the Armory’, and ‘Overseer’ are some of the various modes that we have recently added. We can not wait to see the various paths that adventurers take with your support.

    ◆ Please refer to the following Campaign Sites while playing

    ◇Official campaign website:

    ◇Official Twitter site:

    ◇Developer campaign website:

    ◇Developer’s Twitter account: