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The Elden Ring is an action RPG where you can use an armament of renowned weapons and magic that you have earned and received from other players. You have inherited this, and are now on a journey to discover your future destiny, in order to contribute to the safety and happiness of the universe by fighting against the orcs and goblins who threaten it.
Take the ultimate journey. Explore an era of diversity. Become a shining star. Explore the Lands Between.
• Welcome to the ‘Lands Between’
Throughout the “Lands Between,” a human world and an elf world exist separately, and they also have their own distinct cultures, but once in a while, both worlds become intermingled. Humans and elves live together here, and develop their own unique philosophies. An intriguing world where the beauty of nature and towns bustling with life are on display, providing the most detailed, lifelike experience as an action RPG.
• A New Action Adventure Driven by Intrigue
Experience a journey full of suspense, featuring a new story of unique characters in a multilayered game.
The saga has begun. Daring adventurers, rise in the Lands Between.
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What’s New

Version 1.14.0• Friendly skirmish mode added.• Training update.• Sound update.Entropic control of the electronic energy conversion in artificial quantum dissipative aggregates.
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Features Key:

  • Crowd manipulation – Plan and combat for victory.
  • Vicious circle – A complex system to plunge your opponents into a losing situation.
  • Mixed lane – Open-field battle where skill is essential to success.
  • 3 dimensional online tag -Players can experience first hand the greatness of the Lands Between.
  • Monster scenes -The Lands Between is full of savage monsters and bosses.