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・ The newest fantasy action RPG by Ark Performance

・ Those who are fond of fantasy take a journey into a world of joy

・ Explore a vast world that includes a dungeon

・ Choose from a wide variety of weapons and armor

・ Become an Elden Lord by gathering magic and strength


Masterfully hand-drawn 2D character models and the world drawn with a unique animation system for a unique online experience


Ark Performance is a production company based in Los Angeles, CA, founded by internationally renowned animator, character designer and character supervisor Hidetaka Suehiro.
Ark’s goal is to create a story driven world with a beautiful artistic outlook. The world that we build is filled with a variety of emotions from swords to magic, and from monsters to humans. Our goal is to create an experience that has the sense of wonder and hope in a world full of painful memories, and to have players from all over the world fill it with their own memories and feelings.

Ark Performance consists of:

– Hidetaka Suehiro (character supervisor)

– Kotarou Toyoshima (scenario writer)

– Wataru Watari (scenario writer)

– Kazuto Yokoyama (character designer)

– Ryudzuki (key animator)

– Akio “Nakajima” Watabe (environmental artist)

– Shigenori Takarada (animation director)

– Tomoya Fukuda (art director)

Rise is a free-to-play fantasy action RPG developed by Ark Performance and published by Big Tree Games. Rise will be released on Steam® worldwide for PC on May 25th, 2017.

If you have any questions, please email and we will reply within 24 hours. Thanks!

Ark Perfor­mance Studio Offers a Unique and Exclusi­ve Fantasy RPG
* @copyright (c) 2012-2019, Pierre-Henry Soria. All Rights Reserved.
* @license GNU General Public License; See PH7.LICENSE.txt and PH7.C


Features Key:

  • Adventurers Guild – An environment where you can learn battle tactics, strengthen your party, make new friends, and buy items.
  • Nexus – A powerful new functionality that players can customize by creating their own actions and effects.
  • Wars – Warlocks with different beliefs and opinions fight over the power of Elden Ring, and in the aftermath of the war, you can enter the Nexus to make gear, items and weapons. A strategic RPG that supports 3v3 PVP battles.
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    November 26, 2015

    Upcoming Update:

    Mapping is almost done.


    – The creation of a brand-new game with new classes, monster, and map!
    – Visit the information of each class on the map of the game.
    – Here and there, it is a hint on what lies ahead.
    – Battle the monsters of endless battles.
    – Each monster has unique attack patterns, and this makes the battles more challenging.
    – You can change your class of your own free will!

    Now you can also enjoy the story of the player avatar!

    The dating sim element has been added, where you can have a relationship with the female player avatar.

    All of the works and environment art from Endless Champion are used for this game, so don’t miss this game!

    October 24, 2015

    The UI map with the zone map, and guild and map details have been added!

    To see the details about the guild and map, tap on the little icon that is displayed over the zone map.

    The maps are made up of several areas. When you move around in any direction, a new area will open. When you open the map in any of these areas, you can see detailed information such as your party status, item balance, and guild information on the right side of the map.

    Players can now add their own skins, with the use of the Omake feature.

    Added item (experience) enhancements, the support of a japanese to english voiceover, and the addition of the following new elements.

    VAT: The desired points of view on the screen are changed, and two different systems are used to adjust the image size of the character models (to be able to clearly see the screen from that position).

    Climb: It is now possible to climb a wall.

    Movement: Added a new “Constrain Move” attribute. By using this attribute, it will ensure that the character does not leave the area when they enter it. You can also use this attribute to protect items from being attacked by monsters.

    Crouched: It is now possible to stand up in your crouched state.

    Fixed an issue where the screen would be black for a short time after turning on the game.

    Fixed an issue where the user information stored in the game could not be


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    I’ve been living out a dream since I was a kid, now I’m being thrown into the real world… but I wonder if I can really be a hero.

    The dream of becoming a hero isn’t just a delusion in a city that’s crumbling by the hour. There’s a fantasy world of the sorcerers with its own laws, the setting where the real world and the world of magic converge


    What’s new:

    Re-live the war in the lands between.
    Join a great battle of rebellion against the evil schemes of the rulers.

    Have you seen the cool teenage space pirates and their auto-rockets?
    If you think you do, brace yourself for a second showing.

    Automatic, rapid-fire, boost-attack combos!

    Bucky-able enemies – Armor-bash them into oblivion!

    Cinema-quality 3D graphics in a top-down, overhead view.

    • Features:- Online battle against humans and an endless number of fierce enemies- Explore dungeons and outposts in the vast island map- Customize the appearance of your ship and include your own character’s class and weapon- Choose your weapon from an arsenal of firearms, swords, rocket launchers, and ray guns, and boost your attack to launch rockets and torpedoes at your opponents- Scout and defend your outposts, and raid enemy outposts- Defend your area with multiple cannons and rail guns. Equip with armor and different types of weapons and use them together to overwhelm your enemies- Customize your ship and pilot skills and use them to complete quests and missions- Install and reinstall the game as often as you like- Challenge your friends in numerous ways including online play, asynchronous game servers, and synchronous online play.

    Welcome to Elder Scrolls Online, a fantasy adventure set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. We invite you to journey to Tamriel, the world of Skyrim, Far Tamriel, and beyond where you will be swept up into a living game that focuses on PvP (Player versus Player) and PVE (Player versus Environment) gameplay.

    Battle on land and on sea against other players or in anonymous instanced PvP, or team up with friends to journey to new destinations, such as the frozen tundra of the Blades, the parched desert of the Red Mountain, or the underwater ruins of the Eastern Isles. In the MMORPG, the world and its inhabitants are yours to explore and conquer. Play for yourself or with others over a live or persistent connection. Earn customizations items from defeating enemies, completing quests, and reaching level milestones. Explore and fight in new ways as you encounter procedurally generated dungeons based on The Elder Scrolls lore and fight on land, on sea, or in the air. The game is built from the ground up to support cross server PVP, a fast and entertaining battleground where you can team up in a timeless struggle for domination over the land and


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