Tarnished is an action RPG game developed by Gust, the studio that created action RPG series such as Arucard, Tales of Zestiria, and most recently Revenant Saga. Tarnished promises a new action RPG game with incredible details and a completely new atmosphere created by Gust.
The title is scheduled to be released in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

ABOUT Elden Ring Cracked Accounts
Elden Ring is a newly established game developer group founded by famous game designer and novelist Keiichiro Toyama. Until now, the group has created a variety of titles under the company name, including the award-winning Revenant Saga that has been praised by critics and fans since its release in July 2015.

Gust is a developer and publisher of games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and the Nintendo Switch systems. It has developed titles such as Arucard, Tales of Zestiria, Revenant Saga, and more recently, the action RPG game as revealed today.

The name “Gust” was derived from the structure of “vital gusto” in the game industry and the group was founded by famous game designer and novelist Keiichiro Toyama. The developer’s goal is to create games that are both classic and yet innovative.


Japanese for “attachment,” NIGIN develops and publishes games, distribute content and services for the PlayStation® brand. The company connects its dedicated development studios with individuals worldwide, and through its network of distribution partners, provides a valuable partner to global game publishers. NIGIN has offices in both Osaka and Saitama, Japan.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Ring—The Orihime War
  • Evolve Your Character
  • Become a Strong Hero in Unique Story
  • Duel the Gods, and Become One of the Heroes of the New World
  • Visit the development website!

    Visit the development website!

    iOS port of BRFANTASY+



    Port to BRFantasy


    Developer: Coesite

    Platforms: Android / iOS

    Release date: September 12, 2019

    Description: If darkness lies at the core of the worlds… You are the Chosen One.
    To awaken an enemy, revive a friend…

    The God of darkness reborn…
    A spot of darkness turns a friend into a foe,
    An evil promise and a curse,
    An evil promise from the grasp of the powerless…

    An appalling fate awaits on the path of someone who draws strength from darkness…
    To obtain something called the “Stronger Title,”
    In an already corrupted world,
    It is up to you to arm yourself from the shadows of the half-light.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A


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    Dominic Massol


    I was really hyped about this new fantasy action RPG (FAR RPG). You can play as Tarnished, an Elder Lord with the power of the Elden Ring Download With Full Crack, and rise to become the King. I played in the demo, which was fun, but I still don’t know if I’ll be able to play for a long time. The world is really big, the character have customizations like an avatar and different armor, and the races like elves, gnomes and dwarves are really fun. It’s great to see the effect of your actions on the world and see everything in a 3D environment, too. One of the biggest problem is that it’s in the middle of a really big world, so maybe it’s too big to properly explore and there is always something in your way.



    This is a good game, playing like a Diablo, but with RPG elements. The world is not that big, but with a lot of quests, but not the best. There are a lot of villages that are not connected and there is no way to go to them, so you have to save your progress, which is annoying because there are a lot of things to do, and it’s hard to know what you have to do next. The game is fun because its small and it has a great story. It doesn’t really get a lot of focus on the plot or the characters and the story is pretty weak, but the journey and characters are funny. There is no way to skip the story lines so it will get boring, and its not a very long story.

    Sergio Elía


    I got to play the demo and it was pretty fun. The world is big, so it will take a while to fully explore and there are a lot of places to go. There is a lot of variety in the battles, so there will be a lot of styles. And the graphics are really good, its more than enough for a game like this. You can customize your character and weapons, and there is a co-op mode where 2 players will be able to play together and


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    [Character Development / Growth]
    Use the right and left keys to move. Press UP on the keyboard to perform a (Jump)

    Jump, and press DOWN on the keyboard to perform a (Crouch) Jump, and hold DOWN to perform a (Skip) jump. Press the ZL and ZR buttons to switch to magic. Press the AP button to start a magic attack. Press the STR button to toggle between close and long range. Press SPACE to turn on or off the power of the Elden Ring. Press CTRL to perform an Action.

    Enter [Left Hand], [Right Hand], and [Magic] via hot keys.

    Hover the mouse to move the camera. You can freely look around the field.

    Hold [LMB] to select an item. Press [START] to equip the selected item. Press [LMB] to put it away. Press [ESC] to open the menu and confirm your actions.

    Press [Ctrl] + [SPACE] to equip a weapon. Press [Ctrl] + [SPACE] again to unequip it. Press [LMB] to swap weapons. Press [UP] to equip a shield. Press [DOWN] to unequip it. Press [Ctrl] + [Q] or [Shift] + [Q] to cycle through your equipped items. Press [RMB] to use a product of the mountains. Press [RMB] a second time to toggle the usage status of the product.

    Examine your surroundings and equip items in various environments.

    Activate [Magic]. Press [Q] or [Shift] + [Q] to automatically use a product of the mountains in a specific environment.

    Change your magic ability, and equip items.

    Activate [Magic], press [Q] or [Shift] + [Q] to automatically use a product of the mountains in specific situations.

    Gather experience points to increase your abilities.

    Activate [Skill]. Press [RMB] to use a spell that you have learned.

    Increase your skill level to evolve your character.

    Level up when you level up [EXP].

    Upgrading [Equipment].

    Equip items that give a temporary effect. Use [RMB] to equip one.

    Equip items that give a temporary effect. Use [RMB] a second time to equip the same item.

    Equip items that


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Battle System
    Includes a Battle System that allows close cooperation between the player and the AI to create an even playing field.
    ■ Three Classes
    Defeat your enemies with a warrior, prepare for battle with a wizard, or distract your opponents with a rogue.
    ■ Experience Points
    Each battle is followed by special events that give you experience points. Thus you can increase your character’s level. You can also barter the in-game items to earn more experience points. The exchange rate does not affect player rankings, but will affect how much the items that you barter will be sold.
    ■ Safe and Easy Online Play
    Available on a client-server system that limits crashes and lags, online play is easy to use, while saving your personal information and progress.
    ■ Cast Boundries
    Attempts to prevent lag increase and crashes by generating on-the-fly next generation graphics.
    ■ Optimizes for Multiple Devices
    From PC to smartphone.
    ■ Endless Exploration
    Let your adventure begin!
    ■ PS Vita Details
    ・The online play aspect of the game is only supported on PlayStation Vita and does not support network play.