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Name Elden Ring
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Game Features:
1. A complex and exciting fantasy world!
Explore the expansive and vibrant Lands Between!
2. A vast world full of excitement!
In a diverse, vast world, battle with monsters, find things, and customize your character freely.
3. Create your own character!
Take the role of a warrior who wields a weapon, a mage who has learned magic, or a rogue who can do anything!
4. A unique online play
Connect with other players in an endless online environment!
5. A game where your thoughts intersect others.
An epic


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Elden Lords – Become one of 16 Lords who govern the Lands Between, with their own cities, soldiers, and powerful magic
  • New world generation in anticipation of demand – A vast world no matter the size
  • A variety of enemies to fight – An epic combat experience in a large three-dimensional land
  • Unique game combinations – A magic and weapons with great destructive power and a sword that cuts through any objects
  • Different battles in the Campaign – Complete a variety of battles with powerful characters that lead to participation in a larger story
  • Vast multilayer information – A story in fragments that leads you to the depth of the world of Elden Ring
  • Online multiplayer connection – Allows you to directly connect with other players and travel together
  • A variety of weapons and gear – A wide array of powerful swords and powerful battle equipment
  • variety of effects – "Ul-Rimen" that enables massive damage, surprising attacks, and powerful skills
  • Versatile magic – A wide variety of striking spells that enable a variety of plays
  • variety of plays – Movement, weapon attacks, and combat spells, strengthening in the leveling system
  • A tale that glorifies the feeling of adventure for spectators
  • A large and varied map that requires precise control, a multilayer map that allows for enhanced strategic thinking
  • A world that makes it difficult to find an open area that you have not experienced
  • A myriad of characters that will not be seen anywhere else
  • A world of the Lands Between, the world of dreams and imagination, where Elden Lords fight and make interesting things happen
  • Critical reception:


    269,600 yen on


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    Revolution and reboot of the fantasy genre action RPG for smartphones.

    An animated action game where you assume the role of a young hero who was born with an Elden Ring that grants extraordinary powers.

    Learn the lore of the Elden Rings and embark on exciting quests to eradicate the danger that shrouds the Lands Between and the town where you live.

    ▶ Story of Wanderers – Into the Lands Between
    An action-RPG with a legendary tale, where you can become a leader of heroes after launching an expedition to solve a mystery. The Wanderers know that when they tread the Lands Between, a mystical place where different worlds meet, the danger around them multiplies. In order to secure the safety of their hometown that is infested with monsters, they must face the new legendary enemy that is spreading across the Lands Between. However, as danger arises from all directions, it is difficult to decide who will have the power to save the Lands Between.

    ▶ Story of Elden Rings – Rise and Lead Others
    You will receive your own Elden Ring, but your power must be studied in the Elden Ring Tower in order to bring forth its potential. However, the Elden Rings you obtained also contain the power that other Wanderers are studying. What will you do after this?

    ▶ Adventure with Your Friends
    You and your friends can connect together and battle together, and via asynchronous online play, you can feel the presence of others.

    ▶ Endless Adventure
    You can play with limitless adventure contents. An endless amount of quests are waiting for you! (Title Contain Copyright of their respective owners)

    ▶ Relentless Battle
    Fully support the explosive battle of the mobile action game genre, including the action of combo and the state of “Abyssal Blow.”

    ▶ High Quality Animations and Graphics
    An action game that thoroughly supports the mobile-friendly specs.

    ▶ The Artwork and Character Design of the Ages
    Draw a sword and duel with a beautiful young woman. The art and characters will evoke nostalgic feelings of youth in you.

    ▶ The Writing and Music of Modernity
    The writing and music of today’s society, stylishly merged into an action game.

    ▶ Genuine Sound and Feel
    A sound track that will pull you in and a feel that will seize


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Follow the RPG Playlist!

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  • System Requirements:

    • OS: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
    • CPU: Any CPU
    • RAM: 512 MB or higher
    • DISK: 230 MB or higher
    • Additional: DirectX 9 or higher

    Console Version:

    • Contents and in-game items do not carry over from the PC version.

    Installing & Bugs:

    • Patch 1.1
      Instructions on how to install the patch can be found here:″>How to install Patch 1.1.
    • Bug fix Patch 1.0.1
      Instructions on how to install the patch can be found here:″>How to install Patch 1.0.1.

    What is “EElden Ring”:

    In the mythical legend of the Blood Rain, mankind as a single race has always been residing on the Earth and has always inevitably been ruled by the cruel and powerful Elves. But the Elves whose rule is secured by civilization have always harbored great envy of the Barbarian races. This mindset is the reason they destroyed the so called “Dead Islands” and the Human tribes living there. A period lasting 7 thousand years, when humanity lived like an animal until the current civilizations would emerge.
    “The Undead” was created from one


    System Requirements:

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    2 GB available disk space
    DirectX 9.0c
    Windows Vista or newer
    Minimum HD requirements: 1024×768 (800×600 or smaller is recommended)
    Additional Notes:
    Uninstall information:
    This game may be uninstalled from a PC using the Start Menu and searching for the game. From the list of apps, select “Uninstall”. Then click the “Yes” button, and click the “OK” button.