To master and gain skills, set the course to the vast and glorious Lands Between, and battle with the enemy and master the Endless Dungeons. The adventure begins now!
• Composition System With Thousands of Assets and Over a Million Actions
The gameplay has been designed using a new in-house composition system.
• Thousands of Unique Assets and Endless Action
The game features a new in-house composition system that enables you to freely compose and play with thousands of unique assets, like weapons, armor and magic, to create your own adventure.
• Perfected Fighting Mechanics
Featuring original fighting mechanics developed exclusively for the game, the game allows for various and meaningful fighting styles such as Heavy Attacks, Close Combat, and Low Attacks.
• Developer Has Full Concerns for Safety
The game has been developed with a safety system in mind in a way that ensures you can always enjoy the game without worrying about safety.
• Cute and Obvious Character Models and NPC Models
The game’s character models are designed with a close connection to the in-game assets and NPC models are cute and expressive.
• Special Features Debuting at Launch
Explore and enjoy the new elements that debuted at the launch of the game.
▼ More Special Features
* Adventure Maps
Adventure maps show the Tales of the Lands Between in vivid 3D graphics and have rich and exciting combat and navigation elements.
* Endless Dungeons
Battle your way to endless dungeons in endless battle.
▼ New Items

1. New Weapon
Set out to save the Lands Between and secure the glory of the legend of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts.
* Skara
A new weapon with a familiar motif. This is an all-out warrior among swords.
* Kirs
A powerful one-handed sword capable of one-hit Kill. A weapon that has a great number of kills.
* Sigrad
A light short sword that is fast and easy to wield.
* Commander’s Blade
Speciality armour equipped by the top commander of the Elden Ring Crack, the commander of the party, and the great warrior on the battlefield.
2. New Magic
A new magic that lets you solve various and complex problems.
* Spell of the Light
A spell that is allowed to accumulate on you, allowing you to solve various kinds of magic related problems.
* Spell of the Mystic
A spell that lets you freely express your feelings in battle.
* Spell of the Shadow
A spell that


Features Key:

  • The Fantasy of Harry Potter meets the Dice of Nobilis
  • Numerous Challenges to Overcome
  • Various Worlds to Explore
  • Class-Based Customization and Advancement
  • Epic Drama Full of Camaraderie
  • The Diverse Lands Between
  • Multiple Modes including Mission, Dungeon and Game Modes
  • Explore the Lands Between

    The Lands Between are an Adventure that features the four fabled towers that were the central remains of the massive continent of Elden. In the middle of the world lies the dreary plains inhabited by human civilization as well as the wild grasslands made up entirely of monsters. The lands between, including their towns and other settlements, are an adventure that is full of danger and diverse in atmosphere. Use your excellent combat abilities and your guild’s strategies to defeat opponents of all kinds and discover secrets of the lands between.

    The player level cap has been raised to 25, and various other updates have been added to the game. For more details, please refer to this page


    Stratics Veteran

    Grand Saga



    Stratics Legend

    Stratics Veteran


    Elden Ring Crack For Windows

    ▪ ¦ Game by: Atlus

    ▪ ¦ Release date: 2019/07/25

    ▪ ¦ Price: (3DS) $49.99 (Game, DLCs)

    ▪ ¦ Developer: Atlus

    ▪ ¦ Publisher: Atlus

    ▪ ¦ Size: 14.6GB

    ▪ ¦ Genre: RPG (Fantasy)

    ▪ ¦ Screenshot:

    ▪ ¦ What is it about?:

    ▪ ¦ Music:

    ▪ ¦ Link:

    ▪ ¦

    ▪ ¦ Please also read the DISCLAIMER below.

    ▪ ¦


    ▪ ¦

    [Beware of copycats]

    ▪ ¦ The following game here is not the ELDEN RING ① RPG video game originally released by Atlus, which has been released on the App Store! ②

    [Beware of copycats]

    ▪ ¦

    [Evaluation of Information]

    ▪ ¦ ▪ ¦ There is a version 1.2.1, released on 2019/07/25 at 3:22am PST. The reason why there is only the v1.2.1 is because of a certain error that occurred when changing the main character’s name at the time of assigning items. As a result, the contents of the latest version 1.2.2 have been deleted from the store. Please be aware of this.
    ▪ ¦ We are not responsible for any sales, damage, or the like caused by issues with the games on this website.
    ▪ ¦ Be careful when downloading the game from this website. Be aware of scams being perpetrated by fake websites. Please never download anything from a website without having a look at the confirmation email that is sent by the website.
    ▪ ¦ ▪ ¦

    [Exclusion of Screenshots]

    ▪ ¦ ▪ ¦ The following screenshots are not the screenshots of the above title. We only use these images for the purpose of displaying the screenshots, and do not use any of the contents.
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    Elden Ring License Code & Keygen For Windows [Updated-2022]

    ・The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that is inspired by FINAL FANTASY XI, FINAL FANTASY XIV, and other adventure games.
    ・The world is divided into two parts and accessed by flying, riding, and climbing, and there is a central city where you can purchase items and obtain quests.
    ・The players wear custom and customizable armor, and use weapons that they have made themselves to attack monsters and complete quests.
    ・The player character’s attributes increase throughout the game by growing and equipping armor and weapons, and playing non-combat quests.
    ・You can get involved in local multiplayer or visit other players who are online.
    You can acquire new factions by talking to the Grand General.
    Players participate in PVP, where players can freely take part.
    Enjoyable Character Customization:

    ・Possesses the feature of being able to create your own character.
    ・Of course, you can freely customize your character as you wish and completely express yourself.
    ・You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, and equip them as you wish.
    ・There is a wide variety of characters of various classes.
    ・You can boost the four attributes of strength, dexterity, vitality, and intelligence when you equip appropriate gear.
    ・You can also grind in order to increase your stats.
    ・You can create your own class and use it, and even design your own class by mixing other classes together.
    ・Experience the Fun of PVE While Pursuing PVP
    ・Whether you are playing PVP or PVE, the game allows a party of up to six players to participate in a quest.
    ・The quests in this game are designed to be relatively simple, but it is possible to obtain a good variety of quests by joining with others.
    ・You can also join a party and participate in PVP.
    ・During PVE, players can also engage in cooperative play and take part in other quests.
    • Enjoyable Online Play
    ・As the game is an online game, players can fight each other, or enjoy other players’ online presence, as well as that of other players in other countries.
    ・As a player, it is possible to directly connect to other players and travel with them.
    ・Categorized by map, the dungeons provide a wide variety of quest contents, such as battling with fearsome monsters or drawing out a clever trap.
    • Enjoyable PVP
    ・During P


    What’s new:

    • Exquisite Visuals and Fantasy Story
    Based on the original novel of the same name, the fantasy art of Hajime Hiki is drawn onto the virtual world, giving the vast world a high sense of realism. The characters, enemies, and weapons you face are all distinctively designed, and the story unfolds with a tension and drama that make it all the more heart-stopping.

    •RPG Season Pass “First Appearance of Tarnished”, including several exclusive items, Japanese voice-overs, and additional quests. 



    Tarnished Story

    After some terrible misfortune, a young woman known as “The Queen of Coin” finds herself alone, standing at the door to a silent and cowering town looking for a way to survive. In this town, women are needed in the homes of the evil prince who ravaged the town, and power and might are in the hands of the newly appointed lord. The Queen of Coin searches for news of her daughter, and takes an incident of which she is fearful as a first step towards saving her daughter.

    •Site of an Expedition Attempt to Free a Lost Friend 

    The “White Dog”, sister of the current lord of the village, senses the Queen’s struggle against the oppression of Prince Elden’s regime. Princess Filia has safely left the confines of the city with her true love. However, the fate of the Queen could become a matter of life and death. 

    •Become the True Hero of This Story! 

    The fate of the Queen will be wrapped up in a world where five nations compete for power and influence. In this novel


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