1. Characteristics

An intriguing storyline, drama, and action are common to all sorts of fantasy role-playing games. On the other hand, action RPGS stand out with their deep action scenes and wide variety of quests. In order to bridge the existing gap, and create a new genre of fantasy role-playing games, KONAMI has worked hard to give birth to the Elden Ring Serial Key game.

2. Art Style

This action RPG is unique in that it combines a realistic art style with the mood of a fantasy game, giving it a breathtaking visual experience. However, from a technical standpoint, it is unique in that it combines the use of 3D models and 2D graphics.

The graphics that are based on 3D models are cel-shaded, detailed, and realistic, while those that are based on 2D graphics are clear and flashy. The various materials are set up in such a way as to give the character a real sense of depth and air, and the environments are beautiful in appearance.

If you enjoy a fantasy RPG with a realistic art style, let this move you to lose yourself in the beautiful world of the ELDEN RING.

3. Action

The action in this ELDEN RING game is full of thrills, from fights in open landscapes to fierce battles within dungeons. You can freely customize your skills and actions, and improve your weapons, armor, and magic.

As you explore the world, enemies appear suddenly, so you need to be able to think quickly to survive. If you are surrounded, you can run away, or hide and wait. By using dexterity, skill, and reflex, you can evade the enemy that is after you and have an easy time.

In addition, the game is full of exciting action scenes, such as leaping, summoning monsters, and the use of powerful skills. With these amazing action scenes that depict the dramatic battle between you and the enemy, what awaits you is a brave, diverse adventure.

4. Story

The ELDEN RING game’s plot is full of thrills. One day, a boy named Lleren is attacked in a remote mountain that is riddled with underground caverns. He wakes up in a strange land, where “artificial dwarves” (artificial lifeforms) stalk him and the land itself has started to deteriorate. He is abducted by a sinister force and


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 12 Classes that You Can Become
    The Elden Ring has an enormous number of classes to make your character more efficiently grow.
  • Battle against Heroic Opponents
    You can find Heroic Opponents and challenge them in various situations to fight for your existence.
  • Customize Classes to Your Personal Style
    Each class has different skills that you combine with arms, magic, and special skills to customize your class.
  • Enjoy tons of Content
    Vast maps, new monsters, quests, and an engaging storyline in addition to PvP.
  • Witch Craft: Magic that Changes the Course of Battle
    Banish or gather your own magic under the guidance of wisdom, and play your own way to overcome enemies.
  • Free New Classes Delivered to You Consistently
    Master a new class every day with a new form of magic and new abilities.
  • The Elden Ring: a Brand New Action RPG that Hits the Fantasy World of BRIGTH!
  • Brigth Game Operations Team
    One of the first companies to join the KOD Software Network.
  • Windows




    Elden Ring Incl Product Key (Latest)

    “.. an experience so good that you won’t find many games to match it.”

    Eurogamer (ENG)

    “.. you will find yourself wanting to play it all over again. ”

    Pop-o-Matic (POL)

    “.. the same level of polish that Nintendo is known for. ”

    Gameplanet (ENG)

    “.. the only game I’ve played that is so good it was worth the $80 price tag. ” (ENG)

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Man, it’s weird that this game is good. It’s like every bullet point in the very near future game mentions: game, please!

    And the voice acting is pretty solid for an indie game. However, maybe the opening cinematic has a bit too much cash in the budget.

    Overall, an experience so good that you won’t find many games to match it.

    Eurogamer (ENG)

    “.. an experience so good that you won’t find many games to match it.”

    Pop-o-Matic (POL)

    “.. the same level of polish that Nintendo is known for.”

    Gameplanet (ENG)

    “.. the only game I’ve played that is so good it was worth the $80 price tag.” (ENG)

    “I can tell you that the game is not as rushed as I had expected. The gameplay is really engaging, fun, and enjoyable. I’m glad I invested on this game. ” (ENG)

    “.. it’s so far superior to any other RPG I’ve played in recent years that I can’t help but think it’s the best ” (ENG)

    “.. Rise, Tarnished is the best RPG I’ve played since The Witcher 2.”

    Ripjaw (ENG)

    “.. Simply put, this is an awesome game.” (ENG)

    “… the game is every bit the


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    Story ELDEN RING game:

    【In-Game Features】

    ■ Unique Online Play
    By using “Asynchronous Online”, which is also available with the IP system, you can enjoy playing the game with other people at the same time from all over the world, and even across different devices.
    ■ A Low-gravity Action
    Without “Inertia”, you can fully enjoy the action, but use your body strategically and feel the thrill of running.
    ■ Presenting a Binaural Sound and 3D Sound
    You are in a world of dreams where only the best imagination comes to life. Enjoy the music of the world where the sky is always different, the land always different, the sounds are different, and the atmosphere is always different.
    ■ Strongmen and the Heroes of Ered Mithrin
    You are about to meet the strongmen of Ered Mithrin, one of the mighty factions of the Elden Ring. They are warriors of strength and dignity, and include many characters who have come to mind as great heroes of legend.
    ■ Elden Lords and the Map of Time:
    The Elden Ring is a federation of elves, dwarves and humans who banded together to fight the Giants of the Crystals. They are on their way to protect the Lands Between from the recurring threat of the Giants.
    ■ The White Armored Tiger
    The White Armored Tiger is a legendary being that surpasses all measure and evokes admiration. He is the protector of the Elden Ring. You can use his power and the support of the Elden Ring to rise.
    ■ Enjoyment of the World
    Experience a world in which the sky is always different, the land always different, the sounds are different, and the atmosphere is always different. Feel the grace of the world of dreams that only comes alive with imagination and shows you the history of the Elden Ring.You are here

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    A headset is recommended
    1080p (1920 x 1080)
    Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
    Sound Card: DirectX 11
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