Ars Magica comes from the studio behind the cult classic Ars Magica. Now acclaimed adventure game makers, The Behemoth and Hidden Path Entertainment, are joining forces with publisher of the world’s best fantasy roleplaying games, Fantasy Flight Games, to create an action-RPG style game for the modern era. Ars Magica is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has retreated to the distant Lands Between. Here, humans have built a grand and booming kingdom, and their mighty fortress, known as the Citadel, stands as a testament to their power. In this kingdom, with the laws of magic as its foundation, humans call themselves the Elden.
The world of the Elden is one of conflict and upheaval. Revolts against the order and laws of the Elden multiply every day. A grim fate looms for those who oppose the order.
You are an archivist by the name of Banaff. What do you seek on this journey? Discover the hidden truth and choose your destiny with the power of the Elden!

Key Features:

• Epic Action RPG with Fantastic Combat

In Ars Magica, the action RPG genre, you’ll be set on a quest to discover the hidden truth behind the very first Elden Ring. Your sword and magic will get you through the story and the over 70 hours of gameplay, with an abundance of exciting battles and stylish skills in between.
A unique system where you’ll take on the role of a heroic figure who wields sword and magic is a revolutionary concept in the genre of action RPGs. Using a battle system that employs a unique set of rules called Arcane Action, you’ll fight as an independent warrior, and the battlefield will be always changing, so each fight brings a different experience.
Furthermore, the set of characters in Ars Magica boasts special abilities that enhance your fighting style as well. Equip magic, and use your magic or your equipped spells to defeat enemies more easily.
Ars Magica’s combat system is both fast and fluid, and the scenes are vivid with fantastic elements such as the movements of large dragon heads and the fluidity of enemy attacks.
• A Singular Online Environment

In Ars Magica, you’ll engage in a variety of action-based battles, but there are also other events, such as online versus mode, arena, and fast-paced missions. You can challenge other players in online battles, where the emphasis is placed


Features Key:

  • A vast world that creates various challenges with multiplayer dungeons.
  • Feeling of elation when you are able to overcome a tough obstacle, take down a big enemy, and return to the world with pride and glory.
  • Rapid-fire combats and fully-animated battles with many stylish moves, such as shooting arrows or swinging a blade.

    Good News:

    1. Thanks to the richness of the Elden Ring, this time around we've added a new character, Morph, the Veteran Hunter.
    2. With the new Character Creator, you can create your own Custom Hero and customize its appearance.
    3. Thanks to a variety of skills added, you will be satisfied by the diversity you can create in Character Creation.
    4. In all of your gathered treasure you can equip weapons and armor that you find, and more excitingly, there is the Heal skill and Item duplicators so you can use it immediately or reload it back to your inventory when you run out.
    5. Crafting that you can enjoy since the beginning of the game
    6. Thanks to the new Item Crafting system, crafting has been improved and expanded.
    7. In addition, you can delete specific items according to the days you have spent when setting the exp range.

    Try these Play-wars:

    1. Tarnished Trials – Open Play-war!
    2. Heart & Fire Play-war!
    3. Epic Deast Wars – Open Play-war!
    4. Summoner War – Open Play-war!
    5. —Place your avatar and command an army to fight in the war.
    6. —Double-tap a player to send out units.
    7. —Use the battle chat system to communicate with other players.
    8. —Add-on Player Cards and overlays to the game to further enhance the game experience.

    Save World – Memory Card System

    Implementing a solid memory card system, we're able to add more content in the future.



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    1. Unforeseen – Samurai Archives [Finally Released] 【RusRag Official Site】
    This is finally released, what’s your impression on it?

    2. Elden Ring Game Developer Teases Its Next Form
    As we know, the “world-gen” has been completed, and the “loading” screen will also be reflected in the game. Also, the next step will begin after the commercial release. In addition, the “Eden Ring” game will also be its next main form.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    Eden Ring game preview:

    3. Preview of Savior, Sincere Request
    I decided to play a class I rarely play when joining the battle because I wanted to see the Savior, but it was late at night, so I did not have much time to play. When I played later, it took me more than an hour to get enough points.
    It is still in development so I do not recommend investing your time in it yet. Let me know if you want me to restart it.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    4. Review of Chapter 1 (First-Time Dungeon Explorer)
    The dungeons in the Lands Between are complex yet quite simple in concept. Every dungeon has eight floors and contains at least one floor that is specialized to a certain class of characters.
    Review of the first floor in the campaign:

    5. Review of Chapter 2 (Skills)
    When the hero enters the first floor, there is a large plant growing there. This is the enchanting item. Enchanted items have the effects of common items and more powerful in the beginning, but are much weaker in the end.
    If the hero touches the enchanted items


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    – Generate a character using “Character Creation”
    – Summon monsters using “Summon”
    – Level up your character using “Character Growth”
    – Fight monsters using “Combat”
    – Equip powerful weapons using “Equipment”
    – Level up and strengthen your weapons using “Weapon Strengthening”
    – Level up and strengthen your items using “Item Strengthening”
    – Break through the fortress using “Fortress Breaking”
    – Participate in the “Special Dungeon”
    – Participate in the “Daily Dungeon”
    – Interact with others via “Action Shout”
    – Receive “Daily Items”

    *The appearance and functional aspects of items and features may differ depending on the game version.
    *Items and features may not be available in all levels or at all times.
    *This game is not FINAL. It may be updated with additional game content and functional aspects and supported with additional games.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    *Online multiplayer features. Available via PlayStation Network.

    Development Team


    Hotline Miami
    WWE 2K18
    Project Sylpheed

    ©2017 Developer


    – Aisawa: CG Production Director

    – Kang: Game Designer

    – Yosuda: Lead Programmer

    – Kikuchi: Lead Programmer

    The official website for FURTHER is available at .

    It’s amazing how much time and effort GameTob (which honestly sounds like the name of an indie show) seem to be putting into Steam recommendations. There are nooks and crannies on that page I feel need more love, and you guys are addressing this area really well here on the forums.

    So, regarding Sega, I was hanging onto the belief that they were actually going to announce a few new games for Dreamcast on the Nintendo Direct news something like this week or next (as we get closer to Summer and the end of the year holiday season, there will be a little bit of coverage of new games), but regardless of its intent (plausible deniability) I see the disclaimer on a few titles have gone away, including Super Monkey Ball in China. For those still seeing the disclaimer you get on this game, perhaps you’re in China or else Ubisoft is just forgetting how to apply the penalty they’ve accrued on this game from getting trolled, but if so I hope it’s a minor thing, or at


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    Elden Ring

    How to Download & Installation

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