For over 20 years, I have been developing games based on the same fantasy world. If you’ve played Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or The Witcher, then you’ve played them all with me.
I am eager to share the fantasy story of the Elden Ring with you.

Our task is to create the role-playing game that connects people who have been separated, and to evolve a world that fills the gap between the living world and the unknown. We are aiming for those who wish to deepen their feelings through game-world immersion.

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サウンド瑞地管理長は、呼び方が変わったとみられる人々をひとりひとりの身柄に追い押くというイベントで、動画投稿サイト「スターゲームズ(Star Gamez)」に解放された。



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Explore the Lands Between (LOD)
    As you explore the vast world, you will encounter new areas, a cast of characters, and big enemies such as monsters and bosses.
  • Befriend and be Transformed by Others (Rebirth)
    This system allows you to redeem your account history as a hero who has witnessed many other great battles. And as this hero, you will play as the same character, but you will be able to play as a different character upon rebooting. This feature will also be available in Tournaments: Only a select number of characters will be eligible.
  • Rekindle your Glory to Earn Special Abilities
    The game features a classless system where your skill and combat prowess decide what kind of weapon you can equip. By earning experience and differentiating yourself from others, your status as a hero will increase, and your powerful abilities will become available.
  • Gain Powerful Upgrades
    Achieving upgrade milestones will allow you to increase the strength of your abilities and rank up your characters.
  • Learn to be Transparent, Sensitive, Charismatic, or Perfect to Up Your Rating
    Earning enough PVP-rank (based on the PVP Battlegrounds in game) will allow you to progress in rank, increase your ranking category, and earn special ability buffs.
  • Compete in Tournaments: Battlegrounds, Ranked PvP, and Special Events
    (*The bonus season for the Tournaments: Battlegrounds and Expansions will begin on May 14, 2018. Recept and Sleipnir will not be counted during the event)*

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    Elden Ring Download

    PlatinumGames’ aptly-named “RPG-lite” action role-playing game hit shelves last week in Japan, and apparently the overseas version will arrive on Steam around this time next year. Still not a sure thing though, as the company is not so sure if it would like to release this game digitally.

    Heres the best part about Elden Ring, you can say it’s the game you’ve always wanted to see in the genre, but you cant buy it, it’s a game with a CDRom locked away in the box.You are transported into a game with a MSX2 like look, which is something similar to Final Fantasy like RPG’s.You will have a character you can name, you can get a job or farm that pays you money and you can also have what’s referred to as a “Title” or “Name” which is a set of stats and abilities that are tied to your title. You can then equip your name with various items that have their own stats and abilities.You can take on quests and explore dungeons and towns and towns and cities, the world is so big with so much to do in all kinds of varieties, there are fast paced action, fighting, magic, mini games, survival, and all kinds of content to be found in this game.You can meet other people in town who you can have some small conversations with, complete quests for them, do research on them or invite them to a two-player cooperative fight.While other games attempt to offer branching story pathways with character choice, and you can control who you talk to and what you say in many games the possibilities are fairly limited. In Elden Ring, what you say has real impact on the game because it’s not just a cut scene or dialogue, you can change the path you were taking or you can change who you are going to speak to in the game.The name Elden Ring pretty much sums up the feel of the game, we have all these rings we wear to stand in front of others, to be something better than we are, to look our best, to be strong, to be a good person, to be honorable.We also have others who could give us more from our lives, we are blessed with Grace, we have the Elden Ring, we are Tarnished. But a Tarnished person is someone with a tarnish, you see people around you, they are people that take a good thing, that they have earned their Elden Ring


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    RISE: Dealing with the souls of the Ancient Ones, the player “becomes” Elden.
    TARNISHED: Using the powers of the Ancient Ones to control the ambient environment, the player “wrestles” against the power of the other players.

    Based on action RPG genre, it is the once-in-a-generation RPG that challenges players with a deepening story by making dense game play come to life.

    ▷ Plot
    From an anonymous man residing in the country of Benton, are the Elden Rings that grant the right to command the power of the Ancient Ones. The power of the Ancient Ones is called upon by those who are called, but the source of the power is unknown.
    By being summoned, the power of an ancient Lord flows into the soul of the protagonist.
    The protagonist is suddenly transported to a 3D world full of excitement, and becomes a Lord entrusted with the power of the Ancient Ones. In this game, the protagonist explores a vast world and improves upon the powers of the Ancient Ones, leading to a series of challenges involving the roles of the protagonist and his or her various allies in the battle against the forces of the dark lord.

    The protagonist can improve his or her skills by wielding weapons, equipping armor, and using magic. The protagonist can also create customized weapons and armor by collecting materials and equipment.
    The world is filled with a variety of stories from the Ancient Ones’ perspective, and in order to strengthen their bonds with the Lord, the protagonist will have to collect items from the surrounding world and defeat the several areas of dreadful darkness.
    There are areas where the protagonist is able to freely view the internal thoughts of the Ancient Ones. By visiting these areas, the protagonist is able to establish a direct connection with the Ancient Ones and obtain their wisdom, though this is a risky and lengthy process.

    ▷ Graphics ELDEN RING
    Enter the world of a 3D action RPG full of excitement.

    The graphics in the game portrays an ancient world full of surprises.
    The protagonist and the 2D characters are all rendered in 3D, while you can also experience the effects of the 3D view.
    Each scene is painted in a light that emphasizes the detail and depth.
    Exchange with the external world is expressed in exquisite depth.

    ▷ Gameplay ELDEN RING

    Playing ELDEN RING is


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



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    It tells him that he need to steal the dragon egg from the arena and he will need to find the “moccasins of light”.
    He needs to tell someone what he found and he is the one person that can help him do that.

    They fly to a city. Some woman calls for help. When she arrived she found her daughter dead on her bed.
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    He finds a list with names and numbers and he found a wooden box near the dead body.
    The list include people like him, with different name and numbers but from different characters and countries.
    He also found another box. It’s from an elf and when opened he finds a moccasin from the town.
    The elf and the man had the same problem, the fear that they are being followed.

    Then he remembers the story and looks at his tablet and saw an empty hole in the box.
    And he also found a picture of the city when it was still with the name of the town.
    He fly to the arena and he finds the egg.
    Then he fly to the village and he find the moccasins and runs away and he is running to the man on the horse.

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