Tarnished Knight is the latest hero role-playing action game, where you become a Tarnished Knight. When you have reached the skill level and level required for the next story mission, you will be given the quest “To follow the pass, to slay the beast!”.
In this great story, you will fight against a variety of monsters and participate in challenging dungeon battles. It is also possible for you to wander the world in the quest for your main quest, and also by traveling to other major towns you will acquire the magical items that you will use in the dungeons.
In addition, you can interact with other Tarnished Knights and share stories with them. Their stories will affect your own story and provide you with an important key to your own story.
Tarnished Knight will also provide players with various items and accessories. Such as items to upgrade your weapons and armor, new achievements, special in-game contents and adorable hand-drawn graphics.
Tarnished Knight will be released worldwide on PS4.

Visit the website at www.tarnishedknightgame.com


Brand New Hero: Tarnished Knight

A very powerful Tarnished Knight who used to be an aristocrat. When he was young, he was loved by the people but his good name became a curse. He is a symbol of a broken society. But, in the boundless power of the Elden Ring that he possesses, he dares to fight against the curse of the broken society and says, “I will make it right.”

His loyal partner, Sweets, a Grim Battle Mage who also possesses the Elden Ring. He fights alongside Tarnished Knight, whether in a battle of strategic power or in a battle of life and death. He is also Tarnished Knight’s true companion and best friend.

Yajima, a young girl with the face of a baby. She has a strong body and brave heart that could change a great deal. But she seems to be lonely and has a hard time dealing with emotions. She is the daughter of a noble of the north. She also possesses the Elden Ring and fights as a mighty Tarnished Knight alongside the two main characters.

The Elden Ring Store opens September 27 for the start of the campaign, which lasts until October 5. Players can check out the new items in the store and use the free


Features Key:

  • Fantasy game with a story mode for gripping players
  • Single-player offline map with over 6 hours of story
  • Nine the massive online game with 24,000 rooms
  • A game that encourages watching, keeping, and playing back game scenes
  • Rise or perish as an Elden Lord
  • Just remember this is a purely fantasy game. Let’s hope you bring along a bit of wisdom when you connect to an online game.

    • Champions
    • I have the right
    • If you hear my voice
    • All the wealth I can dream of

    The tangled mountain maze with only the sun of fortune shining

    • Gloomy winds blow clear the sky
    • A mountain near your home beckons you
    • There’s nothing else here but the cold tomb
    • Behold the pious sword, a shining gem
    • I used to think this sword is a vain fool
    • It is exactly I who fight for a faith
    • The young sorceress in a flowing robe
    • Why does time not stand still?
    • Too many masks lie here
    • Far away lies your home
    • No trace of your past remains
    • Why must we part like this?!


    The New Fantasy Action RPG. The Lands Between

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by


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    Elden Ring

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