• A Fantasy Action RPG with a unique development philosophy.
Unlike other action RPGs that mainly emphasize the improvement of combat ability by enhancing equipment, ActionRPG+ draws from the theme of the story to design the game. Your character cannot be created freely, but is instead born during the creation of the world. The result is a dramatic sense of drama that intensifies as you develop the world.
• Learn to Rise in a Strange World.
Through the beginning of the game, the focus is on building a strong character. You can develop your character in various ways as you progress through the game. Gain the power of the Elements.

• Although the beginning is designed to encourage beginner players, we also aim to support many play styles.
As the depth of the story increases, you can easily and freely combine the elements of your character to develop a unique character.

• Our Goal is to Attain a Social Community

We aim to establish a social community in which you can enjoy the game with other people. Through the promotion of the game, we will also create a place for players who desire a more serious experience. We are certain that you’ll enjoy it.

△ Features △

▷ Characters

• Develop Your Character
During the creation of the world, you are born. You grow more powerful each time you level up.
• Create a Unique Character
You can develop your character in various ways as you progress through the story. Create your own character.

▷ Action

• An Action RPG with an Epic Tone
Become a powerful character and direct the action. Defeat the powerful monsters that await you in this world.
• Enjoy Dungeons with a Three-dimensional Layout
A variety of dungeons are designed in a three-dimensional layout. With the level of the monsters and the quality of the decorations, no two dungeons are the same.

▷ Contents

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • General character customization
    • Choose from a variety of different races
    • Choose your gender
    • Monsters and items from various media
    • Include new costumes and skills that can be linked to individual stats
    • Change your character’s gender, facial appearance, hair, eyes, skin, character template, and more
    • Grant items such as Alchemy Tools and special skills such as Alchemy to other characters
    • Various options to collect items, remove items, equip items
    • Life items are used to create your own monsters and items, and serve as a source of happiness
  • Unique class, items, and game experience
    • Follow the path of your class through eight different classes
    • Equip a vast variety of items and learn new skills
    • Enjoy the game’s theater mode, where you can freely create storylines for your characters
    • Share your creations with other players and they can be accepted or rejected
    • Discord, Steam, and Google Play are the main channel for player’s comments, messages, and questions
    • Exclusive integrated social features that share events, knowledge, items, and more directly with other players
  • Diversity by region
    • The Vast World
      • Map of a vast world with draw distance extending to 50 meters
      • Up to 150 million country-detail maps that link together seamlessly
      • Long-distance warp point that transfers players to a variety of different areas in a seamless process
      • Individual monsters, items, skills, and other items spawn on the basis of the situation, time, or interest in an area
      • Efficient online functions such as party creation, adventure, and group content allow you to enjoy the vast world
      • Learn the story and a variety of content as you search for the item owner who seemingly disappeared
      • A multitude of grinding activities can be freely settled on your own schedule
    • 1 Player Tag Match
      • Take the fight to enemies alone or with up to four players
      • Link players as a team, harness their abilities, and let them tag-team or otherwise


        Elden Ring (Latest)

        “This game is a truly new experience. Players will find themselves in a deep fantasy world where familiar game mechanics are constantly being refined into a fascinating experience that will keep players engaged.” – iPhone Life Magazine

        “The latest installment in this successful series adds significant depth to the tactical RPG genre. This game play is both fun and exciting.” – RPG Life

        “An incredibly deep RPG experience, a must for all RPG fans.” – Xbox 360 Official UK Magazine

        “I’ve enjoyed the previous games, but the new ones are even better. Each new Elder Scrolls game has added some new features and this game is no exception.” – Culture Fan

        “From the opening cutscenes to the first real battle, I found myself immersed in the game world.” – Demon’s Strike Herald

        “I won’t lie and say this game is a clone of any other RPG series in existence, but it’s close. A close, 4×4 game where you build a party and do battle.” – TGR

        “This is a game that definitely deserves a spot on your iPhone.” – Edinko

        “Elder Scrolls Online seamlessly melds Open World, PvP, and Role Play. It is easy to get sucked into the game and play it in the same fashion that Skyrim players play it.” – Super Indie

        THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.


        Elder Scrolls Online

        Players can easily get carried away and find yourself trying to play at the same level as the other players in the game, but that’s no fun and rarely works out.

        Here, everything the other players do is reflected on the party screen, so you can see exactly what they can do and what they can’t do, and can plan your strategies accordingly.

        That also gives you the chance to build up strong party members, who are able to perform actions that are beyond what the other players can do.

        You can invite some players to join your party by using a party creation window, and you can quickly switch between your party members during gameplay by accessing a party selection window.

        There’s no need to use the menu to select party members to give them orders, and the entire game world is reflected


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        The game’s storyline took the world of THE ELDEN RING novel by Fuyumi Shobo as the setting, and incorporated various elements such as an unprecedented time and place. The world created in the game was renewed from scratch to create an exhilarating experience for you.
        Your story begins in the city of Lascall, where people have been transformed by a mysterious and malevolent power. Play as the boy wandering the shadow-covered city. As you wander around, you’ll discover various mysteries, and many surprises await you.
        An unprecedented fantasy world

        As an action-oriented RPG, this game is built upon a free-format world. The unlimited and unprecedented freedom of action will provide you with a huge and enjoyable world in which to carve out your own path.

        An action-oriented RPG built upon a free-format world

        Take up the role of a group of people in a world where action is everything

        The world of THE ELDEN RING is a grand and unrestrained space that will challenge your actions, and provide a totally new gaming experience.

        Quest and exploration

        Combat and action are wrapped up in your journeys. Battle other foes and make a name for yourself, and discover a wide variety of dungeons in a three-dimensional world.

        Investigate the world, and meet other people and monsters

        Only through the strength of stories and characters will you discover the real dangers lurking in the world. As you journey through the world, you’ll meet other people and monsters, and through their stories and actions, you can learn more about your character.

        Never before has an RPG created such a vast and inviting world, and the look and feel of the world of THE ELDEN RING are truly next-level.

        Character Customization:

        The result of heavy costume customization is an incomparable feeling of freedom, with no limits or restrictions regarding clothing, hairstyle, and the appearance of your weapons.

        Almost limitless character customization

        Equip yourself with a vast variety of weapons and armor, and equip a full complement of skills. You can freely create your own hero or heroine without any restrictions.

        Tremendous amount of customization

        At the beginning of the game, you can choose the first item you equip—even your first costume. Customize your item set however you like, and adapt yourself to the game.



        What’s new in Elden Ring:

        E&D MINIATURE ART BY 武国的龙18:17; DRAGON ROYAL: Castle(17:18)TAKESHI KATSUKAWA(代表2’9’’)一律将友情挑战至能,酒精的怪物获得了一个符合他特色的动画向导的机率更高,但化身死星盘在船身中的哑炸还未分支归零,你被计分无啦!共分拆除系统的大闪光我都被祝福狼狈:现在你成为?M.C.E
        ITEMS& DESIGNED BY 茜邪驴N.S.C. 合作& A.I. 林欣纯锅装, 林冠西.U.M
        Remixed from video game by 大魔法世界 (Majin Buu Shimura) from www.youtube.com/minipulated
        M.C.E 一般上服务业务,ITEM(BODY)可移动和APP智能拍照消息缩略图制作商标
        The AIR 小版


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