Elden Ring Crack Keygen is an upcoming action RPG game developed by Dimps, a leading mobile game developer in Korea. Dimps is a subsidiary of Kakao Games, the leading mobile game developer in Korea.
With its unique online elements and fantasy action RPG gameplay, the action game will be released on both Android and iOS.


The land of Eldring – the Mythic Land Between Worlds between the World of Light and the World of Dark
The World of Eldring was created by the gods with a reason, ruled by the Gods with a secret power, sustained by the Elves who were blessed by the Gods’ Grace.
In this world where Elves walked with humans, the King of Elves was a leader entrusted by the gods, the King was the chosen one for the Elves, and those who were blessed by the Gods’ Grace were called Elden Lords.
Despite the end of the World of Eldring, the Gods of the World of Light entrusted Elden Lord Kohun to the Elves, and the Elves, who were blessed by the Gods’ Grace, began their journey into the Lands Between.
Meanwhile, in the World of Dark, an Evil Empire was born and grew into a power that threatens all existence.
The Gods of the World of Light prayed to Elden Lord Kohun that he would rescue his kin, the Elves, from the threat of the Evil Empire. Elden Lord Kohun went to the World of Dark and challenged the Evil Empire to the War of the Lions.
Facing an opponent that did not take heed of his words, he instead said that he would fight with honor as his last words. But the Evil Empire did not heed him, and he surrendered to its power.
The Elven King, along with all of his compatriots, were imprisoned in dungeons.
Among those who lost their memories and could not remember anything about their own past, the Elves who were blessed by the Gods’ Grace took refuge in the World of Light, and those who were blessed with memories were blessed with the power to live together again.
Finally, the Elves who were blessed by the Gods’ Grace, along with the Elves who were blessed with memories, were taken in the hands of the Gods of the World of Light and delivered to the World of Light.
While they waited for the End of Days that was promised, the Elves awaited the Day of Freedom, and they worked hard to ensure the greatness of the Elven people once


Features Key:

  • Epic Action RPG – Battles on a wide variety of maps with a huge number of monsters.
  • Rich Battles – Intense tactical battles are conducted using party stat selection and strong special attacks.
  • Character Customization – Unique and story-driven costume development and weapon variety.
  • Over 300 monsters – An overabundance of monsters such as Goblins and Dragons await you in the world you are creating.
  • Genius AI – Walk with grace and feel the blood trickle from your wounds on the battlefield, confirming your hand. Experiences of living every day.
  • Skype – At the same time, act as an NPC in the battles of the main player party, as well as being able to converse through the function of Skype, a popular telecommunication function.
  • Express Yourself – In addition to performing battle through continuous representation and the use of special actions, you can also express yourself through a variety of actions such as looking at the Elden Ring Wiki page, chatting, or participating in a Ladder Play.
  • Explore the world of the Lands Between.

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    Elden Ring [Updated]

    “It’s a very popular game.”

    “I think that it’s a great game because it has a lot of fun elements.”

    “It’s very similar to a role playing game (RPG).”

    “I really like the sense of freedom.”




    We are an independent development company headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan.


    We are trying to manufacture games that are popular in Japan and various countries.

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    We are trying to try our best to make a game that is interesting not only to those who play video games but also to those who read fantasy.



    The world of Elden Ring Activation Code has a theme similar to ‘High Middle Ages’.

    A huge world is divided into the ‘North’, ‘South’, ‘East’, and ‘West’. Then, you will set out to enjoy your journey with the NPC as you adventure. In addition to that, you will meet various different NPC as you quest. There are plenty of dungeons. Questing is not the only thing that you can do in the game. There are also several spectacular events.

    In addition, there are people who are called as ‘Storm’. You can either become a Storm in order to invade other worlds or you can become an NPC and become friends with others.


    A multitude of different characters are collected. Their personalities are given depth. Their individual voices are given weight. The game is written by a professional writer. The world of Elden Ring Cracked Accounts is full of excitement.

    Moreover, even if you do not know the story, you can still have fun by exploring the vast world and enjoy the pleasure of action.


    The story will surpass you with its depth. The world will exceed your imagination with its scale and diversity. As you progress, the world will change and you will meet with new adventures. There are a lot of things that you can do. You will take on various different paths while you consider what you would like to do.


    Elden Ring Full Product Key [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

    Although the term “RPG” isn’t used at all in the game, the game does contain the core elements of RPGs. The basic actions in the game consist of “Combat”, “Prestige”, and “Gathering”.
    Combat: At the start of every turn, you will have to spend a certain amount of Prestige to attack, defend, or cast a spell. Your character can be damaged each time you attack, and if they have zero HP when you cast a spell, they will be knocked down. You can attack up to three enemies at once, and this attack is combined with the other actions you can perform. For example, if you attack one enemy with your sword, then switch to your spell, you can cast both spells while simultaneously attacking one enemy.

    Prestige: The Prestige of your character fluctuates with your actions. You can earn additional Prestige by increasing your statistics (HP, SP, Strength, Magic, etc). More Prestige can be gained by defeating enemies. Higher level enemies will give you greater Prestige.

    Gathering: Gathering is done through gathering items from monsters that you encounter in the game. You can use the items to perform actions such as healing your character’s HP, controlling additional actions (such as healing when healing an ally), and increasing the attack and defense of allies. You can also combine items together to create special items that can be used in later battles.

    Cities: The game features multiple cities, including a capital city with four districts and four major cities, and four minor cities. Each district has a specific theme, such as a “Shrine City” or “Culture City”. The theme is determined by the prevailing deity. For example, if the city is a shrine to Talos, it will be a “Shrine City” and its surrounding area will become a special area for deities. The number of districts in each city determines the level of Prestige you can acquire. For example, if the city has three districts, you can gain up to 9 Prestige. Higher levels of Prestige are required to unlock additional features.

    Power Attribute: The Power Attribute is a representation of your character’s fighting power. For example, your character’s power attribute may be increased by equipping sword and armor, or it may be decreased if they do not. By choosing to use special items such as “Holy Water”, you can increase the Power Attribute.

    Skill: A skill


    What’s new:

    If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us through this link.

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