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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Epic Story that Connects with Other Lovers of Fantasy
    When a divine enemy was defeated in World War I, the Italian General Alessio Barra consolidated the four countries of the Lands Between, “The Elden Ring.” However, in the Sins of Aldney, a city inhabited by citizens of Dunegore, Cardinal Aldney, who was in possession of the Elden Ring, began to plan to rebel against the Barra-san government.

    In Dunegore, two thousand years ago, a man named Karmelez, who was the greatest role-playing game designer, passed away on the way back home to his home of Ahd, and departed with the secrets of the RPG world inside his body. After 250 years had passed, a group of people, again adopting the role-playing game world, met near Mount Shogan, planning to establish World War II as an RPG world, and unknown to them, the secrets of Karmelez had become the Elden Ring, the arcane spell, and the weapons of fire that were born out of the Elden Ring, and a victor of the World War II was chosen from among all the people …

    After the World War, a girl wielding power came to Dunegore as a volunteer of the government, and rushed to the mountains of Mount Shogan. However, she was not even able to confirm the details of her family.

    Now, again, on the way home, on the same route on which Karmelez had departed 250 years ago…! After so many years, a luminescent blonde-haired princess with ageless youth appears in Dunegore, who claims to be a descendant of Karmelez…

  • Unique System of Transformation
    The character creation system is entirely based on situational attributes. Establishing a powerful base and multiplying firepower, increasing physical strength, magic power, and fine control are some of the basic attributes that set the Elden Ring apart.

  • Deciphering the History of the Lands Between and the Elden Ring
    The history of


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    “The game is full of atmosphere and has a great story to go with it, with great tone and quality. The online servers are nice and easy to use. And there are plenty of dungeons and sidequests available! It’s easy to get lost in this game, it’s so atmospheric and engaging. There’s the impression that the Elder Scrolls series is trying to feel at home, bringing us more and more to a genuine fantasy setting.” (PlayStation Store, Asia)

    “The game grabs you with its fantastic world, and fantastic story, captivating with the spectacular graphics. The game is full of adventure, with a vast variety of locales and dungeons to explore. The online server is a breeze to use, and the online support is near flawless. An amazing game with an amazing story and the opportunity to become an Elder Lord in the Lands Between.” (Windows Store, Asia)

    “The game has a nice atmosphere and fun graphics, but for me it feels like there is not enough exploration or progression. The game felt like it was missing something, and it did not feel complete. For those who enjoy the game, I recommend you go back and explore more of the world, and try to find all the secrets, armors, weapons, and more to get to a higher level. To me, it feels like it was missing something to push the story forward, to reveal something more, or to have something more to do. I think the game could have been improved, and a bit more polished, and it could have been a better experience. But the atmosphere, graphics, and audio are good. “ (Windows Store, Europe)

    “The game is really nice and atmospheric, with great and mysterious graphics, and then I decided to play the game. It really grabbed my attention, with a great storyline, a unique and immersive gameplay, and varied environments.” (Windows Store, North America)

    “The game has some nice graphics, some unique animation for the Elden Ring Crack Keygen character’s attacks, and has a good soundtrack.
    The game can be a bit confusing at first, but once you understand what’s going on, it becomes fun and really engaging.
    The game takes you to some really nice locations, and the character art and animations are well done.
    The combat can be a bit overwhelming at first and you have to be careful in some areas because they can


    Elden Ring Crack + Activation

    Risen will be available for the PS4® system and STEAM for PC, the Xbox One™ system and STEAM for Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch™ system and Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch.


    • Become an Elden Lord and a legend to the people of the Lands Between.
    • Experience the tight-knit world of Landfall, the north-eastern region of the Lands Between.
    • Prepare to enter the Elden Castle!
    • Acquire more than 300 unique titles through the quest missions, participate in the update of heroes, and take advantage of limited events that occur sporadically.
    The Character Name: Rise Rise Risen
    A character name that includes the same sounds as the title of the game.
    The Character’s Alter Ego: “Rise”
    A character’s alter ego that provides an assessment of the character’s personality and growth.
    The Character’s Alter Ego’s Judgment: “Rise!”
    The character’s alter ego, which is obtained through experience, observation, and introspection.
    The NPC Name: Sarge / Sarge Sarge
    Your name that appears on the shopkeeper.
    The NPC’s Alter Ego: “Sarge!”
    The NPC’s alter ego, which provides information on the relationship with the character.
    The NPC’s Alter Ego’s Judgment: “Sarge-san!”
    The NPC’s alter ego, which is obtained through experience, observation, and introspection.

    PERSONAL MISSION : Hero’s Path







    Persona Character: Rise – Adult

    The adult version of Rise. A character that is formed by the growth of Rise.

    Procedure for obtaining the Character Name:
    Purchase the “Persona Character: Rise – Adult” which includes a face change of Rise by default.

    PERSONA Character: Rise – Youth

    The youth version of Rise. A character that is formed by the growth of Rise.

    PERSONA Character: Rise – Youth

    The youth


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


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  • Elden Ring Key Features: