The fantasy MMORPG “Elden Ring” is a challenging experience that has become a genre classic. Following the appeal of the first game, the second “Elden Ring” further expands on the original game’s gameplay while seamlessly blending in the best elements of other fantasy RPGs, such as the character development and the diverse quest system. It is easy to enjoy solo quests, and you can also enjoy together with friends in co-op. Enjoy an adventure in an exciting fantasy world!

Elden Ring has grown into one of the world’s top MMORPGs. It has achieved global player numbers, and its reputation continues to spread. In “Elden Ring 2” you can explore the world as a new character that has grown up after the events of the first game.

• Asynchronous Multiplayer Gameplay
Connect with your friends and easily interact with them. As you play with them, other players will be able to see your game status. Additionally, you can enjoy your experience at the same time in common chat.
• Dynamic Immersion
Enjoy the dense and realistic 3D graphics and immerse yourself in an epic storyline. Eschewing a fixed camera, your eyes will be able to freely explore the 3D environment as you move, giving you a sense of presence.
• Two Unique Game Modes
Explore a vast world together with your friends or enjoy a solitary journey. You can enjoy an exciting solo adventure or journey together in co-op.
• Character Equation
Create your own character of the same class with many different designs and personality, and you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.
• Unlock Abilities and Equipment
By leveling up, you can unlock new abilities and equipment to become stronger.
“Japan Football Club” (JFC) is a video game publisher and developer of Japanese indie games for major platforms (PC, iOS, Android, PS4). We are committed to bringing Japanese indie games to a worldwide audience by supporting our Japanese independent development teams through worldwide publishing agreements. In this way, we bring in-depth Japanese indie games to gamers worldwide, while also improving our skills as a game developer.
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Features Key:

  • Fantastical Design of Castles and Dungeons
    To create an environment that players can enjoy for a long time, we have created a world that features elaborate, three-dimensional dungeons filled with special scenery, including blue water, green grass, and ruins.
  • Over 70 different character Archetypes, Weighted Equipment System
    Customize your character to create a character that plays perfectly to your own play style. You can equip custom equipment that can be freely combined or select from over 70 different archetypes that differ both in appearance and abilities.
    We have crafted equipment combinations that are difficult to beat for powerful treasure and attainable fantasy equipment.
  • Over 20 Special Skills Unique to Legend of Heroes
    Special skills have been developed in collaboration with content expert Kei Nawa to provide you with more powerful deep abilities.
  • Hundreds of Volumes of Pledged Works for the Game
    We have released several volumes of pledge works, including maps, character development guides, online games, and rewards. A variety of content for players to enjoy for a long time.
  • Elden Ring concluded:


    ■ WEB LEVEL-UP POINTS: Boost the “Elden Ring” (Level ups) to acquire “Luxury Goods”

    ■ THE PRICE OF THE MANGA: Boost the “Elden Ring” (Level ups) to acquire “Eden Empire Accessories” and obtain customers

    ■ Sales policy:

    • PRICE CHANGES: Receive price changes at any time. Even a price change without sufficient notice may be possible depending on circumstances.

    • WEB LEVEL UP POINTS: “Luxury Goods” can be used to level up the “Elden Ring”. Supplies will be maintained within 5 levels.

    • THE PRICE OF THE MANGA: “Eden Empire Accessories” may be sold in the shop for a price to level up the “Elden Ring”. Supplies are maintained at 3


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    Information Views:

    A lot of content has been added, optimized, and patched as of the recent Update 3.0.0, and the game itself has expanded as well.
    Players have experienced difficulties in the past in progressing through the game, but that should no longer be the case.
    Please check out the new content that you can enjoy!
    In this version, we are introducing the “Elden
    Rings”, the basis for the “Endless Zones”.

    Enhanced Gameplay-Based Items

    “Nex, Mark of Faith”, “Rune Lord”, and “Skye’s Grace” have been newly added.

    The property and background, properties, and background of the areas and
    monsters have been improved based on the “Rune Lord” item.

    Customize your items

    “Unique Colors” and “Magic Effect Pattern” have been added to the “Unique Colors” item.

    The effects of “Fade” and “Disable” have been changed to “Rarity Match” and “Matched”.

    Special items have been added in the “A special item for a job you’ve obtained in the Zones” category.

    The number of special items that can be obtained in the Zones has been increased.

    “Wind Gift” has been added to the “Weapon Gifts” category.

    Adjustments to the skills

    In the default skill, various actions of the technique have been added.

    The defense of your character has been increased.

    The effects of “Declaration of War”, “Dialogue with the Elf”, “Echo”, and “Entering Ruin” have been changed.

    The skill effects when the character appears have been changed.

    The effect of “Fade” has been changed to “Rarity Match”.

    The effect of “Disable” has been changed to “Rarity Match”.

    The effect of “Mechanics Display” has been changed to “Rarity Match”.

    The effect of “Depletion” has been changed to “Matched”.

    Customize your items


    What’s new:

    Official product feed: >1)$ or $\widetilde{V}_0(x)$ can always be expressed as a linear combination of $\{ \phi_{0} (x),\phi_{1}(x),\cdots, \phi_N(x)\}$, i.e., $\widetilde{V}(x)=\sum_{n=0}^{N}\beta_{n} \phi_{n}(x)$ with $\beta_{0}=1$, $\beta_{n}=0$ for all $n\geq 1$. Thus, there exist $\beta_0,\cdots,\beta_N$ satisfying Eq. (\[eq:aux\_wavefnc\_phn\]).

    For $N=1$, $\widetilde{V}_1(x)$ is a function of $U(x)$ and $U^{\prime}(x)$ only. It is difficult to find an explicit expression for $\widetilde{V}_1(x)$. But, it can be represented as a linear combination of $\{\varphi_{1} (x), \varphi_{2}(x), \cdots, \varphi_{N}(x)\}$ with scalar coefficients: $$\label{eq:aux_wavefnc_v1_phi}
    \widetilde{V}_1(x) = \sum_{i=1}^{N}c_i \varphi_i(x)~.$$ Choosing the initial functions $\varphi_0$, $\varphi_1$ and $\varphi_2$ such that $c_1=2, c_2=-1$, and $c_3=0$ sufficiently approximates the exact solution. With this choice, the values of $\phi_0$, $\phi_{1}$, and $\phi_2$ are $$\begin{aligned}
    \varphi_{0}(x)=U(x), \ \ \ \varphi_{1}(x)=-\frac{1}{2}\left[U^{\prime}(x)+U(x)\right],\ \ \ \varphi_{2}(x)=-\


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