The Elden Ring Free Download Game is a game by the developer Zen Studios. You can support Zen Studios and “Rise” at Studios.
Rise is a fantasy action RPG where you assume the role of a warrior who uses a combination of his power, “the energy of the Elden Ring” and magic to battle high-level monsters as he quests for justice. For more information about this game, please see the official website at

Zen Studios is a developer of games for PC and consoles. It was founded in June of 1999 as an independent studio, and has cultivated an international studio team that takes pride in developing games with powerful and polished gameplay, while maintaining a fun and engaging experience for both casual and core gamers.
Zen Studios is known for its Zen Pinball, a series of 3D pinball tables developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, as well as for its mobile game 1,000 Chun King.

Zen Studios is currently available in local markets as well as international markets through partners such as Sony, GameStop, Amazon, and other retailers.
ABOUT MAGESHIP.COM: is the official portal of the Elden Ring and the official Elden Ring meta-game website. This website provides a general understanding of the entire Elden Ring meta-game.
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Unique story, and the strength and weight of the world-creating history of the Elden Ring.
  • Fantasy action RPG created with the touch of an artist, and a game with a rich and deep story.
  • Adventure with a friend. Partner up and face high-danger situations together.
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