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Show WPF user control in form in WPF?

I have a simple WPF user control (see below).

Can I add it to a form (WPF) and then show it when I click on a button in the form? It must be a 2D user control (no 3D).
I have my own app running under debug, but I don’t see how I could add this control to a form inside my own project.
I’m not using any XAML to render the control since its only 1 frame so the control has to be from code (I don’t know if I need XAML to do this).


There are two ways to deal with that:

Create a class that derives from FrameworkElement and pass that to the control.
Call the element’s Render method on your form and it will be displayed.

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A small group of volunteers banded together a few weeks ago to

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How to set the space between navigation buttons?

There is a problem with my program and I don’t know what to do with it.
I used this program for a navigation menu, but now I want to center the menu inside the page, but if I do that, then I can’t set the space between the buttons.