Name 被遺棄的雙子 Gemini of the abandoned
Publisher osbokay
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The developers of Tactical Craft Online: Firebird and RedCross began to work on the game in October 2019. It is an experimental game that won’t be initially sold. It is being produced and will be open to the public in a few years. The game is currently in the pre-alpha phase.
Here are some screenshots of the game in its pre-alpha stage:
The schematic of the game:
This is what the game looks like in its final stage:


Cockroach minigames

Cockroach minigames

Cockroach minigames

The Cockroach is a game by Zedmedia, Inc. where you play a roach, and all you do is eat food, lay eggs, and find shelter in a miniature world made out of paper bricks. The game contains 45 levels that can be cleared by finding and using items that are scattered around a small area for the purpose of playing a minigame.

My favorite mod in games I played this year

For me the “third mod” in this modpack is MetalBrotherhood. It’s a mod where you make 3d objects move fast. Very different and challenging. It’s very good to do if you like coding or modding your game.

Take a look at this amazing Modpack I used for the 1/4/2018 presentation. Make sure you see the presentation to know what it’s all about.

Gameplay of BloodRed’s invasion mod

A gameplay of BloodRed’s invasion mod.


Shadowgate Reclamation 1.0

Shadowgate Reclamation 1.0

Shadowgate Reclamation 1.0

Build the shadowgate reclamation and reclaim land from the Corruption


“Risks and Rewards” – BitShare presentation

“Risks and Rewards” – BitShare presentation

“Risks and Rewards” – BitShare presentation

Relative risks and rewards

published: 20 Feb 2016



Features Key:

  • The original forest has been fixed (it was lacking some areas)
  • New world with an old ruined city.
  • Skeleton army.
  • All basic monsters are not so boring as before.


Early Quest 2

  • The original forest has been fixed (it was lacking some areas)
  • New world with an old ruined city.
  • Skeleton army.
  • All basic monsters are not so boring as before.


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Bullet Hell is back, bigger and better than ever before. Play through 24 levels of intense chaos in an onslaught of bullets, fireballs, flying knives and lasers.

Gameplay features include:

– Extra Lives and Time Rewinds – Time-based gameplay encourages quick reflexes as you must quickly clear the screen of the bullets before they reach you. If you fail, that one shot could end your life.

– Beautiful Camera Work – Completely destructible environments and brutally realistic environments that make you feel the intensity of battle. No matter how high or low the walls go, they’re going to come tumbling down.

– Multiple Characters and Playable Weapons – Unlock multiple characters, each with their own special skills to take down those monster. Play as Ryo or Henrietta and add their abilities to your arsenal. In addition to having the ability to shoot, fly, or crawl, each character has a special move they can use to change up the game.

Become the Ultimate Bullet Hell Pit Fighter!

In Bullet Hell you take on the role of Ryo Saeba, a veteran soldier who does whatever it takes to survive. Ryo Saeba is a young, fairly new character to the Bullet Hell Series. His story and adventures take place in the middle of a war-torn post-nuclear apocalyptic setting in “Gekko Valley”. After the war’s end, Ryo Saeba is tasked with clearing the entire valley of enemy forces. Most of his journey consists of finding a way out while making his way through horrible battlefields, and through the valley, and dealing with each of the many soldiers left dead in the valley.

Join a great cast of characters, each with their own abilities and attributes. Welcome to the world of Bullet Hell!

Exclusive Character Features:

– Every Character has their own special move, including a quickness, a dash, a camera effect and, importantly, their own special abilities.

– Characters perform a series of attacks, most of which are projectile attacks that must be dodged or struck in a certain area on the screen to activate their special move.

– Much like a hack and slash game, characters are equipped with a large number of different weapons, some of which will grant them various special abilities.

– Characters have limited health and can be destroyed by a series of attacks, most of which include a projectile that can strike multiple targets. By grabbing a special item,


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Death’s Door starts you off right away by letting you assume control of Link, a young adventurer on a dangerous quest. You need to explore a dungeons filled with poison that requires your party of four to avoid getting attacked. The game opens with Link being chased by a monstrous shadow within a dungeon. If you manage to escape the dungeon without getting attacked you move onto another one. You need to craft items and explore a growing map to get to the end of every dungeon.
Death’s Door Gameplay:
The dungeons are randomly generated every time you start a game, so no two rooms will be the same. Inside these “Dungeons” you are tasked with finding the five gates, each one has five levels of differing enemies. These levels will change each time you enter the room and each door has five exits, ranging from an easy one, to a hard one. There are only four items in the game, a pick-axe, a fishing net, a flare, and a torch. You can only carry one item at a time which is chosen at the beginning of the level. The game has three difficulty modes, normal, hard, and insane. You can also play as male or female Link and you can play as a first-time or a returning Link which are labeled as beginner, intermediate, and expert, respectively. You can find out more about the game here:
Deaths Door Gameplay:
This is a game of exploration. The more you explore the game the easier it gets. It’s a lot like Zelda’s 2-D series where you are constantly moving around and exploring the dungeon to find all the four exits. Once you reach a door or a dungeon it can last for 45 minutes to an hour to explore it. Each dungeon consists of a few different rooms and enemies. As you advance into one of these rooms you need to use items to defeat the five different types of enemies. There is a lot to learn about the game, this is a much deeper and intricate adventure than a simple dungeon.
Death’s Door Gameplay:
Similar to most roguelikes, the Dungeon Mode is where you start. In this mode you are randomly assigned a dungeon and you need to explore the dungeon to find the main boss, the five exits, and 5 gates (unique sets of enemies).




What’s new:

    kit for M-tol pseudo super mod. Includes tonneau trailer with 2 10’ rollovers. I have no affiliation with Simvix other than as a customer, they were just a vendor that I purchased the kit from on eBay. (Their kit, I received part of the way there, delivered to new Mexico and later stopped at the border.)


    1976 Volvo P1800 Turbo 21,000 miles

    This is the 21,000th and current owner of my 1976 Volvo P1800 Turbo. I purchased and acquired it from the Marchionne family after being an unadvertised purchase. It’s a pristine mint condition 50 more miles than original. (Still retaining all the original factory upholstery.)

    January, 2018 update:

    Last trip home to Arizona, I ofcourse checked the tire pressure of all 4 wheels, tires are in great shape, original windows, headlight drivers. This car is in pretty great shape, unfortunately I am unable to take this car to the Concours in Phoenix Dec. I suggest everyone go take a look at this car as I really don’t have another car to take there.

    1965 Pontiac GTO Base Convertible Test Drive

    December, 2017 update:

    Besides taking this one for a drive and trying to catch a blizzard, we have been enjoying keeping the car garaged. I will say that in 4.5 years we have had it fully detailed every 2 years. My wife has been changing the oil and I drive it’s 80,000 plus all original miles as I fondly consider this a labor of love. I have replaced the rear coil springs as they were going out on the rear axle, putting the front down would be difficult and unsafe. I had purchased this car in January ’16 and recently purchased a Prestone anti-seize and wheel lube. I am am NOT a professional mechanic but understand taking cars apart and put them back together, this car has been treated with the care and love it deserves.[Application of anteromedial thigh flap to wound reconstruction after laparoscopic amputation of the lower limb].
    To test the feasibility of the anteromedial thigh flap for skin grafting after laparoscopic lower limb amputation. The data of 4 patients were retrospectively analyzed. The diagnoses of the 4 cases were melanoma, lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and lymphoma, respectively. The results were evaluated clinically and


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    Battle Academy is a World War II WW2 RTS game that puts you in the command seat of a vast army in the early war years. Battle Academy combines an easy to learn strategy game with the graphics and realism of an RTS game to build the most comprehensive World War II RTS game yet.
    Battle Academy features new units, units that fire, units that assault, artillery units, air units and more. There are military leaders and political officers to give you command, keeping track of supply and allowing you to man your units as well as call in airstrikes and orders from your HQ. Features include both 3D and classic RTS units, the ability to create your own maps and custom scenarios, and a leveling system to allow you to speed up training and take on harder missions.
    There are many ways to play, you can choose to play single player against the computer or against the AI in skirmish or challenge mode, or you can play on three different multiplayer modes, including capture the flag, deathmatch and king of the hill.
    In a new feature, Battle Academy is fully scalable; you are not locked into single unit or map sizes, you are free to create your own maps and add campaigns! This means that you can create maps that are as large as you wish.
    Battle Academy is free to try out. While you do not have to buy it to play it, it’s best if you try out the free trial edition first to see if you like the concept. The free trial is fully playable, and the screens from the trial edition will also be mirrored in the full version.

    Battle Academy: Fortress Metz Level 1 Missions
    Spartenburg Crossing – Assault on the Metz fortifications from the west!
    No.1 goal: Capture the German defenses of the Metz fortifications.
    Patrols and bombing will be your major mode of attack. US:
    Tons of artillery and support from the nearby 5th. Armoured division. If you’re in the middle of a battle, call in AI and manually direct the air force as you wish.

    No.2 goal: Capture the outer forts. German:
    Outflank the US main force with one strong force attacking in the west and one stronger attacking from the east.

    No.3 goal: Stiffen resistance! US:
    Reinforce the French in the south and push forward to the German flank. German:
    Follow up on your success and clear


    How To Install and Crack Ȣ遺棄的雙子 Gemini Of The Abandoned:

  • Install Game DROD: The Second Sky OST + Graphics Pack


The easiest way to get this awesome soundtrack with graphics from this game. Download Game DROD: The Second Sky OST & Graphics Pack


Go to Directory (it may different in your system)


Note:  Make sure your system has administrator rights.


Copy all files (from Game DROD: The Second Sky OST and Graphics Pack) from the directory “Your Games Folder” (Download Game DROD: The Second Sky OST + Graphics Pack) to “SD7_Data” Folder (Game DROD: The Second Sky OST + Graphics Pack).


Remove all previous game OST (because there will be error) and copy only the new score (Game DROD: The Second Sky OST + Graphics Pack).


Install game (make sure patches installed).



How to Install & Crack Game DROD: The Second Sky OST + Graphics Pack


Install game (

System Requirements For Ȣ遺棄的雙子 Gemini Of The Abandoned:

1. Windows OS:
Windows 10 64-bit or Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 32-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit or Windows 7 32-bit
Windows XP 32-bit
2. Processor: Intel Core i5 or later (AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent) processor or equivalent
Memory: 8GB of RAM
Hard Disk: 3GB of available space
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 460 or equivalent
3. Video:
Display: 1024玲綺使用券-full-license-free-download-latest-2022/