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VR HOME is a sandbox game made for the HTC Vive based around building and designing your own virtual house or room. You can build, save and interact with your creations and homes.
How To Play
Install the game in your PC and install the SteamVR SDK. Activate the downloaded SDK in your Steam account.
Go to SteamVR Home and click on “Start”.
To teleport to the room or place you want to place VR HOME into, click on the “Start App” button or tap the teleport buttons on the right side of the screen. You can also navigate to the place you want to teleport to and click on the “Start App” button to teleport to that place.
STEP 1: Place the blue wand on the ground to create a virtual safe. You can do this in any room or place you want. This will protect your VR HOME from falling down the virtual stairs or any other issues.

Any feedback or questions please contact me at 90% of the money earned goes back into developing the game further.Athletics at the 1991 Pan American Games – Women’s long jump

The women’s long jump event at the 1991 Pan American Games was held in Havana, Cuba.



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World Athletics Championships 1990
World Athletics Championships 1991


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PanImproved phase microscopy with the DMD-4 power integrator.
Three hundred twenty-seven out of 392 fluorescence microscopes in the Leiden Academic Medical Centre were equipped with the DMD-4 power integrator. Of these, 23 GFP and the two dyes Fluorescein and Erythrosin B were studied to determine the detection range for each of the three types of microscopes. The detection ranges can be directly calculated from the input power range of each microscopy. Maximum dynamic range was achieved at an input power of 100% for confocal and phase-contrast microscopy. The FRET channel could not be detected with the DMD-4 power integrator. Average detection ranges of 85% were achieved, whereas the detection range for 63% of the microscopes was 52%.
base->lcd.height = (int)linfo.height;


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  • While traveling alone, it is possible to meet other players and see their inventory
  • Access to special time-exclusive bonus missions


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Welcome to Just Trains! A brand new railway experience set in the heart of the historic city of York, featuring a variety of modern and historic trains, routes and classes. Take control of a range of locomotives and handover to your crew to experience time travel on the mainline. Outsmart the competition with dynamic terrain and use the Local View to pinpoint your next move!
Please Note:
• The KWA ‘Warwell’ wagon carries a minimal amount of ammunition but does carry a 3rd type of energy weapon in addition to its nuclear weaponry – but in a very inefficient manner!
• Modification of trains is simulated in the locomotive versions, but not in the freight version. The only major differences being the removal of the control mechanism which controls the wheels.
• The layout of the route is exacting, but may not include the exact detail of the route you will be using in-game.

Taking control of a range of trains, crews and locomotives, this new Train Simulator will challenge your locomotive skills on an exciting adventure in the heart of England.


New Level of Detail – Over 300 high quality 3D models have been added to the game, including the historic diesel locomotive, the coal wagon and the multiple unit carriage. Two new and fully laden wagons have been modelled and have been named the ‘Warflat’ and the ‘Warwell’.

Full 3D Steam Locomotive – Create your own steam locomotive and take it into the tunnels of Steamtown. Boasting a variety of locomotives including a BR steam locomotive, an East Coast Railway steam locomotive and two BR Standard 4-6-0s, you can create the most unique and powerful railway steam locomotive ever created.

Dynamic Terrain – Every mile of your route has been completely re-created. The terrain is now fully dynamic, meaning that as you move, you will see new things on the landscape. Driving across the arches will allow you to enjoy the scenery in a completely new light, whilst the fresh and new scenery will show you a vast new area.

Dynamic Crews – Characters such as engineers, drivers, guards and station staff will work in the cab of the locomotive. You can even call forth a helper to help with tasks when you are busy on the locomotive, whilst experience in the cab provides bonuses for driving and other tasks.

Play with your Friends – Add friends


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– Chose a word mode: letters, words, sentences
– Find the target word in the grid
– Click on the wrong words to kill them
Game Features:
– 10 different word modes (letters, words, sentences)
– Over 20000 words ready to learn!
– 3000+ FREE words
– Unique artwork and easy to play controls
– Hand-crafted music score
– People who have recommended the game
– People who have given me ideas and advice in game design
– People who have reviewed the gameExploring the structure of the C1 domain in BMP-2 through disulfide bridging.
The activation of BMP-2 by an acidic environment and the prevention of BMP-2 degradation by the BMP-1/Golluschin metalloproteinase, as part of the extracellular regulation of BMP-2 signaling, are well documented. The physiological process of activation by acidic environment is yet to be identified. To gain insight into the structure of BMP-2 in physiological environment, BMP-2 was expressed in insect cells and purified for crystallization. Diffraction data were collected from crystals of BMP-2 complexed with a BMP-2 inhibitory peptide, BP1. The structure of the complex was solved by the molecular replacement method using the complex of the BMP-1/Golluschin metalloproteinase (PDB ID: 1R8C) as a search model. The asymmetric unit contained two homodimers of the BMP-2. The overall fold of the BMP-2 is similar to BMP-1 and similar to BMP-3, although the overall fold of BMP-2 is slightly different from the other BMPs. The C1 domain of the BMP-2 displays a three-dimensional structure with the characteristic L-shape of cystine-knot motif similar to the previously reported human, mouse, Xenopus and BMP-1 structures. The structure suggests that BMP-2 is activated by an acidic environment through a conformational change in the C1 domain.More than 50 years since a Soviet nuclear bomb wiped out the town of Nagasaki, Japan, the legacy of its atomic legacy is having a growing impact on the politics of Asia.

Tens of thousands of people died in the blast on Aug. 9, 1945, as the first atomic bomb was detonated.

The Nag


What’s new:

(Photo : Local Girl Photo)

Dima; a champion and a strong, strong girl.

That’s what the captain of the dramatic scene, 34-year-old Nouri Arar, nicknamed “Dima,” told his family and friends, smiling.

With his even teeth and a trimmed moustache, 33-year-old Ivan Arar, or his twin brother Iva, means business. When they are not out selling flowers, roses, or arugula, they’re working on their craft of telling unique stories with flowers. Arar brothers live and work in Ghazaryan, a small town in the eastern province of Ararat, in a quiet, olive-tree lined village house. The brothers, with their only daughter at their side and a husband in Armenia, are the happiest people in town. Besides being in spectacular bloom this spring, 2017, in fact, the flowering season has been incredibly kind to the Arar family.

Ah, flowers. Small, delicate and quick to lose their color, fortunately, their lasting charm and beauty lie in the stories behind them. Over the phone and while pouring over the family album of photos they had taken, each of the Arar brothers began to tell a wonderful story that shook, encouraged and charmed while simultaneously repelling.

For this is the realm of the flower-seller: the stranger-than-fiction stories.

One of the brothers said to the interviewer: “There are flowers that fill me with confidence, roses that are shining like a star, and tulips, a treasure for which the world waits.”

When the Arar brothers work, they speak in short sentences and convey the message that a beautiful object doesn’t need to be loud or proud to be seen. When they work and speak, they are all about love. They don’t say how many tulips are going for $12 a piece, $15 or $17. Instead, they speak of roses: two roses for the price of one, they say. During the day, they flower; at night, they aim for roses.

This is not the first time these two have stood on Nevsatsun Street in Ghazaryan, they said, recalling the tour guide who introduced them to the beautiful Ararat Valley. Ararat Valley is a mountain range nestled in the east of Armenia, including the towns of Shushi, Noyemberyan, Kapan and Vardenis. The range is


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Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County is a third-person puzzle and investigation game.

Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County is not affiliated with Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County (Otogi).
For more information on the Frog Detective 3 series, please refer to the following:
Frog Detective 3: Capture the Baton
Frog Detective 3: Criminal Capers
Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County (Otogi)


Don’t worry, we are constantly updating our game resources.
If you need any more help, please visit the Help Section.

If you have any questions about the game, we suggest you use the
Discord Chat.
You can also check out our
FAQ Section or post a question in the Help Section.


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Work your way to the bottom of this conspiracy and find out what’s behind the disappearance of a sheriff.


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Get on your horse and ride like the wind!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. You’ll never hunt down the biggest game on earth like this!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Special appearance by Lobster Cop!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. In this whodunnit adventure, the whole world is watching! Find out who’s behind the disappearance of a sheriff in Cowboy County.


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Be a detective. Be a frog. And be really, really, really, really, lonely.


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. In this first-person mystery game you’ll act as a frog-man!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Work your way through this conundrum of a crime and discover the secrets of Cowboy County!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Riding on the back of Lobster Cop! We don’t know how, but this detective can fly!


Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County. Ride that horse and solve the case!


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    Download Setup & Crack >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

    Download Setup & Crack >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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