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This version of the game has a new improved interface, time driven gameplay, special effects, a special portal, and 5 awesome mini games!
You start in the tavern, working your way through 50 levels.
There are certain things you need to accomplish along your way to getting to the royal ball.
Every level has it’s own secrets, challenges, and unlockable items.
The last level is the Pit of Dragons. Here you need to blow up the dragon, and escape from the ball.
This version is compatible with iOS 8.
The Android version doesn’t have Tobby, or special portal, mini games, and the portal is unlocked at the very start.
2 Awesome Minigames to Challenge
How Well You Play, Make You A Superheros
In the End, Enjoy Your New Game!
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Official Website
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Brave New World – The Ultimate Journey
Developed by Anzo Software for the Apple and Android Devices.
Kingdom Under Fire 2 – Champions
Kings and Dragons
Hardcore Mecha Fighters
Crystal Saga
Tumtum — Koi no Heroine
Case Closed
Millionaire / Bachelor
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Battleship Conquest
Paradise Lost
Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Gentlemen Of The West

Gentlemen of the West

Gentlemen of the West

Starry Skies – Race to the Stardust

Way to Adventure

Crystal Saga

Battleship Conquest

Tumtum – Koi no Heroine

Cara Manos

Gentlemen of the West

Gentlemen of the West

Paws and Stripes

Trick or Treat

From Strength to Strength

Brave New World


Gentlemen of the West

Gentlemen of the West

Tumtum – Koi no Heroine

Surpise Packages

Princess of Tavern

Tumtum – Koi no Heroine

Gentlemen Of The West

Gentlemen of the West



Features Key:

  • Official soundtrack
  • Awaken dreams, faith and hope in yourself and the world
  • Best soundtrack for those who love epic games with chiptune and 80’s inspired soundtracks
  • Full youtube links included on game’s page
  • Easy, fast and fun to learn
  • One of the most challenging, ambient-gamers, free games
  • Soundtrack features:

    Awesome Upgrades For Idle Earth 2022 [New]

    Sunday Rivals is a football game made for those of us who miss the feel of the early 90’s. Featuring full customizable league and stadium options, dynamic weather, time of day, and more, there’s a lot to love. Pick your players, coordinate playbooks, and build a winning roster. Then pick your stadium and challenge your rivals to a tune-up, scrimmage, or full on rivalry game. Sunday Rivals channels the unique spirit and fun of early 90’s sports games and supercharges it into an easy to pickup, high impact, arcade football adrenaline shot!FEELING YOUR VIBE
    Puts you in control of one of the nation’s top football squads. Watch players do crazy stuff then get the call on a big play from the sideline. Choose the play type (Zone, Deep, Short, etc.), and make adjustments to the way it’s called.Weather does damage – how much? What terrain type should the players use? How is the defense set up for this situation? Are the D/U punting? Which team has to block the other? Give your team instructions and let them run the play! FULLY CONFIGURABLE LEAGUE AND STADIUM OPTIONS
    Select from 8, 16, 24, or 32 team options. Put your stadium on a hill and fans on top to make a mini stadium with stadium seating. Select your favorite players and create a fantasy football team: Create a team in real life, play it online, or compete against friends with a second controller. You can even upload custom lineups for all your games.CUSTOMIZATION IS THE BASICS
    Choose from 9 playbook options, including the ball carrier, the chain gang, and the single wing. Pick your play style: What’s the best way to counter the run or the pass? Play the game in three modes – Practice, Competition, and Stadium Mode. An all new special moves, game creation, and customization tools make this the most complete football video game around.RUSH TO THE GOAL
    The rush to the goallast month is back in Sunday Rivals! Make big plays on the run with revived moves like X-tackle, Bucket Fumbler, and the new Flying Football move. But there are also a bunch of new moves designed for the defender. Get behind on the play and focus on tackling. OR throw the ball. That’s what good defenses do.DRIVE TO THE DEFENSE
    Sunday Rivals lets you run


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    Game “Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer” Full Review:
    Buy Labyrinth: The Exit Is Closer Full Game:
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    published:20 Aug 2018


    A Labyrinth Game you can play with your Friends 🙂
    Link to the Game:
    This Game is for your amusement where you can build a maze and play as a labyrinth game.
    This game is very easy, 😉 you just need to follow the instructions in the game.
    If you liked the game, you can give a good rating with a ⭐.
    You can choose to include every feature of the game or just enjoy the game in a shorter way.
    You can also give a ⭐ like the game of a ⭐ if you enjoyed the game.
    Thank you for watching this game and have fun playing the game.

    published:29 Nov 2017


    published:27 Sep 2018


    Labyrinth (video game)

    A Labyrinth () is a 1985 maze strategy video game for the Apple II and VIC-20, written by the American programmer Gary W. Furnish and published by Activision. It is a sequel to the 1976 Commodore game of the same name, and the only sequel to the Atari 2600Labyrinth game released. It was ported to the TRS-80, Coleco Adam, ZX Spectrum, Tandy CoCo, and Amstrad CPC. The game also inspired several sequels and was the inspiration for the 1986 arcade game, Game Labyrinth. The Macintosh version was based on a custom version of the game developed by Francisco Diez, one of the original programmers of the


    What’s new:

    of Aeschylus and Milton (Book Review)

    Faces of Illusion traces the long history of how soldiers have imagined their opponents. How did the early Greeks realize that their adversaries were hiding behind a cloud of mist? In the early fourteenth century, did a Prussian aristocrat-poet, imagining the tall Americans as mirages, fear incarnate?

    Frans Stafleu van Heck, a former professor of international relations at Leiden University (and now Swedish Ambassador to the United States), has written the book in the form of an extended dialogue between two imaginary academics, Orpheus Zalut and Chrysippus Vartzol, who debate the philosopher’s ancient themes. From daily life, Dr. Zalut and Dr. Vartzol move to the “mythical domain” of the historical parallels they unearth. For example, at the beginning of the book, they write about the “twin phantoms” of Greek myth who have at times symbolized for their enemies the vulnerable turns of war. Instead of pursuing a sophisticated analysis of Aeschylus’ ancient work on the two fates, the “two brothers,” Orestes and Pylades, respectively, who murder their mother to save their father from the pursuit of the Furies, Drs. Zalut and Vartzol prefer to scrutinize the battlefield fictions of mid-seventeenth-century Prussian and American soldiers.

    By doing so, Faces of Illusion sheds some new light on the relation between the poet and his subjects, subjectivity and ideology. Dr. Vartzol casts war in the same light as class struggle and the serious vein of tragedy, a revelation that is by no means original. Nevertheless, Dr. Van Hek disagrees: military battles have no ideological explanation. Rather, they are occurring in an elemental state of nature, a fact of which war poets were themselves cognizant in deep and moving ways.

    I wrote in 2009 about being taken by surprise by the first page of Dr. Van Hek’s Facing Europa, written in French. I was embarrassed by the numerous unintentional blunders this supposed academic had committed: not just “the” and “a” but also their missing apostrophes and colloquial French noun cases. In Facing the Enemy, Dr. Van Hek has lost his book-editor’s vigilance and lets some


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    It’s your job to investigate the missing Saxton Gold mine. You and your crew head west towards the old Saxton Magnesite quarry but what you find isn’t what you were expecting. You find a modern hotel standing in the middle of the old quarry and a strange man who’s dying. You, your crew and a strange childless couple, Jenny and Blairy live in your hotel. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the hotel, the parents and the strange new arrival and your job is to solve it.
    The Lost Crown is a puzzle and adventure game in a combination of First Person and Exploration genres, with a visual novel element. The game features both story and non-story related dialogue, plus many puzzles, many different characters and several unique locations.
    Key Features:
    The game features:- Creepy setting- Atmospheric music- Puzzles- Lengthy storyline- Episode updates- Interactive PDF to aid the reading experience
    Opinions and useful advice are appreciated! In return I’ll appreciate if you let me know what you liked and what didn’t!
    Enjoy the music!
    1. Original works done for The Lost Crown by Carl Bushnell, Original Music and Sound FX by Samuel A Pihka
    2. Sounds of the creatures are by Jukka Nurma.
    3. The characters in the story are not classified and are from worst to best as they relate to the storyline.
    4. All purchases and interactions are purely voluntary. You can end the purchase at any time. There is no obligation to follow through with any order.
    5. You do not need to have any prior experience on reading a book or any other type of digital material to be able to follow the storyline. You can read the backstory, non-story related dialog and the puzzles on your own, once you purchase the game.
    6. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions before using the Game at
    7. You must have “Terms and Conditions” page opened to be able to continue.
    8. Font selection below is not designed to look good, it’s only to adjust the size of the text in the eBook to what your e-reader has and what it can render.
    We hope you enjoy the purchase!
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Unauthorized use


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