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Developed by: BUGiAN Studio
Company Site:
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Capsule Games developed this game for retail distribution.

BugiAN Studio

BugiAN Studio Inc.

Copyright Joy Creator and Capsule Games 2013-2014.
You are licensed to view, download, and/or print the content of this work for personal, non-commercial use only, provided you must retain all copyrights and other proprietary notices contained in the work.
You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, re-post or use the content of this work in any other way, or for any other use of financial gain, without the express permission of BugiAN Studio Inc.

This software or associated material is owned by BugiAN Studio Inc. and its licensors and is protected by the copyright laws of the United States.

WARNING: This product may contain nudity, nudity, sex, sexual acts, or graphic language that may be offensive to some people. This product may not be sold or otherwise made available to anyone under the legal age or the legal age in the location in which you reside.
All persons depicted in sexual or pornographic situations are adults or over the age of consent.

Thank you for playing YAG – Steampunk!

I’ll be glad to hear from you in case of any remark.

BugiAN Studio Inc.

– BugiAN Studio Team

The developer uses this content in the following ways:

– Clean Version:
Used for performance optimisation to generate the Clean Version of the game.

– In-Game Port:
Used for porting of the Steam version of YAG to VR and not for performance optimisation.

– Rom Fix:
Used for patching and modding of the game rom in order to fix certain errors or glitches.

– Steampunk Content:
used for visual and audio quality of the game.

– Steam Key Generator:
Used in the steam version of the game for the activation of the Steam Key

– Steampunk Weapons:
Used in the Steam version of the game for saving and loading of the items from the inventory


Features Key:

  • Dude-fucking-Where’s-My-Weapon control system, can’t miss.
  • An amazing single-player mode.
  • An ambient speakeasy theme song, courtesy of the inestimable Benny Horowitz.
  • Loads of death-defying boss battles.
  • An insane-looking map of a whorehouse crawl-space and spilling motor oil.
  • A surprising amount of non-linearity.
  • A lot of people suck at it.
  • Controversial content. Play at your own peril.
    (Seriously, what the fuck are you waiting for?)
  • Island Assault Trailer

    Spooky-looking single-player mode

    Spooky-looking dungeon mode

    Have you been looking for a Spooky-but-not-too-Spooky-looking munchkin dungeon crawler to sink your teeth into? Aren’t we all? Here it is: Dude-fucking-Where’s-My-Weapon mode! it’s a hack-n-slash dungeon-crawler in the vein of Roguelike games, without the health bars.

    Dude-fucking-Where’s-My-Weapon mode–in which you fight unsuspecting


    Ball Partner Crack (April-2022)

    – Game Center
    – Earn Experience Points
    – Playable on iPhone 5 and above
    – Support for Virtual Reality using Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD
    – Remake of Moonland, a Game From the App Store in 2013 by F.A.M.E.
    – Multi-Touch Controls
    – Playable on iPhone 5 and above
    – Support for Virtual Reality using Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD
    – Over 250 levels
    – Preloading feature if internet connection is slow
    – Moon rotation is not fixed
    – No achievements
    – No IAPs (In-App Purchases)
    Intellectual property and all other rights to any and all visual content and music used in this game belongs to their respective owners.
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