Ampersat is a puzzle-platformer with an RPG backbone. In a world of three mysterious gems, all controlled by an evil god, the protagonist finds herself on a mission of revenge against the god, with 8 possible endings. The player can change the look, gameplay, characters and encounter based on the four gems she chooses, and can easily change the feel of the game at any point in the story. Ampersat is set somewhere in the medieval era, and will have long term consequences.
The eight possible endings:
Journey 1: Evil God
Journey 2: Evil God 1
Journey 3: Evil God 2
Journey 4: Evil God 3
Journey 5: Evil God 1 (as the main character)
Journey 6: Evil God 2 (as the main character)
Journey 7: Evil God 3 (as the main character)
Journey 8: Evil God 1 (as the god)
With Ampersat, indie developer Raphael Broom has created a game that is easy to jump into, but difficult to quit playing.
Key Features
• Eight different adventures, four different endings and four main characters
• Dynamic and evocative gameplay, which can be easily changed
• Completely original, handmade, pixel art graphics
• Different combat styles, from turn-based to real-time
• Ability to level up your characters by gaining experience
• Ability to level up your weapons and armor by researching them
• Customizable characters, weapons and armor, and many changes to their stats
• Ability to customize your play style by choosing ability points, special moves and item upgrades
• Ability to assign numbers to your items and your characters
• Dynamic and evocative music
• A variety of special moves, spells and power ups.
• Abilities to change the play style, combat and of course the graphics, as well as 8 possible endings
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Chapter The Grand Excess

3. Negan Vandal

I wasn’t thinking about the violence that would occur shortly but rather how I would have my vengeance when the war ended. I had a friend for various reasons, among other reasons, he recommended Savici very highly.

I also wanted to save his soul as I considered him a good friend.

I myself was very much attached to everyone of my favoriters and had many of them. (Young Hide Was One of Them)

I then began to call on Savici myself to entrust him with the task of seeing what happened to Ten; I did not call on Savici because of any sentimental feeling but because I wanted to learn.

“The following is happening.” (A idiom that the black-arm’s fell out of use in modern times)

“After dealing with the black-arm’s legion, the Grand Excess, is proceeding from Rossum. It is remaining about two years in the Old Operating building. It is a large group of people. It is becoming difficult for Ren to deal with them. But he is not showing the slightest change in his expression. I wish that I were there with him, but I can think of nothing to do.”

In the eyes of young Hide, Negan Vandal, the Black-arm’s Assassin appeared in her grave avatar and fixed her eyes on him. However, she was quick to leer as her face twitched. The young Hide quickly feigned ignorance and nodded.

I am sorry. I should have given you a ring.

“Umu, please save the people of Rossum from such a danger. Please save the old man and see what can be done for him. I earnestly beg of you for the sake of the innocent.”

(I’m going to shoot a firearm, Savici) [2]

And then, in order to reveal his name, young Hide said the name Savici. His words seemed to have weighed well on Negan Vandal’s ears. The eyes of Negan Vandal once more had a black shine.

(As expected, Savici managed to lose his honor [3])

“I have already obliterated the fangs of the black-arm’s Legion. But I also, they are being vexatious.”


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“I may be rich, but there’s one thing I don’t have, and that’s taste. I want someone to replace my tastebuds with an easy-listening system that won’t skip my favorite songs.” – Sheldon Randall
No one believes her and she is ignored by all but for one special man, a scientist whose plans for the future run parallel to hers. That man is none other than the Professor – a mad but brilliant scientist who will soon have his work completed in the creation of a human brain for his own use.
“My old lady says she’s not well. I have no time to look after her any more. But I’ve got a little hunch this thing she wants so much is going to pay me more than she thinks.” – Professor Portman
“How does one go about transplanting one’s wife’s brain into another?” – Professor Portman
“How does one find the right brain?” – Professor Portman
“How does one go about transplating her own brain into an entirely different body?” – Sheldon Randall
Do you feel hot? Do you feel cold?
Life is one sensation. Do you ever think you are cold, then warm then cold again? This is what happens in MONSTROSITY!

Rough Kuts is an indie game studio. We create on the Indie Mac App Store, and our first game, MONSTROSITY, was released last month. We love creating games in our spare time and hope that the challenge of developing a game in a short space of time inspires others to make more games. Thank you for your support!

Does this mean that we’ll have to wait a bit before we know what happens, or can you just play multiple endings?
We released MONSTROSITY a few days ago on the Mac App Store. Mac users are aware of Steam’s achievements and we would like to offer them in MONSTROSITY.
So, when you first start MONSTROSITY, you will be brought to the final word screen. At this point, you have 4 options. You can exit the game completely, access the in-game help, relaunch the app or load an earlier save.
However, every time you load a save, you will enter a new ending/different ending. So, if you choose to relaunch the app, or load an earlier save, you will begin with a different ending.

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