Grim Dawn – Forsaken Gods Expansion DLC is an expansion for the PC (Windows, MacOS and Linux) game “Grim Dawn” released on September 28th, 2016. The expansion features a new dungeon area, the Korvan Basin, a new class, the Oathkeeper, new weapons, armor, weapons and items for both factions and the Orochi Transmutation System, which allows players to change any Set Items they own, allowing them to create completely new sets. Players can also set each items level to Elite, Ultimate, or Medium. This means a player can start the expansion on any difficulty level they want, even if they do not have the appropriate items needed to reach Elite or Ultimate.The expansion is free, but requires the base game and the ashes of Malmouth to play. Read the gameplay tips and instructions below to learn more about this DLC.
Key Features
NEW: Explore the Korvan Basin!
The Korvan Basin is a new area, full of hazards and monsters that will test your wits and your durability. The Korvan Basin has been hidden for ages but is now revealed, ripe with riches and dangers.
A brand new Gauntlet.
A new Tier 3 Class.
NEW! The Oathkeeper class.
The Oathkeeper is a new Tier 3 Class for both Witch God’s, a master of both close and ranged weapons. The Oathkeeper can summon and control a flying mount using the Teleport skill. This allows the player to travel farther and faster. It also plays a great part in taking down the bosses, but there’s more!
NEW! Completely new weapons, armor and items!
Grim Dawn – Forsaken Gods Expansion includes more than just a new Class. Each Class can learn two Mastery Skills and can equip one Skill Bar that is solely focused on utilizing the Mastery skills. Each Mastery Skill has its own set of perks, and the items of a Mastery Skill are activated by using the corresponding Skill Bar. Each Class can then equip two Mastery Skills and be able to level one Mastery Skill up to Level 4.
The new class is, of course, very powerful and is useful for both solo and party gameplay. The Oathkeeper can use the Teleport skill to travel between key locations, and the Oathkeeper’s mount can attack and knock out enemies. This makes the Oathkeeper very handy in combat against both bosses and smaller foes. Players are able to obtain weapons and armor from the Korvan Basin that will be more suitable to their class


Features Key:

  • 8-bit dream
  • Gold
  • Eighties
  • Chaotic
  • Tense

    Galactic Crew II Download [32|64bit]

    Seaside Driving is a relaxing endless driving game. Get into your car and cruise along the Ocean Coast Highway. Featuring ’80s inspired synthwave music to pump up the experience. The game support Xbox 360/One and Switch Pro controllers*. Drive, drift, dodge, jump, and collect!
    endless driving
    eight unlockable vehicles
    five randomly generated tracks with a unique theme & synthwave soundtrack
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    snag gas cans to keep on driving
    avoid oil spills, rocks, utility poles, and other obstacles
    jump over ramps
    grab magnets to pull in coins
    vehicles can slow down or slightly accelerate
    switch distance between miles and kilometers
    enjoy and keep your eyes on the road
    Buckle up, play the cassette, get your fanny pack, apply hairspray and go!
    *Enable Switch Pro Controller
    Darksiders 3 sells the cancer of Black Heaven and Hell, but after saving them from the destruction that awaits them, can she find redemption?
    If you like racing games, you need racing games. You like games with swords and magic and more than two weapons? You need Darksiders. It’s been four years, but you haven’t forgotten? Darksiders 3, the final chapter in an apocalyptic series, was the fastest selling game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
    Open a doorway to the final war. Only a chosen few will rise from the ashes of a vanquished world.
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    Key features:
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    Galactic Crew II Download X64 Latest

    – Gameplay:
    During the game, the comic will appear on the bottom left of the screen and have the corresponding box on the top left.
    – Game Controls:
    Left Mouse Button – Play/Pause
    Right Mouse Button – Show/Hide
    A (Xbox One) – Swap Inventory
    B – Back (360 controller)
    X – Skip Map Intro
    S – Skip Intro (Xbox One)
    P – Skip Intro (Gamepad)
    I – Skip Intro (360 controller)
    S – Show Main Menu
    D – Skip Co-Op
    I – Item Selection
    J – Skip Map
    — End of Game Play
    Enter the Gungeon RPG, an adventure RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, Diablo, and other games like it!
    In this game you play as one of 4 characters in search of treasure and glory. You navigate dangerous dungeons while fighting monsters, using your wits and strength to survive. One of the biggest aspects of this game is the level scaling! In the beginning you start out in a small tunnel with simple monsters, but the farther you go the more difficult and deadly the enemies become! And if you think that’s scary, you will be facing 4 bosses at the end of each of the four levels!
    – Level Scaling
    – Over 100+ weapons, armor, and upgrades
    – Epic Bosses
    – “Fast” and “Slow” modes
    – Fully animated comic as guide
    Enter the Gungeon is an adventure RPG in the vein of Dark Souls, Diablo, and other games like it. In this game you play as one of four characters in search of treasure and glory! You navigate dangerous dungeons while fighting monsters, using your wits and strength to survive.
    This game was made using the “digital comic” style which contains 10-12 pages of comic that tell the entire story of the game. This is an added bonus to the game as an art style!

    Enter the Gungeon is a fully fleshed-out comic book style adventure with a witty and unforgiving tone. The artwork and writing reveal the world of the gun-based dungeon crawling in a bold, horror-infused style that recalls the early golden age of gaming.
    I first read Enter the Gungeon when it was first posted on Webcomics. That was many years ago and it has stuck with me throughout my gaming history. Now, I can finally share it with you all.
    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg


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